Apple Company Reset iCloud Password To Protect Its Users

To increase security measures for a number of its services, Apple reset Apple ID after a hacker, using a tech support of the Cupertino company, accessed to MacBook, iPhone and iPad tablet of ex Gizmodo publisher Mat Honan.

Last week, Mat said that his accounts in social networks Twitter, iCloud, multiple mailboxes, as well as an account in the online store Amazon have been hacked. His Macbook, iPad and iPhone was accessed to iCloud account so the attackers were able to remotely delete the contents of these devices.

In this case, Honan found out from a conversation with a hacker, hiding under the name Phobia, that in the hacker’s actions had no personal motives. Its main purpose was stealing “beautiful” three-digit identifier Twitter, owned by Mat Honan. All other break-ins, according to Hacker, occurred simultaneously for the sake of gaining control over the Twitter-account of Gizmodo ex-journalist.¬† Hacker gained access to his Apple ID password by simply calling Apple support and after naming himself by the name of the journalist and asked to reset his password to get the new.

Today Apple company has reacted to this case and reset Apple ID password. Reportedly, Apple temporarily suspended work on the telephone system of issuing temporary passwords for Apple ID accounts, which are used to access iCloud as well. Trying to change the password, a call from Wired stuff to customer support was not a success: an employee reported that Apple ID password change is thus currently not working.

Previously, to obtain iCloud password from Apple you had to call tech support and answer the test questions. However, as found Honan, in a conversation with an employee Ticket Hacker, the hacker did not respond to any security question, but instead “persuaded” the Apple employee, telling him that he is Mat Honan, who can be easily found on the Internet.

Apple has not commented about the resetting of the temporary passwords service, but it acknowledged that in the case of Honan account, employee of Apple company disregarded the internal rules of the company.

When breaking into Honan’s iCloud account, hacker used an online store Amazon. He called the tech support of Amazon and fraudulently obtained Mat’s credit card numbers tied to his account. This number of attackers in a conversation with Apple support as proof of identity. So, as well as Apple reset Apple ID password, the Amazon have already responded too and corrected the mistake.