iOS 8 Presentation: What The Next Apple Firmware Will Be Like

We will see a new version of iOS firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. It should be released along with the next-generation smartphone and other devices from Apple. What is iOS 8 to be like?

Apple is now working on its iOS 7.1 update (coming versions) that should fix all the bugs from 7.0.4. This mobile operating system is expected to be launched in time for March. iOS 8 update should be much bigger. It will offer new options and features corresponding with the things offered in the next-generation smartphones and tablets.

ios 8

Polished Graphics and Interface

It took a long time for Apple to completely change the look of its iOS 7. Thus experts believe no big changes are coming in iOS 8. It might offer minor improvements but its interface and graphics will most likely stay without any major changes.

The new firmware might get some polishing and improved functionality. Just don’t expect any dramatic enhancements and introductions.

More Sensors

There are reports that state iOS 8 could get different sensors and tracking, for example, for health and fitness. There might be a new application released as the main component of tracking.

What do you think about the possibility of tracking your weight loss, heart rate, steps taken etc. with the help of your iOS 8 iPhone 6?



Most of the sensor features could be enabled by a new application. It might be an iWatch release that will be capable of measuring your hydration, blood pressure and other states. It is not clear how everything would cooperate but the idea is pretty cool.

iOS 8 Mobile Payments

Touch ID gives a lot of opportunities for introducing mobile payments which could happen with the next firmware release. Some rumors even mention PayPal that is said to want to work with iOS devices. This all could happen this year.

We’ll surely hear a lot of other rumors and see various leaks during 2014 since Apple will try to keep its iOS 8 features in secret. In other words, this secret information will partly leak giving us a better idea what we might see next summer or fall.