iTunes 11 Is Out! Download It Here and Enjoy New Features

Apple delayed its newest iTunes 11 for over a month, and it is finally here. You can find the direct link for iTunes 11 download inside this post, and we hope that you update to the newest version of a popular program and enjoy the new functions carefully prepared and tested by the Cupertino-based company.

At first, Apple promised to launch its new iTunes 11 in October. Later this day was postponed to “sometime in November” and now this media player has come to live. Since it’s the debut of this version you should hurry to use iTunes 11 download link and get this program on your computer as soon as possible. Would you like to be one of the first people who downloads and installs it? It’s you chance, so don’t miss it.

Reasons for iTunes 11 Delay

The desktop iTunes 11 download link leads you to the world of renewed and updated program with interesting features developed by Apple. The Cupertino-based giant engineers spent much time working on this app. The reasons for its delay were engineering problems that were discovered during the program’s development.

Apple introduced this version back in September. So you see how long it took the company to finally release iTunes 11 to the public. The program has a lot of cool options, including better iCloud integration and interface that will remind you of iOS 6.

We do believe that iTunes 11 is improved and has no issues, since it took so much extra time to finish it. Still it’s up to you to test it and see how great or poor it is after the update.

iTunes 11 Features

Once you download iTunes 11 update, you will see the completely redesigned media store and music player. Apple had to change its program as it now has such rivals as Spotify Ltd. and Pandora Media Inc. while it used to be the leader in the paid music download business field [with 64 percent share in the 2nd quarter 2012].

The updated app will let iOS and Mac users watch movies, TV shows and listen to music on any Apple gadget thanks to the iCloud syncing option. There won’t be any need to download the same song or film to another iOS or Mac device which is great.

Besides, you’ll get new library views, mini player and a lot of bonus options that you will discover after the update. Enjoy!

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