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Apple NFC Wallet Patent

As we told you earlier today, Apple is about to use the new NFC technology in its next-generation iPhone 5 and such information was presented by one Chinese website along with the pictures of the new NFC iWallet chip. It seems that this information can be trusted because Apple filed U.S. Patent No. 8,255,323.

iPhone 5 NFC Chip patent

Apple NFC wallet patent allows us discussing the possible ways of how this company can use it. How is it going to handle mobile payments? When Apple is to enter the new market? Will it ever enter it?

Apple NFC Wallet Patent

Apple Mobile Payment NFC

The new ‘323 patent called “Motion based payment confirmation” can be integrated into the payment solution by Apple. What does it describe?

According to Appleinsider, this document shows a GUI (graphical user interface) for mobile payments or, in other words, payments made on a gadget such as the iPhone. It can also participate in wide-ranging transactions via a chosen payment instrument.

The new Apple NFC wallet patent will let users purchase and confirm their financial transactions, according to the abstracts from the document. This “solution is safer” than ordinary buttons “OK” and “Buy,” the company believes.

Apple Mobile Payment NFC

More Details

As the papers state, Apple mobile payment NFC technology will let two NFC devices communicate with one another. Users will be able to connect to an online store via their gadgets and “communicate with an external server.”

The Cupertino-based corporation has not mobile payment system with NFC yet. At the same time, the new iOS 6 should offer the Passbook application, something like an eWallet. This iOS 6 app will not support electronic payments at first, but it might in the future.

Maybe the iPhone developer just investigates the NFC-based payment systems for now and intents to implement it in its future products. Will this future start soon? Can it coincide in time with the release of the next smartphone?

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iPhone 5 Launch Date September 21: New Evidence

While Verizon has been rumored to get vacation blackout days in September, another U.S. carrier AT&T seems to also forbid its workers to leave the company from September 21. This means that the iPhone 5 launch date September 21 could be real, while this gadget should be officially introduced by Apple on September 12.

Various sources have been talking lately about the big Apple event that is expected to be held on Wednesday, September 12. This is when the Cupertino-based company should present its next-generation smartphone. And 9 days later, on Friday, September 21, this device should be released in the U.S.


iPhone 5 NFC Chip in ‘Leaked’ Pictures

While so many consumers are hungrily waiting for the new-generation iPhone, the Internet gets more and more photographs of this device. According to rumors, the iPhone 5 NFC chip has been spotted in pictures, and you can now take a look at its front assembly that has been never seen before in Apple’s gadgets.

Since the chip looks mysterious, people start to believe that the Cupertino-based company might not be responsible for this flaw and it’s just another speculation of third-party companies. Still, it’s best to view these photos to get an idea of what the next iPhone 5 might be like in case this rumor is real.


The Real Name Of Smaller iPad Will Be iPad Mini

With the approach of the expected iPad Mini release date there are growing number of rumors about the upcoming Apple releases. There is news that the company plans to spend just two official events in the coming months, now there are some interesting details about the much-anticipated iPad mini official name.

Japanese blog Macotakara, referring to Asian source, reports that the name of a miniature version of the Apple tablet now conventionally called iPad mini, will be officially named iPad mini.


Use List Of Services to Remotely Unlock iPhone Using IMEI Code

Once again I return to the theme about finding the best unlocking solution for your iPhone. There are lots of services that propose official IMEI unlock code for iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, 3G and 2G. But how to determine which service is trustworthy. Some of them are cheap and other are not. Some of them propose very cheap IMEI unlock codes. Also don’t forget that there are many scam websites that propose fake unlock.


New OS X 10.8.2 for Mac Build 12C31a | Download

Following the release of the public version of OS X 10.8.1, available for download in the store Mac App Store, Apple released the first test assembly of the next update and ready to download OS X 10.8.2 build 12C31a. Build of Mountain Lion distributed for officially registered developers through service Mac Dev Center.


How to use IMEI Code to Unlock iPhone 4 On Baseband 04.12.01

Now we’ve got here something real for you. You can factory unlock your iPhone 4 on baseband 04.12.01. Yes it is true because there are so many people who successfully unlocked their iphones using IMEI unlock code. The most exciting thing is that you can permanently unlock your iPhone 4 and it is legit IMEI unlock.

There are no chances to see free iPhone unlocking software which can unlock such baseband as 04.12.01. Few months ago I wrote about the possibilities to unlock iPhone and from that time nothing had changed.


How to use PDUSpy and Fix SendRawPDU Errors [Guide]

If you try to find out how SendRawPDU works there can be some problems for Windows users on UDH part of this process. In this case you need to generate UDH into PDU data using PDUSpy about which we will talking below. Only yesterday I wrote you about how to use Sendrawpdu developed by pod2g to send spoofing text messages to iOS devices. Yes you can really do it. It works very simple.