On Saturday Factory iPhone Unlock May Become Illegal

Bad news for all unlockers because now is 2013 and iPhone unlock is illegal. This exemption was nullified back on October 26. We have already wrote you that iPad hacking will be illegal in 2013. But our source mostly based on iPhone unlocking, so this topic is really important to us and our readers.

If you are thinking about taking matters to your own hands if this involves unlocking iPhone iOS 6.1, then you might want to act fast, otherwise potentially be vulnerable to being labeled legislation breaker. On Saturday, January 26th, a DMCA exemption expires that made iPhone unlocking to be fully illegal.

Update: Find out what penalties for iPhone unlock you will get.

Fortunately factory iPhone unlock remain legal, so take your chance and get permanent IMEI unlock today before government doesn’t ban this possibility.

iphone unlock illegal

Also you can go ahead and take full unsubsidized route, and buy off-contract iPhone. This leads to an unlocked device on the first day, which may be combined with any compatible carrier.

However some say that this affects, probably the most, factory unlock services that are presently extremely popular online. It’s simply dependent on supplying someone with your iPhone IMEI number, having to pay them a charge, and getting your device unlocked within hrs. Does this mean that factory iPhone unlocking will be illegal too?

However, this law will affect only those iPhones that were bought already in 2013.

Another apparent area that might be influenced, is unlocking a jailbroken device with something similar to UltraSn0w. Technically, this could end up being on Saturday.

There may be two reasons of this kind of decision. The first is that there are many factory unlocked iPhone on the market and many world carriers lose huge income from selling under-contract iPhone models.

And the second is that according to End User License Agreement you do not really own iPhone. You are only using it and can’t make any changes and modifications on it, including hacking, jailbreaking and unlocking.

So take your chance and order iPhone unlock now. You can unlock AT&T iPhone only for $9.99. If your device is locked to some other international carrier find unlock here. Be ready for updates.

What do you think about all this. Is it fear? Or make iPhone unlocking illegal is a wise decision?

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