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App Store Search Algorithm is to Change Soon

Apple is going to change App Store search algorithm significantly. After a year or two we will be able to witness an incredible event: the number of applications in the new App Store will exceed one million. Well, it’s good if you know what you need from there. But if you rely on “maybe”, then be prepared to drown in the search results, among which 90% of the proposals would be, frankly, worthless. Fortunately, such a sad predictions can become obsolete in the near future. At the very least, Apple is aware of the situation and tries to solve it now.


ClearPlex iPhone Film Ad [Video]

How do you like the new ClearPlex iPhone film virus ad: classic american prairie, MacBook Pro, two iPhones 4 and a granny with an AR-15 rifle in her hands. In these few words we can describe the whole point of a commercial manufacturer of the protective Clearplex film.
That’s not an easy task to survive on the market of iPhone accessories. You have not just sale your goods but must be able to differ your products from the competitors as with creating iPhone ads like this.

During the existence period of one of the world’s most popular smartphone there appeared so many film covers manufacturers. There are so many of them that the user himself is confused whom to give his cash to. The Clearplex company decided to demonstrate why one should check them out first.

As a warm-up peaceful-looking grandmother got a MacBook Pro (not a retina MacBook Pro), which was mercilessly mutilated by the AR-15 rifle. This sacrilege was followed by two iPhones which were accurately  fired from a distance with a 20-caliber Benelli rifle. As it turned out only one of the two phones suffered – the one that was without Clearplex iPhone film on. The second was left unharmed but still no scratches. The show was supported by a light and relaxing music that Apple uses in their ads and an ironic voice behind the camera.

ClearPlex iPhone Film looks convincing and is cheap – $ 13 on the company’s website.

ClearPlex iPhone Film Ad Video:

The whole ad concept is pretty funny despite it can’t be called very original. As far as I remember almost every newly released gadget gets shot or falls from a huge distance to the concrete or something like that. Besides, where’s the proof that the phones were really shot from that rifle in that moment? There was no close-up and no slo-mo showing that it really happened. Maybe they were shot before from different distances specially to show the gap between the unprotected device and one with ClearPlex iPhone Film on.

What do you think about the video concept, the realization and the whole idea? Let us know in the comment section below!


Project Majel Siri Competitor by the end of the Month

Google is to introduce Project Majel Siri competitor very soon. iPhone 3G is compatible with the third generation networks. iPhone 3GS could do just a little bit more (oh yeah, and it also recorded video.) Together with the iPhone 4 video emerged FaceTime. Here’s a function that “sells” these devices, which set them apart from their predecessors. Do I have to say that the addition of Siri to iPhone 4s had a much greater marketing impact? Players on the market realized that the only one improvement in the form of a virtual assistant is able to significantly inflate the sales of the device.


Setup 3D Maps On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [How to]

Today I’ll show you how to install 3D maps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Looking at amazing iOS 6 features you may want to enjoy them on your gadget so I propose you to add repo below and install this amazing Cydia tweak.

When Apple released iOS 6 beta many users desired to install it on their devices. But only iPhone 4S and new iPad (3) users can enjoy 3D maps. I mean that 3D maps are not the same as on A5 gadgets.


Latest iPhone Dev Team News About iPad Baseband Downgrade

Earlier today I got some fresh iPad baseband downgrade news. This news came from iPhone Dev Team who posted latest update concerning unsuccessful downgrading process.

As you may know I wrote you before that MuscleNerd had confirmed news that soon it would be possible to downgrade notorious iPad baseband. And few day later many users who stuck on 06.15.00 had that possibility.


Choose Your Method to Save iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs For Future Use

If you are iPhone user and like to have order in you stuff I advice you to backup 5.1.1 SHSH blobs. It may be needed for preserving jailbreak and downgrading iOS to lower version.

You may know that SHSH blob is a unique key or, in other words, secure hash which Apple uses to verify legitimacy of your iOS firmware. Apple allows to restore firmware until they sign SHSH blobs. But it lasts a limited time. And after that time Apple stops sign SHSH and doesn’t allow restore to any lower firmware. That’s why it is very important to save SHSH blobs for future if there will be a need to downgrade your iOS or secure future jailbreak.


iPhone 5 Versus Samsung Galaxy S3: Foxconn CEO Bet

Foxconn CEO, Terry Gou knows who will win the iPhone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy S 3 battle. At the annual Hon Hai Precision shareholders meeting he (in not the most flattering manner) spoke of Samsung and advised fans not to hasten technological innovations with the purchase of the current Korean smartphone leader Galaxy S 3. For those who do not follow the industry, we recall you that Foxconn manufactures device for Apple, although the company has customers among other world-class brands.


Corona Jailbreak HITB Video

Official Hack In The Box Confrerence twitter just posted a Corona jailbreak HITB video by iOS DreamTeam telling about history of first iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. In the video and paper (attached below in the article) the hackers will present the line of multiple exploits to accomplish breakout from sandbox, injection and execution of unsigned code to the kernel which bring the fully-working untethered jailbreak.

So why did the guys decide to describe the Corona jailbreak, he isn’t the latest one, right? The thing is, the latest Absinthe jailbreak, able to untether iOS 5.1.1 was built on @pod2g’s Corona untether. The word Corona is an acronym from racoon which is the main target for the attack. The vulnerability inside format string was located inside racoon’s routines. It allows researchers to write desired data to racoon’s stack in case they control  the config file.

But here’s a small limitation – they can write only one byte at a time which makes the process pretty time consuming. Using this particular method allows hackers to create a ROP palyload within racoon’s stack and then mount cheater’s HFS volume which supposed to inject the code at a kernel level. After that process code-signing routines are patched.

The initial Corona exploit used limera1n bootrom exploit to make an injection which allowed ASLR and sandboxing disable and reference to racoon with a custom configuration script. However that method became obsolete in the new A5 devices (iPhone 4S, iPad 2). They aren’t exploitable to linera1n so DreamTeam had to search for another injection vector.

Corona Jailbreak HITB Video by DreamTeam:

A few words about iOS hackers DreamTeam:

Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja) is an independent security researcher at zImperium. He’s a leader of Chronic Dev Team an the main creator of GreenPois0n.

Cyril (@pod2g) – famous iPhone hacker that discovered and brought to life several bootrom exploits like 24kpwn, steaks4uce, and SHAtter. He also found several userland and kernel exploits which were used in different jailbreak tools.

Nikias Bassen (@pimskeks) – part of Chronic-Dev Team and author of libimobiledevice, usbmuxd as well as other projects allow to communicate with iDevices.

David Wang (@planetbeing) – iPhone Dev Team member. In the past – developer of such jailbreak tweaks as redsn0w, xpwn, and QuickPwn. He’s the first hacker to port Android and Linux kernel to iOS devices.

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