Check iOS for Malware to Make Sure You Have no XcodeGhost in Apps

Apple removed a number of iOS 8 and 9 apps that were affected by XcodeGhost malware [here are the most popular iOS 9 tips and tricks]. The list of titles is pretty long and you might have the malicious files on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It is possible to check iOS for malware using the new Pangu’s tool. This is the fastest way to make sure you are safe.

There are no exact numbers however experts believe about over 300 titles downloaded from the App Store are affected by XcodeGhost as well as over 500 million iDevice owners. Since the list of titles that might contain this malware is long you might want to simply use a program that tells if any of your apps are affected or not.

How to Check iOS Apps for XcodeGhost Malware

Step 1. You can go to Pangu site at through Chrome or Safari web browser.

Step 2. Press on the button that says 立即下载.

Step 3. Agree to Install.

Step 4. Go to Settings on your iPhone or other gadget, select General menu and choose Profiles. Here you should click on Shenzhen Avaintel Technology and choose Trust option as Pangu’s checker needs trusted access to be used.

Step 5. Get back to your iOS Home screen.

Step 6. Launch Pangu application [the one you have downloaded and installed using this guide].

Step 7. Click on the blue button with Xcode in the middle.

Step 8. Let the check complete. Users who don’t have XcodeGhost on their gadgets will get the big green check. In case you have this malware in your apps you will see the list of applications that are infected and will be able to delete them.

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