Find Out What Baseband On iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS Running iOS 6.1 beta 1

First beta is out and everyone wonders what iOS 6.1 beta 1 baseband is gonna be on iPhone 5, 4S, 4 (GSM and CDMA) and 3GS. Also there are those who want to find out what baseband will be on iPad 2 and 3 running iOS 6.1b1. What iPhone get 03.04.01 and 03.0.04 modem firmware?

Update: Now you can see all versions of iOS 6.1 baseband, so check it now!

On Friday Apple company released iOS 6 beta 1 for developers. If you have developer account you can download it on Apple’s site but if you don’t have developer account or UDID you can download iOS 6 beta 1 firmware using direct links.

To know the baseband is very important thing for iPhone users who use some hardware like Gevey Sim or software like Ultrasn0w because they will lose possibility to unlock iPhone again after modem firmware update. It is simple. You can try to update your iPhone iOS but preserving old bb. This is the only way. Also if you are not waiting for iOS 6 untethered jailbreak you can install iOS 6.1 beta 1 without developer account and try it on your iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS or iPad 2, 3.

ios 6.1 beta 1 baseband

So let’s take a look on the list of iOS 6.1 beta 1 baseband below:

iOS 6.1 beta 1 Baseband List

iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 5 baseband 03.04.01
iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 4S baseband 03.0.04 
iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 4 CDMA baseband 03.0.04 
iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 4 GSM baseband 04.12.02
iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 4 GSM Rev A baseband 04.12.02 
iOS 6.1b1 iPhone 3GS baseband 05.16.07 
iOS 6.1b1 iPad 3 CDMA baseband 2.0.02 
iOS 6.1b1 iPad 3 Global baseabnd 2.0.02 
iOS 6.1b1 iPad 2 CDMA baseband 03.0.04 
iOS 6.1b1 iPad 2 GSM baseband 04.12.01

Now when you know the baseband you know what to do next. After updating you can easily jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 1 using Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 but only iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. For iPhone 3GS jailbreak is untethered.

As you may see the modem firmware has been changed in iPhone 5 – 03.04.01 and iPhone 4S – 03.0.04. But despite this there is now unlocking solution for all iOS 6.1 beta 1 baseband except trying to find legit IMEI unlocking service for any modem firware and iOS version and free your iPhone from any restrictions forever.

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