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iPhone 5 Ads: Samsung Responds with Its Galaxy’s Commercials

As Apple presented its new iPhone 5 ads for TV, Samsung has decided to release its Galaxy’s commercials in response prior to its Galaxy Note 2 launch on October 24th. You can watch ads yourself and comment on them under the article.

While Apple has created a big event from its iPhone 5 release, Samsung wishes to do the same with its new Galaxy Note 2 presentation. In case you missed the iPhone 5 features TV advertisements, you can take a look at them and compare the two companies’ marketing departments.

Personally I like iPhone’s commercials more. They seem to be more brilliant and clear while Galaxy’s commercials appear to look like anti iPhone ads to me. Besides, the actors aren’t playing their roles that great and everything looks pretty naive.


This is the link to watch iPhone 5 commercials here on YouTube.

iPhone 5 Sales vs Galaxy Note 2 Sales

According to Apple reports, it sold several millions of iPhone 5 devices during the debut weekend. This is the record number of smartphones sold by the Cupertino-based company in such a short amount of time however analysts believed Apple would do much better and sell even more iPhones than it actually had.

As for Samsung, it hopes to sell three times more Galaxy Note 2 devices than the original Note units. This device will be released on October 24th in South Korea.

Apple vs Samsung

There were conflicts between Apple and Samsung. And now the South Korean company is partnering with Google and other American telcos in order to create modified products and escape from design patents filed by Apple as the Cupertino-based tech giant is trying to get over $1 billion from Samsung for violating them.

The two companies are competing in the market of electronic devices. Will Apple lose out to Samsung? What do you think about this? Hope to hear your opinion in the comments form below.


Apple to Use Facial Unlock System for iOS Devices?

The Cupertino-based famous giant has applied for new patents. Apple wants to implement a new process of locking and unlocking iOS devices via facial recognition system. This facial unlock software will not only become an alternative to iPhone and iPad passwords, but also lock the gadget via movement patterns, filter out accidental movements and distinguish children and users via the camera.

Apple plans to use facial unlock system for iOS devices in order to replace its existing security system which is based on passwords. The patents can just as well keep an opened gadget secure as people unrecognized by the camera will not be able to use the smartphone or tablet computer.

About a Patent

Even though Apple has filed a patent, this idea might remain just an idea and never see the light of day. The facial recognition system might be cool and not-so-good at the same time as it requires good lighting for the camera and patience from the user.

The patent filed by the California company has one interesting thing. Apple mentiones the possibility of creating multi-user support for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which is possible today only due to the Cydia tweak.

Even if the facial recognition is not implemented Apple could attract more customers by releasing multi-user support for iOS gadgets. This is especially critical because of the deep integration of iOS 6 and social networks, Twitter and Facebook. Users will love it if Apple let’s them to easily swap between accounts when they want to share their iOS devices.

Facial Recognition System

Are you a fan of the password recognition system? Or would you like your iPhone to use the camera in order to lock and unlock itself? Just imagine that all you have to do is look at your display and the device will unlock. However if the camera doesn’t see you, your gadget will stay locked.

You can find out more about the patent here.


How to Unlock the New AT&T iPhone 5 via iTunes for Free

Customers who have already got their hands on the new AT&T iPhone 5 but haven’t got a contract yet can unlock their device and use SIM cards of other carriers. How can you do this? Are you really able to unlock AT&T iPhone 5 and how long can it take you?

Earlier I showed you how to unlock off-contract AT&T iPhone. If consumers wish to unlock their smartphone in a traditional way, they have to fill out a form on AT&T’s site, send this carrier a fax and wait up to 7 days till their gadget is restored. AT&T has created a new web form which allows you requesting for the iPhone 5 unlock. Besides, there is toll-free number which can help you out. But there is also another process that is much easier and doesn’t require sending fax messages or waiting for a couple of days.


Problem With iPhone 5 Lightning Stuck. Find Out the Reason

Oh my god! My iPhone 5 Lightning stuck in USB port. What should I do? Approximately soon Apple clients will contact a technical service support with the following words to complain about the fact that the USB connector stuck in port of the computer when you try to link your device with Mac or PC.


Apple iPhone 5 Maps App Horrors and Errors

Too many iOS 6 and some of iPhone 5 users tell horror stories about the new Apple Maps application. Sometimes these stories become too scary and funny at the same time as no one would ever like to end up in the wrong direction when following the GPS navigation instructions or searching for the place of an important meeting or interest. But you can’t stop laughing if you hear the story that happened to somebody else.

For example, if you choose to visit the Washington Monument you will be surprised as Apple has moved it to a different spot on iPhone 5 3D Maps app. The same thing has happened to a lot of places of interest, tourist attractions, etc. Some of the American train stations, cities, lakes have been erased, mislabelled or moved to the wrong decade.


iPhone 5 A6 Chip Works At a Frequency of 1.3 MHz

It is great chance to find out why iPhone 5 A6 processor is the fastest processor in the world. As you may know, iPhone 5 is the most productive device among all mobile smartphones on the market and two times faster than the previous iPhone 4S model. And all thanks to the dual-core processor chip – A6 with custom ARM design having three graphics core which are responsible for the work of the video system.


iPhone Users State That iOS 6 WiFi Not Connecting

Not long ago I wrote you a post on how to fix iOS 6 WiFi problems but now there is news that it was not the only issue with WiFi. Many iPhone and iPad users complain on WiFi connecting problems after updating their gadgets to iOS 6.

It seems that the bad Apple 3D Maps app is not the only problem in latest Apple firmware iOS 6 and you can always get Google Maps on iOS 6. But today we will talk about another issue in the new iOS.


Features of the iPhone 5 Hints on Next iPad 4th Generation

As the next iPhone 5 has got many great features from Apple, including the impressive A6 chip, in-cell touch screen technology and new dock connector, the company will most likely develop its new iPad 4 with a lot of incredible features as well.

Let’s imagine what iPad 4 features can be like judged from what the iPhone 5 can offer users. It is always interesting to predict what famous companies might release next, especially if the predictions are sooner or later to become reality.


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Widescreen iPad 4: New Apple Prototype

What will the next generation iPad be like? Is Apple to release a widescreen iPad 4 to surprise all tablet computer users worldwide? If it is true you can find out what iPad 4 features you will be able to enjoy. According to predictions, the Cupertino tech giant might be prototyping such a model of its popular iTablet and it can be called WidePad.

According to reports found online, after iPad Mini release date Apple can be busy developing an iPad with the 16:9 aspect ratio display just like the sixth-generation iPhone 5 that was launched on September 21st in the U.S. retailer stores and other countries around the world.