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Checkout Real USB Cable For iPhone 5 Charging and Syncing

Great news for people who are passionaly waiting for the new device from Apple because other accessory for its device was leaked online today. Now you can see how iphone 5 USB cable will look like.

Based on the recently published posts I can surly say that Apple plans to move to a new standard for the dock connector in their mobile devices this fall. I have Already written you about iPhone 5 dock connector and other new features.


Verizon iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor

How soon will Verizon start selling the next iPhone? Keep in mind that this carrier has vacation blackout and thus experts believe that they are not getting summer days off but preparing for the Verizon iPhone 5 release date since the latest Apple’s gadget might be presented September 21, 2012.

Besides Verizon, the new gadget should be sold by AT&T. At least, there are reports that say this U.S. mobile carrier is also getting ready for a big event this fall.


New iPhone 4G LTE in UK This September

UK customers are to be offered 4G capabilities. The rumors state that such an option will be available this September. Does it mean that the new iPhone 4G LTE in UK can be a reality and not just another fantasy?

The conversations about 4G LTE service are held lately everywhere as more companies start to offer their gadgets with LTE compatibility. Customers are also happy about the news as LTE can really improve their data speeds to at least 20Mbps. While the news is awesome to people who live in the regions where LTE will be available, those who don’t can’t be very happy about this fact.

September 11: LTE to Roll Out

Even though new iPhone 4G LTE in UK can be a great reality, not only some consumers are unhappy about it but also most of local mobile networks. The permission to use 1800MHz spectrum for the service is given to two carriers only, Orange and T-Mobile owned by one parent company.

Ofcom, the regulatory body in the industries, allows offering 4G connection starting next month, and reportedly this date will be September 11. It’s not going to be as fast as we might hope though as getting permission doesn’t automatically turn LTE on for consumers. It will take some time before people are able to enjoy the faster data speeds on their tablet computers and smartphones.

iPhone 4G and UK Carriers

It is interesting that September is also the month when Apple is to announce its next new iPhone. Will it be LTE functional? Will Orange or T-Mobile be the only networks to offer new iPhone 4G LTE in UK?

As for other carriers, O2 and Vodafone, they will have to wait at least until next year before they can offer the new capabilities to consumers as they have no 1800MHz spectrum now available for LTE connectivity.

Here you can find a lot of other news about the iPhone.


Funny Video Parody of the New iPhone From Adam Sacks

Journalist Adam Sachs published a humorous video parody of iPhone 5 ad. Hi is, supposedly, one of the top Apple managers who touts the new iPhone. According to this travesty, the next smartphone from Apple will be a digital camera that is optimized for shooting food.


Fresh News: iPhone 5 Purchases Will Start in Germany Next Month

Latest news pointing that iPhone 5 sales will start in Germany next month together with US and UK sales. Germans have to be lucky because there are a lot of other countries which won’t have this first chance.

As we know, first iPhone 5 sales will begin on September 21. Apparently, Germany will be one of the first countries in store of which a new smartphone from Apple appears. At least the local mobile operator Mobilcom-Debitel officially announced that it will begin selling the new iPhone.


How to do SMS Spoofing using iPhone 4 and SendRawPDU Script by Pod2g

Few days ago I wrote you news that famous French hacker Pod2g found exploit in iPhone SMS security which allowed one people to send text messages to others but with wrong address.

To perform this you need to use CLI tool to send raw SMS PDU data to the iPhone 4 baseband. This tool is called sendrawpdu and you can find info about it here because in this article we will talk how to make it works on your iPhone 4.


The Possibilities to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Here I wrote you about the real reason of difficulty to unlock iPhone passcode. Nobody can do this, even machine. And it is all about iSecurity.

Simson L. Garfinkel, a specialist working in the field of computer forensics and digital criminalistics, claims that Apple with the iPhone has stepped over the threshold of complete safety. Even this year Apple specialists visited Black Hat Conference to ensure in its safety.


How to Change Apple ID Country in iTunes Store

If you iDevice user you definitely use Apple ID. But have you ever thought about to change the country in iTunes Store / App Store? No? Ok, what to do if you want to download just published the game as you want, and it is available only in French App Store? Think about. It is really needed functions, especially for those who frequently flies Ocean.

Or you can stay home but buy app available in any other country except yours of course. This tutorial guide is for those who have installed OS X 10.7 and above, even latest OS X 10.8.1. Let’s not spread the idea of ​​the tree, and just describe the steps to be taken to change the country of your account.

How to Change Country in iTunes Store

Step 1. Go to System Preferences and select iCloud.

Step 2. Then click Manage.

Step 3. Then View Account.

Step 4. Now you need to enter your Apple ID password.

Step 5. Now when you see the Window find Country / Region and click Change.

Step 6. Select a country France. Of course, it could be Germany, Britain, the Netherlands or any other.

Step 7. The next step – is a confirmation of payment information. It is important to remember that if you use a credit card, you will most likely not be able to change the country, as card will be checked for validity in that country. I recommend using the payment method “No”, and if necessary, top up with the iTunes Gift Card (unique for each country).

Step 8. After confirmation of payment information, click a few times Finish and close the Preferences window. Now open the App Store application on the Mac (or iOS) and exit from your Apple ID.

Step 9. Then go back to it and re-enter your password.

Step 10. And here it is! We see romantic French App Store!

That’s it. If necessary, you can always return back to their country, or make the journey again to another.

I hope my guide was useful for you. Now you really know the way to change any country in iTunes / App Store using iCloud, Mac and your Apple ID.


Meet "Apple Rus" – Apple Store In Russia!

Apple registered in Russia its own retailer “Apple Rus” as a source in one of the official distributors of the corporation. Its main activities – wholesale and retail sale of iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and other iDevices. Thus, the Cupertino company was able to trade in computer equipment in Russia without intermediaries.


There Are Some Modifications In iPhone 5 That You Have to Know

A number of radical changes will be on iPhone 5, in part due to rupture of the partnership between Apple and Google. Widely known and used Google products in previous versions of iDevices will be replaced with Apple own developments. In addition, the 5 major hardware changes are expected, which should give the smartphone a competitive advantage in the long term.