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How to Succeed with iOS App?

Interesting statistics for iOS app developers: success of iOS apps is a very vicious thing. Nearly 400,000 of about 650,000 mobile applications in the App Store can be considered as a “zombie”: they do exist, but are dead because almost no one knows about them. This is the conclusion made by the researchers of Adeven analyst firm. Below is the statistics and some App Store tips to promote the app.


Choose Best iPhone Antivirus Application To Protect Your Device

After Apple released its first iOS it was claimed to be protected from viruses. But there are a lot of complaints from users about virus on iPhone and it is true. That’s why I decided to give a list of best software and you can choose any of iPhone antivirus apps that you can download here and protect your iDevice.

As you may think this antivirus software is good not only for iPhone but for other iOS gadgets as iPad and iPod Touch. The advantage of Apple company has always been that their OS could not detect the virus. But as it became known today that Apple iPhone can be infected just like other platforms, such as on Windows.

iPhone antivirus app

In consequence of this problem today appeared many iPhone antivirus apps in the App Store. It is designed to get rid of any viruses whatsoever on your iDevice and other iOS devices. Some of them are free and the others are paid, so here you can see the list best antivirus apps which you can download from direct links for no cost.

Note: Before we start I have to tell you that this list may be not full because I included here those iPhone antivirus programs that I could find in the App Store.

Download Free iPhone Antivirus Apps

Lookout Mobile Security – this is a good and fast antivirus for iPhone. And if you need a good free Mobile Security, it is – a decent option. Like other popular mobile antiviruses, Lookout Mobile Security protects against many common threats. The application continuously monitors all the applications of iPhone.


Frequency scanning device can be set using the schedule. Testing will be done daily or weekly basis, at your discretion. Automatic updates will keep antivirus databases up to date. Lookout Mobile Security is not limited to iPhone antivirus protection. It includes many advanced and useful features.

You will be protected from theft and loss of personal data from possible financial fraud, to download malicious applications and fraudulent clicks on the link. It provides intellectual protection, backup data in a special online store and protect joints. There is also a function of determining the device is on the map with GSM module.

Anti-Virus Detective – is the best add-on for iPhone antivirus apps that you can choose to deal with malware that your antivirus program might miss. It is a decision tree that identifies suspect malware. This app is a great add-on to simple protection programs on your iPhone that can miss some suspect threat.

Anti-Virus Detective

Anti-Virus Detective provides the user with the useful links that provides you with the possibility to determine if the suspect files are exhibiting malicious behavior. Also it gives you different solutions to protect iOS from different viruses that can infect your iPhone.

Sophos Security Monitor – other free antivirus solution that provides the highest grade of protection. It will inform you the safety of IP, URL or link that you may use.

Sophos Security Monitor

You will be able to access to SophosLabs data from the Sophos Threat Center where you can see the source of the latest malware the latest malware threats, ask questions that can bother you. Also you can enjoy videos and latest news regarding new viruses that can be made for iPhone.

McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence. This antivirus app you can use to get latest information about threads. Use McAfee to get a quick report about links, URL and iP address in which you doubt.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

For example you will be able to get latest information about the threads that propose McAfee company and how you can use it. Also it provides you 2 Minute Warning and AudioParasitics podcasts.

ViruBarrier – is the last but paid iPhone antivirus software that you can download here. I leave it for the end because it may be the best solution to protect your iOS device.

It is the first application that was made to test Apple gadgets for viruses. According to the developers, it’s not an antivirus to iOS, but rather a solution to protect it against malicious software on Mac and Windows.

VirusBarrier makes it easy to scan email attachments and other files that are accessible from the such Apple platforms as MobileMe, DropBox, a web server or WebDAV.

It uses proprietary technology VirusBarrier X6, which proved to be excellent for Windows and Mac computers in the field of protection against viruses, trojans, exploits and other malicious software. You can use this antivirus app to scan any file on demand.

And that’s all I got for you for today. I think that we can’t fully protect our devices from viruses because everyday it because every day more and more threads coming online. But you can download iPhone antivirus apps and try to prevent infection of the phone.

Have your iPhone been infected ever before. Share your experience in the comment section below.


Steve Jobs Leaked iPhone Legend

This Steve Jobs and the leaked iPhone (the first one) story was spread all around the web for the last 24 hours with the insane speed. It looks more like a fairy-tale than a truth, however, let’s get acquainted with it as it is pretty interesting. The policy of protecting confidential information by Apple is a strong dam, restraining the flow of sensitive data about the devices being developed. Trying to follow it, the company has taken the most unusual measures. For example, confiscates all the gadgets from journalists who write about the prototype or forces testers of unreleased gadgets to send a special pin code every 12 hours and sends the future devices to their partners in the special sealed boxes. Against this backdrop, the story of the former Apple’s employee that happened with Steve Jobs just before presentation of the first iPhone, looks very unusual.

This incident occurred just before Macworld exhibition in 2007. A team of engineers that developed the final version of the iPhone, could not establish its Wi-Fi performance. To quickly fix this annoying problem, Steve Jobs has invited all the developers to his own home. His home possess thick walls that’s why they could safely test the wireless data transfer.

When the employees finally got to the head of his house, they found him in the car. He sat there and listened to music, setting the radio volume to maximum. Engineers have noticed, Steve turned off the music and went with them into the house. In the midst of their work to solve Wi-Fi problems someone rang the doorbell, frightening the head of Apple and his team. Steve Jobs quickly realized what was happening and went to the door.

There he waited for a FedEx employee, which brought him a parcel. Steve was supposed to meet him personally, as his signature was required for delivery. Steve Jobs meet a courier with the first iPhone in his hands, which then no one has yet seen, hid it behind his back and quietly signed the necessary papers. The happiest (and inconsiderate!) courier in the world bowed and went about his business.

A former Apple employee, who told this story to Business Insider said that words can not describe shock that he experienced in 2007 in Steve Job’s home:

You must understand that we then transported to the home of Steve iPhones in special protective boxes from the company Pelikan, who closed with a key. Phone, which would never have left the campus of Apple, was just hidden behind his back. It was the first time someone was so close to the clues secret project on which the company operates. If the guy from FedEx would simply bowed his head, he would see the first iPhone before its presentation.

How do you like this fable? Is it true or what?


iPhone Fingerprint Authentication is Close

Apple plans to create  a system to enable iPhone fingerprint authentication and implement its own electronic wallet technology by purchasing AuthenTec, a leading provider of security solutions and sensor control, says RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani.

iPhone and iPad developer announced about AuthenTec purchase for $ 356 million last week. Experts believe that the transaction is dictated by the Cupertino’s desire to acquire fingerprint technology and integrate it into mobile products on iOS 6 release.. At the same time buying the company will have minimal impact on the Apple’s budget, which has over $ 100 billion of available funds in stock.


p0sixninja Leaves Chronic Dev Team

Joshua «p0sixninja» Hill, well-known hacker in the jailbreak clique announced on Twitter about his resignation from the Chronic Dev Team. For many years he was the leader of the p0sixninja hacker group, which produces tools for jailbreaking the iOS.

The reason why the developer decided to leave the Chronic Dev Team, is not clear. In May this year p0sixninja attended to a Hack In The Box (HITB) computer security conference with the group of other hackers, during which he presented Absinthe – untethered exploit for iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak on the latest  iPhone and iPad models.