Avoid Factory Unlocked iPhone Being Relocked After iOS 8 Update

Factory IMEI iPhone unlock performed for devices that were running iOS 7 or lower seems to meet problems on the most recent iOS 8 that was launched by Apple in September 2014 and updated to version 8.1 [this is the latest version up-to-date]. There is once very important problem you must know about before you decide to install iOS 8 after factory unlocking. You must activate iPhone after unlock via WiFi otherwise you will also become relocked after updating to iOS 8 or 8.1. If you need to unlock iOS 8 iPhone than no problem and there is no need to follow steps below.

We’ll explain how to activate iPhone after unlock on iOS 7 to avoid being locked again. There is nothing complicated about this but you have to follow the step-by-step guide and not come across iOS 8 update iPhone relock issue.

iOS 8 is buggy and it truly can re-lock your iPhone making you order the factory unlock once again and pay twice for the service. We’ll save you money and share the detailed and correct iPhone activation after unlock instruction that will help you stay unlocked forever and never become relocked even after iOS 8 update.

Users who have already unlocked their iOS 7 iPhone by IMEI code and wish to install iOS 8:

Step 1. Once you got an email that confirms that your iOS 7 cell phone is permanently unlocked, you have to activate your new unlocked status.

Step 2. Do not activate / restore your iPhone via iTunes in this case. Use Wi-Fi iPhone activation guide instead.

Step 3. You have to find an active WiFi connection. It can be in your office or at home.

Step 4. Remove your original SIM card [of the carrier you are locked to] and insert any other SIM that was previously not supported.

Step 5. You will see the following message “Activation Required” and this is exactly what you need.

Step 6. Connect to your active WiFi network and iOS firmware will do the rest for you and activate your new status.

Step 7. Once you are activated you can install iOS 8 using WiFi or iTunes. You won’t have the relocked problem.

Users who are going to order iOS 7 iPhone factory IMEI unlock service:

Step 1. Install iOS 8 before you place your order for iPhone unlock. You can use iTunes update or WiFi update, but Wi-Fi update is much better to use in this case.

Step 2. Once you are running the new iOS 8 you can order factory unlock for your iPhone by submitting your IMEI code and email.

Important Notes: The company is not responsible for the iOS 8 bug and thus we do not offer refunds to customers who have already ordered factory IMEI unlock from us or are planning to order it in the future.