How to Fix iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Poor Connection [Guide]

If you get iPhone 5 Wi-Fi poor connection read the following article. It seems that each model of iOS smartphone is accompanied with some kind of incidents and iPhone 5 Wi-Fi issues are not exception. Do you remember the scandal around the iPhone 4 antenna signal a couple of years ago? Did you face the battery problems with the iPhone 4S model? This year Apple released its iPhone 5, and while the new Apple Maps application has been the biggest incident with the latest handset model so far, a lot of users also complain about another issue – iPhone 5 Wi-Fi poor connection.

Hearing about poor Wi-Fi performance on the newest iOS smartphone you start to believe that scratching of its anodized aluminum wasn’t that horrible since the most important thing about any device is its productivity and performance. How can you fix the new problem? We hope our instruction can easily guide you through this process.

iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Issues

An Old Issue

We should say that Wi-Fi poor connection or iPhone 5 connection drops reports are not the first complaints of this kind. Apple has heard before from its customers that once in a while the company’s gadgets running iOS firmware experience tough moments while trying to connect to hotspots and routers.

For example, the iPad 3 tablet was reportedly getting a similar problem after its official launch. So iPhone 5 users are not the only people who get frustrated when they are unable to connect to their local network and enjoy good Wi-Fi performance.

Here is a solution that might help you out, though it might not work for everyone. It will not guarantee that your poor Wi-Fi signal will improve; still it is worth a try.

How to Fix iPhone 5 Poor Connection

This advice has worked for a lot of users with poor Wi-Fi signal on iPhone 5. It’s turning out that WPA/WPA2 are having troubles while syncing on networks with older gadgets [these devices are simply unable to automatically switch to WEP as they cannot detect the problem on their own]. If this is your case, you just need to play with your router and switch it over from WPA/WPA2 to WEP yourself. If you are user of Verizon iPhone 5 and have Wi-Fi problems too use the link to fix it.

Step 1

In order to do so, access the Router gateway [Google will help you to find your router gateway].

Step 2

Type or copy/paste your gateway into the URL browser bar.

Step 3

Open Wireless and Security options.

Step 4

Now you should choose WEP instead of WPA.

Step 5

You will be now prompted to enter the new password. Do so, and you should fix iPhone 5 Wi-Fi poor connection.

We really hope that our guide has helped to fix your problem.