How to Get Android Features on iPhone [Jailbreak for iOS 9]

Would you like to get some popular Android features on Apple handset? iOS 9 iPhone users who are jailbroken and like to use different jailbreak tweak can easily install Android features on iOS 9 platform. This is fast and simple to do.

What can you get? You can enjoy cute Android look on the Apple smartphone. All you should do is install one jailbreak application. We are talking about JellyLock Unified tool that is currently available in beta stage.

Android Features iOS 9 iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Use Android Features on iPhone Jailbreak Tweak

Step 1. Download JullyLock program by adding the source to your Cydia repos.

Step 2. Install the tweak noting that since this is the beta version it could have some bugs and possible errors. Users who are afraid to lose iOS 9 jailbreak should probably stay away from beta tweaks since if your iPhone is forced to update to iOS 9.2 you will be out of luck. There is no iOS 9.2 working jailbreak at the moment.

Step 3. With JellyLock you will get one cool widget from Android JellyBean and you’ll be able to swipe to unlock on iOS 9 as well as perform other tricks, including the ability to launch 6 apps at once, open camera and do other fun things. This will be done through the new icon you will get on your iOS 9 Lock screen.

There are millions of Apple fans and millions of those who like Android or want Android options on the iPhone. With the jaiblreaking apps for iOS 9 platform it is possible to bring some of the coolest Android features to your iDevice.