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iPhone 5 Release September

Cupertino is preparing to release the iPhone 5 on September 21, less than two months from now on. Images, videos, release dates and rumors of the sixth generation of iPhone appear on the network regularly, but the official information from Apple have so far not been presented. Nevertheless, iMore blog citing a source within the company reports that.


iPhone 5 Video Leak, Check It Out!

Japanese blog Macotakara published an iPhone 5 video leak just recently. Guys managed to put together the front touch panel and a sample of the metal case, which reporters managed to get. The design potential of the new iPhone to reserve your court, dear readers.

The number of rumors about a new iPhone, which appear with surprising regularity recently is astonishing. What we hear about the possible smartphone withdrawal, which is increasingly being called the iPhone 5, launched in August, the popular and authoritative publications have reported on the characteristics of the product, together agree that the production has already begun. And today we have a chance to look closely at what may well become the next generation of Apple’s smartphones, this time we have a video for you.


iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 Baseband 04.11.08 Software Unlock for Free!

WARNING: we’ve checked the unlock software source as the blog really looked spammy and even found out that there’s a trojan virus in the archive so DON”T GO THERE and DON”T DOWNLOAD ANYTHING form the site below. You may use this post to warn your friends or just for fun. Take care!

Looks like I’ve found one more solutions to unlock iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 Baseband 04.11.08, it’s software unlock and it’s free! Sounds too good to be true, and, as always I personally don’t take any responsibility for it, but as far as I’ve checked it’s working. No official approves from the famous iOS hackers by the moment (probably they are too busy ant the DEFCON Conference), however the comments on the official solution’s blog says it works in the most cases. So, let’s take a deeper look on what can help you unlock your iPhone with baseband 04.11.08 with the new software unlock.


Facebook Phone Release 2013

Bloomberg has published an interesting report that included Facebook phone release date by 2013. It says that the Facebook social network along with the HTC are developing their own smart phone, which goes on sale in mid-2013. According to insiders have provided this information, the device initially planned for release later this year, but due to busy schedule of developing their own smartphones, HTC has alienated the release date of “social smartphone” pretty much.

Facebook Phone Release by 2013

At the moment, it is also known that Facebook is developing its own retrofit operating system. For its creation were invited experts from Apple, previously involved in the creation of the iPad and iPhone. Insiders particularly stressed the fact of improved and updated versions of various mobile software presence. Looks like the company’s strategy to entice bright minds from the other companies (remember the Chpwn’s interning?) brings good results.

According to statistics, about 450 million of Facebook users (almost half of the total) get access to it through a portable device. Own smartphone will allow the most popular English-speaking social network open up new directions of mobile strategy development .

Currently neither HTC, nor Facebook will not comment on the possibility of smartphone set up. Insiders also report that the development engineers plan to use a modified Android OS as the basis for the new operating system. The same anonymous insiders have reported that at the moment Facebook is working with the British designer INQ Mobile on the functionality and appearance of the upcoming device.

Rumors about the creation of Facebook-smartphones are flying around for a long time. Supposedly a couple of years ago, the company led the development of the social network-oriented device. It is believed that the last time the company’s management had to abandon such plans due to lack of sufficient experience in this area.

Relying on the reports, the release of the Facebook phone will most likely happen in 2013. In that case both HTC and Facebook companies must work very hard to beat the main competitors, which are Apple and Samsung.


Mac OS X Crisis Trojan Discovered

The Intego company, dealing with security Mac issues, discovered a new trojan for OS X called Crisis. At the moment the threat is a trojan with low risk, because until now there were no computers discovered infected by this trojan (so how could they find it?). It is known that Intego VirusBarrier X6 easily took care of a trojan, malware is identified as OSX/Crisis, and the backdoor component Backdoor OSX/Crisis. In addition VirusBarrier X6 blocks the connection to the IP-address, which Crisis is trying to connect.

Mac OS X Crisis Trojan Discovered

Intego reports that the Crisis works only on computers running 10.6 and 10.7 and installed without any user interaction, ie, the installation does not require the admin password.

The Sophos company, which also deals with security issues, confirmed the existence of this Trojan and reported what exactly Crysis is interested in:

  • The coordinates of the cursor
  • Messengers
  • Placement
  • Webcam
  • Clipboard
  • Keystrokes
  • Starting the application
  • Entering URL
  • Screenshots
  • Microphone
  • Calendar
  • Device Information
  • Address Book

Sophos Experts believe that a new Trojan has been created primarily to spy on users and the threat has a low risk level, since cases of infection have not yet registered users.

The number of iOS viruses as well as Mac ones continues to increase as the 2012 goes by. For instance, harmful Instaquotes app was discovered and killed just few days ago. Despite the number of viruses continues to increase, most of Mac users don’t use the antivirus and such tendency can bring horrifying results. Actually it already happened once when the flashback trojan attacked over 600k computers all around the world.

As usual, this can be the next marketing solution. Like Apple’s sales are going down, they find a virus, not a single computer is infected, but you can buy their wonderful solution or use this link and find out what antivirus for iphone is the best, just in case. There is a whole market of household appliances with internet access. Maybe the antivirus producers should go there and make money there?

What is your opinion on this situation. I’d really like to know.


iPhone and iPad Prototype Review

During the legal battles between Apple and Samsung now and then there appeared iPhone and iPad prototypes and here is their review. More and more details about the companies devices became available for the sleepless public view. At this time, the web sources spilled light at the data that was object of desire for many Apple technology owners. Of course I’m talking about a company’s prototype devices. Thanking to dismantling of two giants we now have the opportunity to see a lot of iPhone and iPad prototypes and get them reviewed. Each of them, one way or another, had some chances to get into mass production.

iphone prototype review

First of all, I suggest you to get acquainted with a selection of photos of the smartphone prototypes that for one reason or another have been “rejected” by Steve Jobs. I must admit that all these devices look a bit strange, so it is no surprise that the iPhone, how we are accustomed to see him, is significantly different from all these photos.

It is curious that Apple has even found a prototype of the smartphone that is very similar to the Nokia Lumia in stock:

And Apple designers would not mind some fun and make a design well, inspired by Sony, though in one of the “Sony” samples  miraculously turned into “Jony”, which clearly alludes to the chief designer of Apple.
There’s also a lot of iPad prototypes, some of them were quite bizarre, so for example you can see the iPad, like a food and beverages tray, iPad stand like a photo frame and many other interesting devices. All images are clickable.

iPhone and iPad Prototype Photo Review:

Pretty interesting pictures isn’t it. Thanking to endless Apple-Samsung lawsuits we’ve got a brilliant chance to see a huge list of iPhone and iPad concepts that will most likely will never become real, but who knows, right?

How do you like that designs? Let us know in the comments.


Safari 6.0 for OS X Mountain Lion Features Overview

This post will cover the Safari 6.0 for OS X Mountain Lion features and new stuff. Perhaps for a modern user one of the most frequently used applications is a browser. This is an application that acts as a kind of bridge between the user and global webs, allowing you to receive information on the desktop. So, what happened with the Safari browser in the new version of the Mountain Lion?

Personally I like Safari. This is a pretty good browser, though it lacks a lot of features. And it must be said that the Safari 6.0 included in the Mountain Lion in its pretty well polished.


DEFCON Hacking Conference 2012 Has Started

The geeks all around the world are going to DEFCON Hacking Conference 2012 which has just started in Las Vegas, Nevada. That will be the 20-th annual conference and will be held  July 26 – 29th, 2012. It’s pretty similar to HITB conference for iOS hackers that is also annual and was held in May. One of the main surprises of it will be the appearance of the head of the U.S. National Security Agency. His name is General Keith Alexander and he is the spy agency director. He will hold his speech at the DEFCON 2012 and this performance will be the highest-level visit to the conference by the U.S. government officials by this time.

DEFCON Hacking Conference 2012

DEFCON (official site), also written as DEF CON or Defcon – the world’s largest collection of hackers taking place every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEF CON took place in June 1993. In 2006, DEFCON gathered about 6.500 visitors. This year’s conference expects to meet around 15.000 hackers and simple mortals from around the world.

Most listeners of DEFCON will be computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, federal public servants and hackers with the main interest in computer programs and computer architecture. The event consists of various performances and lectures on computer topics related to hacking, as well as social events and competitions in everything from creating the longest Wi-Fi connection and cracking computer systems to who can cool the beer during the heat of Nevada most effectively. Other events include, the search for master keys, contests related to the robots, art, slogans, coffee wars, and Capture the Flag.

DEFCON Capture the Flag (CTF) is probably one of the most famous competitions. This is a hacking competition where teams compete in the attacks and protect computers and networks. It’s pretty similar to popular game mode in different shooters as Quake, Unreal Tournament etc. but instead of shooting each other hackers hacking the computer defense from one side and trying to protect it from the other side.

We’ll keep you informed about the flow of the conference during the next four days. Stay tuned.


Mountain Lion Mac App Store Download Available!

Mountain Lion became available for download on the Mac App Store, finally it has happened, we’ve been waiting for it so long.  Millions of people at this moment already download a new OS X 10.8 from Apple, but someone had already managed to download and study all the innovations and changes. Hopefully, Apple will stand the server load and a significant upgrade for all users will be quick and without any problems. Special info for jailbreakers: you can use Redsn0w on Mountain Lion without any problems.


iPhone 5G Wi-Fi Module to Appear In 2013

The new models of iPhone and iPad are predicted to include 5G Wi-Fi module called Broadcom BCM4335. Despite the wide distribution of networks of 3G and 4G generations, the majority of mobile traffic is of course, generated through Wi-Fi. The new Broadcom’s wireless module should make this standard even more attractive.

iphone 5g wifi module

iPhone 5G Wi-Fi Module

Broadcom has introduced a new chip BCM4335 for smartphones and tablets, which supports data transfer protocol 802.11ac, also known as the fifth generation of Wi-Fi. Most probably, this module will be installed on the iPhone and the iPad on their release in 2013.

The main differences of BCM4335 from the previous model – is primarily a reduction in energy consumption. According to the developers, improved chip spends 40-50% less energy in the mode of transmission and reception of data. In addition the manufacturer managed to reduce power consumption in standby mode. Ability to restrain the appetites of the wireless module will allow Apple to make the battery bigger capacity and smaller and thus reduce the thickness of mobile devices on iOS.

Broadcom BCM4335 5G Wi-Fi Speed

Another feature of the Broadcom BCM4335 – a dual-band operation with support of:

  • Wifi Direct

  • WiFi Miracast

  • WiFi Passpoint

WiFi Direct is an extension of the standard set of WiFi protocols,  and is able to receive and transmit data from one device to another directly. Having a mobile dual-band module available, Apple must take advantage of its opportunities for integration in the next-generation iPhone and the iPad with the updated AirDrop technology. Unlike the Broadcom BCM4334 module that will be used in the sixth-generation iPhone, the Broadcom BCM4335 with 5G WiFi support promises to include more features.

Using the Broadcom BCM4335 module in smartphones and tablets will allow engineers from Cupertino to organize a transparent exchange of data between Mac computers and future generations mobile devices on iOS.

Broadcom has already sent samples to interested companies to test the BCM4335. Mass production of the new chips will be launched next year.

Let’s hope that the new 5G Wi-Fi standard will make the data transfer and web browsing even faster. According to Broadcom, it surely will be so.