It Is Possible to Remove iPhone iOS 8 Jailbreak Without Restore

Cydia creator Saurik added even more changes to the way jailbreak now works. Firstly, you can customize Cydia store just like any other jailbreak tweak. Secondly, it became possible to downgrade iOS 8 jailbroken apps to previous version. At last but not least, Saurik launched Cydia Impactor and this program can remove iOS 8 jailbreak without any additional steps [it doesn’t support the most recent iPod touch 6G released by Apple this summer].

Before Impactor was released it was necessary to upgraded to newer iOS version or restore in order to get back to your stock Apple software. The new program can remove iPhone jailbreak without restore which is great, fast and simple.

Unlike other programs that can help you restore the iPhone or iPad and preserve the jailbreak, Saurik’s new tool Cydia Impactor can remove jailbreak without restore and you can do everything right from your iDevice. There is no need to use a computer and thus it’s the first time when you can remove iPhone jailbreak 8.4 in such an easy way.

It’s also awesome that you can stay on the same firmware version after you stop being jailbroken. This is a valuable tool that will surely become popular among users who enjoy being untethered but might sometimes want to return to Apple stock state.

Why would anyone need to get rid of jailbreak and keep the firmware version? You might want to resell your iDevice and this is when it could be important to remove iOS 8 jailbreak without losing any important data.

As Saurik mentions, his program can move system data and user files to system / user partition. It doesn’t make any severe changes to software and thus you don’t risk when you are running Impactor because you can re-use it again in case it fails.

You can download Cydia Impactor on Cydia. This utility is now present in beta stage. It is important to backup before you do anything with your iPhone or iPad.

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