Use Apple TV Shortcuts to Adjust Purchase Settings

Have you purchased the new model of Apple TV 4 generation? Users who got this device might want to make simple and fast content purchases on App Store and iTunes. Using shortcut Apple TV feature it becomes incredibly easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is learn how to create the shortcuts.

Some adjustments to your settings can make it faster to buy content because you won’t have to enter the Apple ID password each time you make a purchase [Facebook should support Live Photo iPhone 6s feature soon]. Everything can be completed with a simple PIN number that is shorter than passcode.

Apple TV Shortcuts

How to Create Apple TV Shortcuts for Fast Purchase

Step 1. Launch Settings and go to Accounts – iTunes where you can disable password in App Store – Password Settings section. You should click on Never.

Step 2. Now open Settings and go to General menu. Select Restrictions and make sure it is enabled.

Step 3. Set up your PIN code and select Restrict for Purchase. Do the same for In-App Purchases.

Step 4. The simple changes in settings will allow you purchasing content for Apple TV 4 using 4-digit PIN and not Apple ID passcode. This makes everything faster and simpler.

Does this make it easier for you to now get additions for your ‘fruit’ device?

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