How to Use Picture in Picture iOS 9 Mode for YouTube Videos on iPad

The announced iOS 9 picture in picture YouTube mode is now available on all iPad devices that have updated to this firmware version. You can also use direct links to download iOS 9 ipsw file for your tablet and see how this option makes it easier to watch videos in the mini player on your display while performing other tasks as well.

A lot of users were waiting for this cool iOS 9 features YouTube and others and are now happy discovering all the change and minor improvements Apple offers. There are surely some bugs that are still have to be fixed and users believe the fixes will arrive along with iOS 9.1 update.

Watch YouTube Videos on iPad iOS 9 Picture in Picture Mode

How to Use Picture in Picture iOS 9 Option on iPad

Step 1. Instead of getting YouTube application that doesn’t support iOS 9 picture-in-picture mode yet you can download YouTube PIP program that supports the new feature. This app was developed by Amit Agarwal and you can already use it. You can also wait until Google adds support for the iOS 9 options and work with YouTube application later on when it stops disappearing each time you are switching to another app.

Step 2. One the app is installed on iOS 9 iPad you can open any YouTube video and click on share button.

Step 3. Copy the video’s link and open this site in Safari browser:

Step 4. Now paste into the URL field the link you have copied. Press on Go.

Step 5. The video you are about to watch should now appear in the small window on your screen.

Step 6. Start watching the video and then select picture in picture button and the iOS 9 feature will be activated.

Step 7. That’s it. Watch YouTube videos on iOS 9 iPad in the mini player mode and do other tasks at the same time.
What do you think about the new feature?

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