How to Fix iPhone Texting Problem If Your Friend Doesn’t Get Your iMessages

Does your friend experience iPhone text delivery failure and receives no text from you when you send it through iMessages? Such iPhone text delivery problems can be fixed. Use the guide below and you might be able to solve everything and continue communication with a friend of yours.

When iPhone text messages are not delivered there is always a way how to text and reach the recipient even if you don’t have 4G or 3G coverage. The instruction is not difficult and might be a great solution to a big number of iDevice users who have the same issue.


Fix iPhone Texting Problem and Deliver iMessages from Anywhere

Method 1. Ask your friend to check his or her iPhone settings. It could be possible that they disabled iMessage and this is the reason why your texts are not received. This can be done though Settings – Messages menu.

Method 2. Your friend might not be using the iPhone any more. If this is the case, ask them to unregister from their iMessage account otherwise they will not be able to send / receive iMessages from anyone who has the iOS smartphone. Apple has official page with deregister iMessage service where it will be required to enter the 6-digit code received via SMS in order to confirm the decision to unregister.

Method 3. Sometimes there are problems with Apple servers being down. Such outages happen once in a while. The text could be delivered later.

Method 4. Try to send your iMessage as Text Message by clicking-holding your message bubble and choosing such a feature. This way your text message will be delivered.

Method 5. If you have problems with the previous advice you might like to disable iMessage. This way all your messages will be automatically send as text messages. You can do this by going to Settings, choosing Messages and disabling iMessage option.

Method 6. You might also like to disable data in order to text your friend. This can be done through Settings – Cellular (Mobile) where you can turn off Cellular Data.