Guide for iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta Unlock

iPhone 5 users can easily unlock their smartphone even if they have updated to iOS 7 beta introduced by Apple last week. There is one great solution capable of unlocking every iPhone model, every baseband and every version of iOS firmware. Last time I wrote about any possible (free and paid) method to unlock iOS 7 beta 1. But today we will talk only about one 100% working solution.

iOS 7 comes with a lot of features previously unavailable for iOS 6. A lot of people chose to try and upgrade to this operating system soon after its unofficial release. It is currently impossible to jailbreak the latest firmware but you can easily perform permanent, safe and affordable iOS 7 unlock by IMEI code.

Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta

IMEI Unlocking for iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta

Smartphone users locked to different carriers might like to insert SIM cards from different operators when they travel to a foreign country. This way you can save money on roaming fees. Users with locked devices can connect to their native network only and are not able to change their carrier even when they travel.

You can change the situation if you order iPhone 5 iOS 7 IMEI unlock. This service is distant. You don’t have to give your smartphone to anyone. No one will mess with your iPhone code or install third-party hacks on it. The only thing you need to know is IMEI number and the carrier to which your iPhone is locked.

It is possible to factory unlock iPhone 5 baseband 4.14.01, 1.00.16, 3.04.25 and 1.00.10.

unlock 3.04.25 baseband iphone 5

Benefits of iPhone 5 Factory Unlock Service

There are many benefits in IMEI unlocking and here we will consider only the main:

  • Firstly, it supports all iPhone models, all firmwares and basebands.
  • Secondly, it works for iPhone 5 iOS 7 locked to a lot of carriers.
  • Thirdly, it doesn’t void Apple warranty on your device.
  • Fourthly, there is no need to jailbreak the smartphone before unlock.
  • At last, you can be on or off contract with your carrier in order to use the service.

Right after factory unlock you can update to next iOS versions and downgrade to previous firmwares without losing unlock status.

Steps for iOS 7 iPhone 5 Unlock by IMEI

You should find a trusted company that performs official factory iPhone unlock by IMEI number.

Step 1. The next steps is to Re-check the carrier name your iPhone is locked to and its IMEI code. If you don’t know how to find IMEI # you can go to Settings -> General -> About also you can just type *#06# and you will see it on the screen.

find imei number

Step 2. Provide this information to the official unlocking company. Wait till you get an email with unlock confirmation for your handset.

Step 3. Connect the iOS smartphone to your computer.

Step 4. Open iTunes and wait till it detects your gadget.

Step 5. Enjoy a message that says you are an owner of an unlocked iPhone 5 running iOS 7.

iphone unlock ios 6.1.4

It takes no more than 24 hours for companies to perform iPhone unlock with IMEI. Don’t hesitate to get a SIM-free iPhone 5! Order iOS 7 unlock now!