Is there a Way of Downgrading 04.12.09 Baseband on iPhone 4 with iOS 7?

iPhone 4 users who have installed iOS 7 would probably like to downgrade or unlock baseband 4.12.09. How is it possible to do? Is there an easy solution to both problems?

We hope you haven’t upgraded to the new iOS 7 without having your baseband preserved if you had a device unlocked with Gevey SIM or Ultrasn0w method. This way you will lose your unlock and won’t be able to perform the same procedure for your new firmware because both Ultrasn0w and Gevey SIM jailbreaking unlock methods don’t support the new iOS 7 yet [no one knows when and whether they will be updated].

If you are searching for the way to downgrade iPhone 4 04.12.09 you might find some instructions but don’t follow them. You will never succeed. It is sadly impossible 4.12.09 downgrading to previous modem versions. Why? We’ll explain this to you.

Smartphones created by Apple can’t be downgraded after you have upgraded their iOS version / baseband. Sadly, such protection is used so that hackers or other people couldn’t damage the gadget via discovered exploits.

In other word, having the smartphone with such baseband you are stuck with this modem firmware. You can only update it in the future when iOS 7.0.2 is available for public download. There is no method for iOS 7 jailbreak yet, but you are able to unlock your handset even with the latest baseband.

There is no software / hardware unlock for iPhone 4 users. The only way to unlock this model is via factory unlock solution which relies on your IMEI number. If you know your IMEI code and original operator your gadget is locked to you can find a reliable company that offers iPhone unlock by IMEI number and order this service. You’ll have to pay for such unlock but it will be guaranteed and successful if you have the smartphone that was activated with the carrier and is not blacklisted [sometimes it is even possible to unlock a barred IMEI number].

Step 1. Contact the company and make sure you are eligible for unlock [the smartphone is activated, you know the carrier name and IMEI code].

Step 2. If you got an iOS 7 device from a reseller ask its previous owner to turn Find My iPhone app off. Otherwise you won’t be able to activate the device and use it.

Step 3. Order factory unlock service for your iPhone 4 with baseband 04.12.09 and wait till the status of your device is changed to forever “unlocked.”

Use your unlocked gadget and follow the new. Maybe it will become possible to downgrade 04.12.09 baseband in the future [if hackers find such a way].