Crappy iPhone 5 Wi-Fi on iOS 6.0.1: When Connection Drops

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connectivity problems have been widely discussed on Apple Support Communities. The main issue most users mention: their iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connection drops.

The reports about iPhone 5 Wi-Fi problem on iOS 6.0.1 and other firmware versions can’t make new customers happy, especially if they are trying to decide whether they need the sixth-generation smartphone or not. This device is nice, according to most users, and a lot of consumers assure that the Wi-Fi is pretty good too. Still a number of negative reports about iOS 6.0.1 Wi-Fi issues [the failure to hold a signal or constant iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connection drops] can make you doubt your future purchase. So is there a fix to this problem?

iPhone Wi-Fi Connection

Ways to Fix iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi Issues

The new problem is mostly experienced by iPhone 5 users. When they had their iPhone5 in one hand and held the iPhone 4S in another, the latest generation handset was mostly unable to keep full Wi-Fi bars for a couple of seconds while the 4S model was doing well.

Users say that the following method might help smartphone holders who suffer the iPhone 5 Wi-Fi issue on iOS 6.0.1, etc. Try to switch your router over from WPA/WPA2 protected Wi-Fi networks over to WEP. Just keep in mind that WEB is less secure than WPA/WPA2.

Such a solution to the issue with iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connection drops is temporary. Hopefully, Apple will fix the problem via its next iOS update and smartphone users won’t have to give up secured connection in favor of functional Wi-Fi on their iDevice.

How to Fix iPhone 5 WiFi Connection Drops on iOS 6.0.1

This instruction will help you to change the settings of your router if you have decided to drop security and get working Wi-Fi on iPhone 5.

Step 1

Access the Router gateway [in case you don’t know it, use Google search to find your Router IP address].

Step 2

Now access the Wireless and Security options. Switch WPA to WEP. Enter a new password and you will be done.

Router Settings

Some users say that the router/modem reboot can also help out.

Did this help you out or do you still have iPhone 5 Wi-Fi connection drops? Let us know in the comments below.

If your iPhone 5 is still running iOS 6 you can fix WiFi issues using NameBench.