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Run Redsn0w On Mountain Lion

iPhone and iPad who had jailbroken their devices probably ask “Can I run Redsn0w on Mountain Lion”. Those who managed to move to a new operating system, Mountain Lion, can breathe a sigh of relief. Dev Team has confirmed that Redsn0w is fully compatible with the latest Apple-OS. The latest version of Redsn0w is 0.9.14b2 and it works perfectly on Mountain Lion and all the public versions of iOS up to 5.1.1.


Dashboard X 2.0 Is Out | Download

Good news for those who love changing the interface of the iOS Springboard – Dashboard X 2.0 is ready for download! The original Dashboard X tweak was really groundbreaking because it allowed to have widgets on your iPad’s or iPhone’s homescreen and that was really cool. However the first version had some issues and problems. For instance when you switched the iPad from landscape to portrait and backwards the widgets kinda jumped around and the 2.0 version of the Cydia tweak fixes it.


Why Is Siri So Dumb?

Siri, declared last fall as the main feature of the new iPhone 4S smartphone, is really dumb. At first there was really mega demand for this voice assistant feature. Much has been written about it, people were talking about it but it lasted not so long until it began to creep out the pitfalls and  dissatisfied with loud statements customers started to appear.


Instaquotes App Store Virus Found Today

It seems that the problem with the Apple app store has not yet been completed. Today, there appeared information that Instaquote app included virus. App Store application contains malicious software for Windows. Instaquotes-Quotes Cards for Instagram contains a worm, designed for Windows operating system. That’s not the first time when malicious software is found in App Store, remember Find and Call virus?


LG Q Voice Siri Competitor Release in 2013

LG Electronics will release an international version of its Siri competitor voice assistant LG Q voice in 2013. Quick Voice was first presented in the national market in June 2012. The new service will be renamed to Q Voice and it will be able to recognize the English language. Launch of the service scheduled for 2013 by the LG Mobile. We wrote about the voice assistant by the South Korean company earlier. Check the previous Quick Voice article here.


iPod Touch 5g Release Date in 2012 is True?

This autumn will bring us not only the iPhone 5 release but iPod Touch 5g release date in 2012 is also a real thing. Against the backdrop of a powerful wave of rumors about the new iPhone its “little brother”, the iPod Touch player was almost forgotten. Gadget has not been updated since 2010, rarely gets into the news feeds, and yet it is also a landmark of its kind of device, especially now, when Cupertino company is about to announce the release of iPad mini, and the player will automatically take the lowest step in the line of tablet line from Apple.


Apple Black Hat Conference First Time Appearance

Many software manufacturers to send their representatives to the Black Hat Security Conference USA and Apple will appear there this year. Earlier the company openly ignored the event year after year .

This year, the first time after 15 years of the conference existence, experts will represent Apple at BlackHat in Las Vegas along with the results of their latest research in the field of security of the iPhone and iPad operating system.


iTypeWriter Cydia Tweak With Vintage Flavour

Nowadays, rarity is becoming a fashion and iTypeWriter Cydia tweak adds some of it to your iPhone. A fashion for retro-style and its attributes come into all aspects of our lives, ranging from computer games and finishing with the interior of apartments. If you also think that life was much more stylish a couple of decades ago, then Cydia tweak iTypeWriter is designed specially for you as it makes the iPhone keyboard sound like old school typewriter.


iPhone 5 Release Date September, 21

According to some sources, iPhone 5 release date September 21 is a true story. A new piece of unconfirmed evidence about the unannounced until now iPhone 5 appeared in the pages of many information portals. The source of it this time was the French-language web site App4Phone, calling a manufacturer of accessories for Apple smartphones as their source of information.

But more important is another message stating that a future iPhone will get a new connector to connect to a computer and recharging. The familiar 30-pin connector, which can be found in the iPhone, iPod and iPad since 2003, will be replaced with a new 19-pin connector. Other likely changes include the transfer of slots for headphones with the upper left-hand side of the device on the bottom and a length of iPhone 5 of 124 mm. The new iPhone screen size should reach 3.95 inches versus the current 3.5.


New iPhone 4S Siri Ad with Martin Scorsese

In the new promo video for its phones, Apple iPhone 4S Martin Scorsese to promote Siri. Scorsese is a known film director and producer, owner of many prestigious awards, just in case.

In this promotional video Scorsese, the director of such hits as Taxi Driver,  GoodFellas, The Departed, and Gangs of New York  rides on the back seat of a New York taxi, holding the iPhone 4S in his hands and composes a day schedule with the help of Siri virtual assistant. Of course, the ad is pretty far from reality, as the digital assistant understands all the Scorsese’s commands and gives answers in no time. If you’d take a look on the recent Siri vs Google Search comparison you would probably see some other picture.