Apple Censors iOS 7 Wifi Greyed Out Problems

A lot of iPhone owners who have installed iOS 7 this fall experience big problems with WiFi hotspot. Some customers note that they are frustrated with disabled WiFi option as this wasn’t an issue on iOS 6 and became a huge problem after updating to the latest firmware.

The most recent reports assure that Apple doesn’t like what people are writing about its products. While a lot of consumers are suggesting that users who experience WiFi not working problem should simply return the gadget and get a replacement under Apple warranty. However such posts are censored by the Cupertino-based giant and simply deleted from the support forums with numerous complaints.

This is an interesting position taken by the famous iPhone maker. Apple probably doesn’t like the fact that a lot of people at once would wish to replace their handset with disabled WiFi for a new iPhone under warranty.

Well, if you happen to be the users with iOS 7 handset that doesn’t let you using Wi-Fi connection as this option is simply “greyed out” and not available you are surely not happy about this fact. If you don’t have this issue and you have successfully upgraded from iOS 6 to 7 version you are lucky.

If you visit site you will read messages about iOS 7 wifi problem that worries a lot of people. Sadly, the persistence for deleting such reports is not the best step taken by the company. Users will not stop complaining till their problem is fixed or another solution is offered by Apple.

It is legal to return your iPhone and replace it if your warranty term is still on but Apple believes that such suggestions are not allowed on its forums. So don’t worry if you can’t enable WiFi after iOS 7 upgrade on your smartphone. Just take it to the retailer and find out how to fix the problem. Wifi greyed out issue must be fixed by Apple so let the company fulfill this right.

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