Learn How to Recover Deleted Notes on Your iPhone [No Jailbreak Required]

Sometimes you really need to quickly recover deleted Notes on iPhone 6 or other Apple smartphone model. If you lost or deleted something you were typing there’s a way how to recover deleted files from Notes on iPhone and we’ll share the detailed guide with you.

Notes is a nice iOS 9 app to use however when you by change hit the wrong key and delete previous data partly or completely – you need to recover deleted Notes iPhone instruction. This is pretty simple if you are running iOS 9 platform.

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone Without Jailbreak

How to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone 6 Without Jailbreaking

Step 1. Notes is a nice application and it allows users return the lost information.

Step 2. Notes by default store your deleted notes for up to 30 day. Of course, then the program will remove your information and you won’t be able to restore. Still you have 30 day within the moment you deleted something to get it back.

Step 3. Launch Notes program and click on back arrow key. This way you’ll be able to view your Notes folders.

Step 4. Click on Recently Deleted folder and choose Edit feature.

Step 5. Choose the checkbox near Notes you wish to return [learn how to unlock Notes on iOS 9].

Step 6. Click on Move To option.

Step 7. Choose folder where you are planning to locate your deleted note to. It can be a custom folder you create anywhere on iCloud or other device.

Step 8. Choose the back arrow key and get back to Notes where your lost information should appear.

Has it helped you to recover deleted notes on iPhone?


Apple Shares Fix to iPhone and iPad Pro iTunes Error 56

We have heard about error 56 iPhone 6 and this error now bothers iPad Pro users. If you have the 9.7-inch iPad Pro model that was released in spring you might also get error 56 iTunes iPad Pro after updating to iOS 9.3.2 firmware version.

Anyways, while it is not iPhone update error 56 this time – you might still want to know how to fix it and if iPhone 6 error 56 fix could work on iPad Pro device after you get all iOS 9.3.2 changes and improvements. Apple has a solution to all 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners and you have to learn what the company says about the problem.

Fix iPad Pro Brick Error 56 iTunes iOS 9.3.2 Update

Firstly, the bug seems to only brick iPad Pro models with 9.7-inch screen. Secondly, the issue arrives after you install iOS 9.3.2 release. This firmware was updated in May and a lot of users still haven’t installed it.

Apple knows that some users get error and shares only one iPad Pro error 56 solution at the moment. It asks all users who experience problems to contact Apple Support team. Maybe the ‘fruit’ giant would offer soon iOS 9.3.x update which will finally fix the bug. Right now if you get ‘error 56’ you might become bricked. If you iPad Pro is a brick you should definitely contact Apple and resolve this issue.

The Cupertino-based giant assures that only a small number of users comes across error 56. All other iPhone and iPad owners who are now running iOS 9.3.2 have no brick issues or errors [you can download iOS 9.3.2 through direct ipsw links].

Have you had any issues with update?


iPhone 6 Prototype Shocking Price Wows eBay Users

Would anyone like to buy iPhone prototype? Apple fans usually choose to purchase newest iPhone models. For example, this year millions of potential customers are looking to upgrade to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

With the iPhone SE release and upcoming iPhone 7 update it is curious to see iPhone 6 prototype on eBay. The seller assures that the lucky customers will get test software on this handset model. It also has red Lightning connector. Still there are no FCC markings on the device.

iPhone 6 Prototype Price eBay Ad

Wondering about iPhone 6 prototype price? The seller sets pretty high price on this precious and unique smartphone with SwitchBoard software installed on it. This is the ‘fruit’ company’s internal debugging operating system. So the price is over $5,000.

The iPhone 6 prototype seems to be the later test smartphone. It truly looks like the final Apple iPhone however without model numbers, identifiers on the back of the device. The color of the Lightning connector is also unique.

The seller assures that the smartphone was purchased from his friend. It should be mentioned that the prototype of iPhone 6 has not IMEI number. This means you cannot factory unlock iPhone 6 if you purchase it because all SIM unlock services are based on IMEI code and activation status.

Testing models are meant for performing tests, checking sensors and doing other testing tasks. In-house iPhones do not run iOS so don’t expect to install iOS 9 on this expensive prototype model.


Main iOS 9.3.2 Changes Revealed in Speed Test

Testers and developers are peering inside the next iOS 9.3.2 betas. Apple released four of them by now and there are some interesting iOS 9.3.2 changes revealed in the speed test. What does it show? How can the upcoming mobile platform be improved?

The previous iOS 9.3.1 version worked better on older phone models and iOS 9.3.2 beta features promise even better performance. Of course, these are still slight changes because new firmwares can’t work great on both new powerful iPhones and older versions.

iOS 9.3.2 Beta Features Speed Test iPhone

The speed tests performed by experts were used on iPhone 6s iPhone 6 and older iPhone 5, 5s and 4s versions. iOS 9.3.1 and iOS 9.3.2 beta versions were installed on all these Apple gadgets. Experts used the same backup to restore iPhones before performing this interesting test.

Firmware 9.3.2 seems to boost a bit faster than 9.3.1 version. Also some applications load faster. If you are using Apple in-stock apps you might be glad to update to iOS 9.3.2 once it becomes public. Apple Maps, Weather, Reminders and some other programs load quickly on old iPhone models that are running newest best.

There will be several more betas before we see iOS 9.3.2 public release. Apple could change the system a bit more and offer more enhancements so it’s hard to judge the loading and reboot speed right now. Everything could easily change as time goes by.

Have you been a public beta tester? It is free to roll into this program. You’ll have a chance to officially install betas on your iPhone and iPad and test firmwares earlier than all other users. It’s a nice chance to explore future possibilities before they are launched.


India Forbids Apps to Sell Refurbished iPhone Models

Many customers in India wish to purchase refurbished iPhone. Apple tried to get local government to approve the app for selling such models however the idea was rejected. This means that right now the ‘fruit’ giant cannot import refurbished handsets and no one knows if and when such opportunity can be real.

The idea of offering refurbished iPhones India could be an interesting solution for Apple however the company tried twice to sell its products and got down. The emerging Indian market needs affordable gadgets and since the Cupertino-based giant offers popular but expensive iPhones [compare iPhone 6s and iPhone SE] – more users are willing to get either affordable smaller device or agree to get the refurbished device.

Refurbished iPhone Apple News India

Refurbished iPhone India online shopping could be available but from third-party resellers. Apple is not allowed to import and sell its refurbished handsets. Refurbished iOS devices are offered across the world. Apple sells them in the U.S. and some other countries through online store but is not allowed selling such gadgets in India.

What is a refurbished iPhone? This is just used device that is certified by Apple after it got checked for quality and tested for working well. Second hand handsets are also popular in India so getting refurbished devices could be incredible. If government allows.

At the same time Indian government allows Apple to open own retail stores in this country. The smaller 4-inch iPhone SE, for example, is pretty popular in India since its price is lower compared to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.


Show WiFi Password iPhone Guide for Saved Networks

Are you trying to find your iPhone WiFi network password for saved networks and fail? Here is a guide that explains what you have to do and where to look for your lost app. There are many users who get into this trouble and cannot get an application that can do the work for them. iPhone users who are jailbroken on iOS 9 – 9.0.2 can use one Cydia tweak for some help.

The tweak we’ll talk about can show WiFi passwork iPhone for you. This is the easiest and fastest way to get connected to WiFi on your smartphone.

How to Find Password for Saved WiFi Network iPhone iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweak App

How to Find Password for WiFi on iPhone 6

Step 1. Go to Cydia store and download the free jailbreak package called WiFi Passwords List. This is the tweak you should install on your iDevice.

Step 2. The tweak supports all iOS 9 devices. It can find the password for any of the WiFi networks you have joined previously which is impossible to do without jailbreaking [here is how to fix WiFi problems on iOS 9 if you experience any troubles].

Step 3. You can find a new application on your Home screen. Launch it.

Step 4. You will find a list of all WiFi networks you joined on your iPhone.

Step 5. The tweak simply shows the password below each WiFi network you have joined. So it is very easy to get the password you were searching for.

Step 6. If you click on any of the listed WiFi networks you will get information about when you joined it the last time. There will be also technical details about it.

Step 7. You can now remember all the passwords for different saved WiFi networks on iPhone. This is free and it can be handy.


Top iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks for Photos iPhone 6

There are different iOS 9 Cydia tweaks that can run on all iPhones that are jailbroken and have iOS 9, 9.0.1 or 9.0.2 as system version. iPhone 6s and other smartphone users who are already on iOS 9.1 cannot download any tweaks because their device is not jailbreakable at the moment. Hackers could release a new tool by Christmas 2015 still this might not happen as well.

If you need Cydia tweaks for Photos app and wish to create impressive shots or add professional touch to your iPhone images – you need the top iOS 9 tweak for Photos and we are here to share some great titles with you.

Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks iPhone Photo

Best Cydia tweaks for iPhone 6 Photos on iOS 9

• TapTapFlip is an interesting tool that helps you switch between your iPhone 6 or 6s cameras by double tapping anywhere inside your view finder while you are using Camera tool. Isn’t it cool?

• PhotoAlbums+ is a great jailbreaking app that is used to protect your photos with password. Yes, right, you can use passcode to access some or all of your photo albums and this is what the tweak offers. The tool has some other options as well: it allows deleting images permanently or move them around folders without copying them from album to album [this option is performed by default]. The tool costs $4.99 on Cydia.

PhotoAlbums iPhone jailbreak twaek

• DeleteForever is a free tool that helps deleting images. This app brings the choice to either simply delete photos or delete them permanently on iPhone.

• Live Photos Enabler is a nice addition to your gadget as it brings similar option to Live Photos on iOS 9 iPhone 6s – to your older smartphone model.

Live Photos jailbreak tweak

• Savegram is a simple free iOS 9 tweak that helps saving images from Instagram to your iPhone Photos album.


How to Bring 3D Touch on Cydia iPhone 6 iOS 9 with Jailbreak Tweak

There are several different 3d Touch Cydia tweaks [it is now possible to change your iOS 9 system fonts on iPhone]. Some of them can enable options similar to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D Touch [Force touch] on earlier Apple smartphones. Others are even more interesting and innovative as they can bring iOS 9 3D Touch support to Cydia store. We want to talk about one of such applications.

If you happen to own iPhone 6 that is running iOS 9 and jailbroken with Pangu program [Pangu is the only working public iOS 9 – 9.0.2 jailbreak untether solution available today, no other hacker team has released its untethering program to ordinary users yet].

3D Touch Cydia Jailbreak Tweak iPhone 6

How to Add iOS 9 3D Touch Support to Cydia

Step 1. You should download the tweak Tactful which is a free package available on BigBoss repo on Cydia.

Step 2. Install the tool on your iOS 9 jailbroken iPhone.

Step 3. With Tactful on your iPhone you can use 3D Touch gesture on Cydia application icon. This will bring up the menu with 4 options, including Add a new repository, Refresh repositories, Search for Cydia package and View all the tweaks you recently installed on your iDevice.

Step 4. Using the 3D Touch gesture on iOS 9 platform you can make your Cydia much better, easier and faster to use. This saves some time as you can get to the menu via a single gesture.

Step 5. You can tap on any of the four options and get directly to the menu to accomplish your task. For example if you need to add a new source to your repos you should click on the Sources and enter the URL of your choice. There is no need to launch Cydia and search inside now if you install the 3D Touch iPhone 6 jailbreak tweak Tactful.

Different 3D Touch jailbreak options are available for iOS 9 and iOS 8 platforms. They can make your life so much better. Believe us.


How to Enable Live Wallpaper on iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus

Users who got a chance to buy the newest iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 6s can enjoy the fun iOS 9 feature Live Wallpapers. This option is officially not available on older Apple smartphones but you can still enable Live Wallpaper on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus if you know one great trick.

The Cupertino company always adds some exclusive features to its new generation handsets. This year iPhone 6s owners got a list of options that are not supported by previous gen versions. Still those who are updated to and jailbreak iOS 9 – 9.0.2 firmware can make their wallpapers live similar to the experience on 6s lineup.

Enable Live Wallpaper on iPhone 6 Jailbreak Tweak

How to Enable Live Wallpaper iPhone 6 Instruction

Step 1. Make sure your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is jailbroken.

Step 2. Download LiveWallEnabler tweak from Cydia store. You’ll have to add this repo: http://repo.fortysixandtwo.com to your list of repositories. Users who are enjoying the tweak say you also have to click the download link in Cydia and open it in Mega. Then you have to long press on .deb in Mega until you get the option to copy it to Filza. In Filza you should click on the link and select the option to install the tweak. This is the new iOS 9 tool that addresses the Live Wallpapers option only.

Step 3. Install the tweak and respring.

Step 4. Open Settings.

Step 5. Go to Wallpaper pane you’ll find in Settings.

Step 6. You will see the new Live folder there.

Step 7. Here you will find your animated wallpapers.

Step 8. It is possible to set your live wallpapers as Lock screen wallpaper. To do so, tap on the wallpaper you want to use and select one of the three options: Live Photo, static or perspective [here is the list of other great iOS 9 tweaks from Cydia].

Step 9. To view your Live wallpapers you’ll have to tap-hold the finger on your Lock screen. The image will animate similar to real iPhone 6s wallpaper.

If you download iPhone 6 Live Wallpapers without the tweak you will get only still images. However the jailbreak app can really animate wallpapers and make them ‘alive.’


Best Place to Sell Old iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S

Where to sell used iPhone models? Sooner or later customers who wish to upgrade to the most recent generation Apple smartphone begin to search for the best place to sell old iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 5S and such place really exists. You can learn more about different websites where users offer the pre-owned gadgets and get the most money for your particular device.

Apple will announce the new generation iPhone 6s / 6s Plus with Force 3D Touch Display, new processor, better cameras and other specs on September 9th. Potential consumers who wish to get this device but have no idea where to sell their older model should keep on reading.

Sites to Sell Old iPhones


This is probably the best place to resell old iPhone since you can get the highest price for it. Still it might take more time to find the customer than with trade-in options offered by different companies and sites. It is possible to sell the used iPhone 5S for about $260 and get around $722 for the iPhone 6 Plus.


If you have Verizon iPhone 6 or 5S you might want to trade-in your gadget here. This site can pay you as much as $172-$445 for your gadget. You can surely sell AT&T, Sprint and other phones here as well however Verizon models get the highest buyback price options.


This popular platform is eager to give you their Amazon gift card if you trade-in your older iPhone model. Once you request the quote the site will ship you the special label. You’ll have to send the gadget within 7 days from the moment you placed your request. The company should evaluate the iPhone condition and offer payment from $252 to $436 for the unlocked smartphone.


This is one of the best places to sell old iPhone since you can get more money than your mobile operator or Apple could offer if you choose to trade-in your handset. This platform is eager to wait for nearly a month for you to send your older model to them. Their deal lasts till September 9th [this is when Apple unveils iPhone 6s] and is eager to pay from $200 to $460 for Verizon iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus models.

*Best Buy

You can trade-in your iPhone at Best Buy [both online and in retail store]. The company is eager to provide the estimate for your pre-owned device online. You’ll get the payment in the form of Best Buy gift card. It can pay you about $200-$400 for Verizon iPhone 5s, 6 or 6 Plus.


Apple also has special program for its customers. It is called Reuse and Recycling. You can get Apple Store gift card if your iPhone is functioning and in good condition. Note that Verizon iPhone 6 and Verizon iPhone 6 Plus are not accepted by this program.