Touch ID Not Working on iPhone 5S: No Customers Satisfaction

It’s not a secret that a lot of people got the new iPhone 5S because of its exclusive features such as Touch ID fingerprint sensor that can be used instead of entering your passcode. Sadly, happiness didn’t last long for some customers. The highly advertised Touch ID sensor stopped working.

The first days of using iPhone 5S were great, according to some users. However, the Touch ID soon was replaced by passcode entering. Has it also happened to you? Is there anything that can help you to solve this problem or you want to hack Touch iD? We’ve found some methods that might be of help to you as well.

How to Fix Touch ID on iPhone 5S

Method 1. Try to install the latest version of iOS firmware. Updating Apple software can be your fix.

Method 2. If upgrade didn’t help, try to rescan your fingerprints. Be attentive and do it carefully.

Method 3. Try to reset your iPhone settings back to factory ones. A clean install without a backup might solve the problem. Trying using a backup might mess up your iOS performance.

Method 4. You can re-register your fingerprint in a particular way. At first, you need to put the center of your finger to make the first shot. Secondly, you need to made more pictures by rolling the finger up to 45 degrees to the left, to the right, up the front and tipping up the front. This way the sensor will get a clearer picture of your fingerprint. This procedure is a real headache but it has helped some users to fix Touch ID fingerprint scanner not working problem.

Failed Touch ID scans are mostly experience by people with working hands. For them, it looks like Apple presented wine before its time just like it happened with Maps application. It had to be the first company to release a manual on how to use a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner no matter how fussy it works for some customers.

Do you still get too many fails when you are scanning your fingerprint on the iPhone 5S?