Guide for iPhone 5 3.04.25 Baseband Unlock

Users with new iPhone 5 who just got their device can unlock 3.04.25 baseband that you get when you decide to update to the most recent iOS 6.1 released by Apple for public usage. How is it possible? What should you know about unlock service?

Apple has just presented the new version of its mobile firmware for iPhone users. If you have already jailbroken this device you should avoid updating to iOS 6.1. If your gadget isn’t jailbroken and you want to upgrade and later unlock your iOS 6.1 smartphone, our guide should give you some useful information.

Note: According to DMCA iPhone unlocking became illegal in US for iPhones bought in late January 2013. We are not responsible for you further actions because you have just been informed. Go here for more info.

unlock 3.04.25 baseband iphone 5

First Method to Unlock iPhone 5 3.04.25 Baseband

There are a couple of ways most users know about. They can help you to unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 with baseband 3.04.25. The first method is using Gevey SIM card. Sadly it will not help you because officially Gevey SIM has no support for iOS 6 firmware.

Second Method to Unlock 3.04.25 Baseband

SAM tool is another way to try and unlock iPhone 5 baseband (3.04.25) but it also doesn’t work for everyone. It is free, yet you can use SAM method only if you applied this method before the Cupertino-based tech company closed it. In case you saved SHSH blobs in time via this tool you can unlock iPhone 5 3.04.25 running iOS 6.1 using it. If not, there is the third method that is paid but works well for any smartphone model, firmware and baseband version.

Third Method to Unlock iPhone 5 3.04.25

The last thing we will talk about is how to unlock iPhone 5 baseband 3.04.25 using IMEI number which is unique to each Apple smartphone. It is not free to do. You will have to find a company that provides IMEI unlock service for AT&T or other network and pay for this service. It is affordable, fast and easy to do, so you will not have any problems if you meet the necessary requirements.

If you wish to unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 with factory unlock service, provide the IMEI code for the handset and wait till the company sends you an email with further instructions. Once it unlocks you will be asked to connect the gadget to iTunes and finish unlock.

If you don’t know to what carrier your iPhone is locked you can always check it here for free or for $0.99.

Since this unlock is permanent you will be able to use any SIM card of any carrier from any country of the world forever, upgrade to any iOS version and stay unlocked!