How to Unlock iOS 6.1 Using SAM Tool [Easy-to-Follow Steps]

While a lot of users can perform untethered jailbreak of iOS 6 iPhones using the exploit found by the Evad3rs team of hackers, you can also unlock iOS 6.1 using SAM activation tickets. Our guide will help users with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S to be able to use any SIM card and communicate worldwide without being locked to one carrier.

SAM unlock tool is good for iPhones running iOS 6.0, 6.0.1 and 6.1. If you still running iOS 6 use SAM to unlock that firmware too.

unlock ios 6.1 sam

Important Things to Consider Before iOS 6.1 SAM Unlock

Firstly you need to get Cydia tweak called Cookie and back up the SAM unlock activation tickets for your device. Of course, you must have saved these tickets in the past, otherwise you are not able to unlock iOS 6.1 using SAM tool. You also need to have the SIM card that you firstly used while backing up activation tickets.

You should also jailbreak iPhone running iOS 6.1 firmware via evasi0n program. SAM tool will work with all basebands.

Or you can unlock iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 with IMEI code which works for all smartphone models, different versions of iOS firmware and any baseband.

Unlock iOS 6.1 Using Cookie App

If you prefer using SAM tickets and Cookie application for iOS 6.1 unlock, you should open Cydia program, find “Cookie” app and install it on the smartphone.

When you have installed it, launch Cookie. Place the unofficial SIM card into the iPhone SIM card tray and select “Restore Activation” option. In a couple of seconds you’ll see signal bars. That’s it, your handset is unlocked.

Unlock iOS 6.1 using SAM and Cydia

There is another way to unlock 6.1 firmware using SAM tickets. You need to launch Cydia, find and install SAM. Now it is time to revert Lockdown to stock. The method is based on Lockdown files replacement to the following location:


This is how your ticket files are to be backed up.

When you replaced the folder, reboot Apple smartphone. Launch SAM and press Disable. Reboot your device one more time to see the signal bars and find out that you are now a lucky owner of an unlocked iOS 6.1 iPhone.

Remember: You can use SAM unlock only with the Sim that was in iPhone during described above methods. For those who have a wish to use other Sim you have to perform these steps again. Also these methods don’t work if you haven’t Activation tickets saved.

How To Unlock iOS 6.1 Without SAM Activation Tickets

Yes, you can unlock your iPhone even if you don’t have those tickets. It is very simple and easy to do. Even if you have tickets but your are tired to use only one SIM card and every time perform steps after new iOS upgrade you still can use this method.

Also remember that saved Activation tickets are valid only three years.

To get rid of all these inconveniences you can use factory iPhone unlock service and forever forget about it. Unlock your iPhone officially and enjoy any SIM card around the world without performing any steps. Just insert SIM card and enjoy! Choose from the services below:

Attention: To get rid of all these inconveniences with SAM and get factory unlock you need first activate iPhone with original AT&T or other locked carrier SIM card. Only original Sim card with original number can activate iPhone.

The problem isn’t in unlocking, everything is fine with this. The point is that SAM spoofs your iPhone information as IMEI and IMSI. Since factory unlock is an official unlock you need to activate iPhone first. This will send (real) information during activation to Apple and after Apple successfully confirms that data you can order factory unlock now or unlock iPhone iOS 6.1 with SAM activation tickets.

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