iPhone 5 Wifi Issues: The Other Side Of Perfection

Everything has its best and worse side. The same we must to say about iPhone 5. You already have read iPhone 5 impressions in our previous post, so let’s check what is the other side. Many of owner of new device claimed about iPhone 5 Wifi issues. 

Based on Apple forum discussion users are complaining of Wi-Fi slowness, drop in internet connections or no online connectivity at all. One of the users explain that after he testing the WiFi in different ways. Just loading the app store, he descovered that his iPhone 4 is load anything faster than iPhone 5 right now. He was trying to reboot the router and tried multiple devices and had narrowed the issue down to the WiFi in the iPhone 5. He also tried using different bands, 2.4 and 5 both produce the same outcome. Than the user launched speedtest.net app and hit begin test. But its still “finding the closest server”. He tried the reset network settings. Still the same problem…


Its not the perfect side of iPhone 5, don’t you think so? Users have identified that the problem occurs when connecting to WPA2 encrypted Wi-Fi modems. The answer appears to be moving to a less protected WEP encryption. When some of users start to change the security from WPA/WPA 2 Personal to WPA 2 Personal and it seems to have made an improvement- according to latest news.

The most interesting thing is reported that based on one of Apple forum members, the company seems to be aware of the problem but there is no answer available yet. It is a little upset, because so great gadget and such a studip problem. But as we can see a lot of users face the iPhone 5 Wifi issues.

Maybe the first iPhone 5 teardown give you the answer. We posted a detailed photos in previous post. Still, stay with us and check out hot news and rumors on letsunlockiphone!

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