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iUsers Are Not Satisfied With New iOS 6. Is iOS 5 Better?

Just recently I thought that it would be great to compare iOS 6 vs iOS 5 but first I saw some news where people who used earlier iOS versions stated that new iOS is less attractive for them as it was with previous Apple OS.

For the first time iPhone and iPad users are unhappy with the new mobile operating system from Apple. This was reported by researchers from the On Device company. Analysts found decline in iOS 6 satisfaction as compared to iOS 5 and previous versions of the OS.


Add Google Maps to iOS 6 Home Screen | How To

The recently presented Maps program by Apple is no Google Maps. It does look similar, especially its icon and interface, yet iOS 6 users can clearly see the difference between the two applications. How to get Google Maps on iOS 6? This question now bothers many Apple gadget owners who miss having the native program by Google on their handsets which was offered by the Cupertino company since 2007 and till 2012.


Pod2G Does Not Work On Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6

Users who are waiting for untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, had a big disappointment today. According to a tweet from respected hacker Pod2g, he is not working on breaking the latest generation of Apple operating system at the moment.

As you may know, developers implement the new OS jailbreak by reverse engineering. The process of creating the exploit starts immediately after the release of the public version of the firmware and this is the main reason why the tools to hack iPhone and iPad come with a delay. Also immediately after the release of the new Apple firmware Musclenerd tweeted about iOS 6 jailbreak possibility and suggestions.


Sales of the iPhone 5 During Debut Weekend

The first weekend of iPhone sales showed not-so-incredible results. According to Apple, the opening weekend of official smartphone sales sold 5 million devices. This is one million units more than the results showed by iPhone 4S sales year.

Still Apple couldn’t reach those sales of the iPhone 5 as analysts predicted. Experts believed that the company would sell about 8 million devices during debut weekend or at least 6 million gadgets in case of the worst scenario.


GSM Unlocked iPhone 5: Verizon iPhone 5 Works on AT&T and T-Mobile Carriers

There are users who have already purchased the sixth-generation iPhone 5 and even tested it on different networks. One owner assures that his Verizon iPhone 5 is GSM unlocked and works just as well on AT&T. The person who tested his iDevice with AT&T has got his latest on-contract smartphone from Verizon. He then cut down his Micro SIM from AT&T and put it in the latest Apple handset. The gadget picked up the signal using the trimmed card and hopped onto AT&T’s 4G network known as HPSA.


How to Make iPhone 5 Nano-SIM: Advice by GiffGaff

Apple has released its next iPhone 5 with nano-SIM. This Sim card is so small that no other smartphones have it and it’s difficult for users to unlock the gadget and choose any mobile operator they wish.

A while ago there were reports about iPhone 5 nano-SIM cutters that were supposed to make this small card from an ordinary SIM. Now GiffGaff, operator that has no proper nano-Sims yet, suggests users can make such a card using their method and use it in the sixth-generation iDevice.

What does GiffGaff offer? Is it really possible to create a nano-SIM from the older card you were using before the iPhone 5 release? We will answer these questions after the jump.


Famous Hacker Made Jailbreak iPhone 5 With Cydia Running [Proof]

Yesterday two significant events occurred. Finally iPhone 5 came on sale and few hours ago famous hacker and developer of applications for iOS Grand Paul aka Chpwn informed that he managed to jailbreak iPhone 5.

Thus Chpwn managed to hack the new iPhone, running on iOS 6, the day when device came on sale. This means there is a chance for an early release of jailbreak for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and other devices on the A5 and A5X running the new iOS 6 and lower.