How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac [Guide]

There are numerous methods how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac [learn how to turn your Live iPhone 6s Photos to GIF images]. You can use the one that you like the most as all of them help to achieve your real goal. Let’s talk about the most popular ways you can follow.

Firstly, when you need to move images from iPhone to Mac – think about your USB cable. Use it along with Photos app program for Mac and you’ll be able to import all the photographs from iPhone Camer Roll to your computer.

Import iPhone Photos to Mac How to

Secondly, you can import photos from iPhone to Mac via WiFi connection. This is great on-the-go when there is no USB cable around you. iCloud can help you get and automatically move files from handset to computer through WiFi network and also delete images from iPhone if you need.

Thirdly, it is possible to move photos from iOS 9 iPhone to Mac via Image Capture program. To do so, connect the smartphone to your computer and open this desktop program. Select the ones you wish to import or use Import All option to get all the pictures at once.

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Mac iCloud Photo Library

Besides there are other great options for transferring pics from iPhone to Mac. For example, you can email them or send via iMessage. This way you’ll only need to copy your attachment to the device where you need the photos. iCloud Photo Library [it is possible to recover deleted iPhone photos using iCloud backup] or AirDrop can also let you get iPhone photos and images saved on your Mac. Any method helps to do what you want. Choose it depending on your circumstances.

Sometimes it is faster to use USB cable and sometimes WiFi connection makes your day. Additional programs are also must-have just in case the first two conditions can’t be met by you and you really need the images right here right now.