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How to Fix Bug in iTunes 11 When Sidebar Is Missing

Some of our readers report the iTunes 11 sidebar missing bug. As you know the new iTunes 11 program was released yesterday and you can use direct links to download iTunes 11 software. A lot of iOS and Mac customers have already updated to its latest version to enjoy the new features [a miniplayer, better iCloud integration, etc.] and face the new problems of iTunes 11 sidebar not working, being blank or disappearing.


iTunes 11 Is Out! Download It Here and Enjoy New Features

Apple delayed its newest iTunes 11 for over a month, and it is finally here. You can find the direct link for iTunes 11 download inside this post, and we hope that you update to the newest version of a popular program and enjoy the new functions carefully prepared and tested by the Cupertino-based company.

At first, Apple promised to launch its new iTunes 11 in October. Later this day was postponed to “sometime in November” and now this media player has come to live. Since it’s the debut of this version you should hurry to use iTunes 11 download link and get this program on your computer as soon as possible. Would you like to be one of the first people who downloads and installs it? It’s you chance, so don’t miss it.

Reasons for iTunes 11 Delay

The desktop iTunes 11 download link leads you to the world of renewed and updated program with interesting features developed by Apple. The Cupertino-based giant engineers spent much time working on this app. The reasons for its delay were engineering problems that were discovered during the program’s development.

Apple introduced this version back in September. So you see how long it took the company to finally release iTunes 11 to the public. The program has a lot of cool options, including better iCloud integration and interface that will remind you of iOS 6.

We do believe that iTunes 11 is improved and has no issues, since it took so much extra time to finish it. Still it’s up to you to test it and see how great or poor it is after the update.

iTunes 11 Features

Once you download iTunes 11 update, you will see the completely redesigned media store and music player. Apple had to change its program as it now has such rivals as Spotify Ltd. and Pandora Media Inc. while it used to be the leader in the paid music download business field [with 64 percent share in the 2nd quarter 2012].

The updated app will let iOS and Mac users watch movies, TV shows and listen to music on any Apple gadget thanks to the iCloud syncing option. There won’t be any need to download the same song or film to another iOS or Mac device which is great.

Besides, you’ll get new library views, mini player and a lot of bonus options that you will discover after the update. Enjoy!


Control Fighting Robot Kuratas Using iPhone | Photos

Today was the presentation of Japan fighting robot Kuratas and you can control it only from iPhone. The presentation of a giant fighting robot Kuratas can be control with special iPhone application in the set.

Demonstration of 4 tons robot was held by Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata. Japanese developers at Suidobashi Heavy Industry submitted its creation this summer. Kuratas is a real fighting robot that can accurately hit targets by releasing about 6,000 bullets per minute.

The high mobility of diesel generator provided by the presence of nearly three dozen of hydraulic connections. You can manage Kuratas robot located inside the “terminator” or control the actions of Kuratas remotely from iPhone via a mobile app.

iphone control robot

Currently a giant robot is demonstrated at the National Museum of Science and New Innovations. You can buy Kuratas paying $ 1.3 million. The machine, which is available in 16 colors, offers a wide range of accessories, including:

  • a light machine gun – $ 70 000;
  • carbon fiber board – $ 75,000;
  • a rocket launcher that allows you to get a swarm of shells – $ 150,000.

Big price for iPhone control app but it is a real weapon and you can’t sell it guy from the street. It is not cheap but not so expensive. Developers of Kuratas received about 3,000 pre-orders for the robot which is a lot.

Kuratas robot

The dream of Kogoro Kurata from the childhood when he wanted robots to be real came true. If you want to buy robot and control Kuratas via iPhone you can go on his website and make an order.

use iphone control robot

It is really interesting idea but dangerous, 3 000 pre-oders! You can start a mini war with such arsenal. Let people to buy such machines and go out to the streets where moms and children, old people and cripples.

May be I’m too serious so don’t listen to me and say what you thing about this Kuratas robot and iPhone control app using comment form below.


A List of Leaked iOS 6.1 New Features

With Apple preparing to launch its next version of iOS firmware, millions of iPhone and iPad users worldwide should learn everything about the iOS 6.1 new features before this operating system is released. According to developers who are always first to test new options, this firmware will have visible changes from the latest iOS 6.0.1 features officially presented to customers by the Cupertino-based company.

This article will cover all the iOS 6.1 new features you might like to know about. The list of new changes has leaked after the new beta was seeded to iOS developers. So which fixes should the end user hope for?

iOS 6.1 New Features - Maps

A List of Available Features in iOS 6.1

Ordinary iPhone and iPad owners cannot test the iOS 6.1 beta as they don’t have a registered developer account. Good, there are a lot of developers who are ready to share their impressions from using the new firmware, even though it currently exists in beta version only.

In order to improve its Maps app, the Cupertino giant has decided to place a huge “Report a Problem” button in the middle of the program. Now all users will be able to see and use it, it is so big! Together we will make the Apple Maps application better.

Apple has redesigned its lock-screen music player controls adding more space between the buttons. Besides, among the iOS 6.1 new features you can find a “Reset Advertising Identifier” key that is included in Ad Settings [if you wish to click on this button, you will change your Ad ID to get different values with future requests].

Fans of Siri and movies will get a chance to finally purchase tickets to different films by asking their assistant for help. For example, you will tell Siri, “two tickets to see Twilight,” and your tickets will be bought via Fandango application [you should install it on your iOS device, of course]. I find this one of the best iOS 6.1 new features even though I wish more theaters were supported. What about you?

Passbook has also received its improvements. The Cupertino-based iPhone maker has changed the relevance behavior. In order to make passes relevant, the date should match.

As for the Map Kit framework, it was also improved by Apple. Now external programs will be able to make map-based searches for different locations.

iPhone and the New iOS Firmware

A lot of users might like to unlock iPhone iOS 6.1 once they upgrade to this firmware. Is it possible? Well, if you use factory IMEI unlock tool you will be able to quickly and easily unlock iPhone iOS 6.1 locked to different mobile operators across the world. This method is affordable and permanent. You need to know your iPhone model, its IMEI number and your carrier in order to unlock iPhone iOS 6.1 with IMEI unlock service. And if you know that your device is locked to AT&T carrier – go here and permanently unlock it for the cheapest price.

Surely, iOS 6.1 hasn’t been launched yet. But we thought that this information could still be useful to you in the future.


How to Unlock iPhone Locked to T-Mobile UK

Have you purchased your iPhone in the UK? Is it locked to T-Mobile operator? Would you love to unlock iPhone T-Mobile UK? Here is the guide that will help you to make your dream come true and enjoy the free communication via any mobile carrier from any country worldwide.


How to Unlock the Upcoming iOS 6.1 [Useful Instruction]

Eventually Apple will release its next iOS 6.1 and millions of iPhone owners will update their firmware to the latest version. Will you be able to unlock the upcoming iOS 6.1? Surely, there will be a way to do so. Maybe some carriers will offer the official service and charge you a particular price. Maybe there will be software solutions available for free. We don’t know for sure, but right now we can tell you one true thing that the factory unlock iOS 6.1 iPhone already exists and it will work as soon as this firmware gets its upgrade.


How to Unlock Off Contract iPhone Locked to Virgin Or Bell

As it was predicted now you are able to unlock off contract Bell and Virgin carriers paying 75 bucks and then use factory unlocked Bell iPhone or Virgin.

But here we will talk about Bell and Virgin mobile networks. Today they start unlocking iPhone after the end of the contract. It is said that it is a present for Christmas and if your contract with one of this carrier ended just pay fee of $ 75  and enjoy unlocked device. Yes, you need to pay but only once.

Note: On April AT&T company announced they would unlock off contract iPhone and if your device was locked to AT&T go here and find out how to do it for free if your contract is off.


Your iPhone 5 Is to Be Shipped In One Week

The high popularity of the sixth-gen iOS smartphone has caused iPhone 5 shipping delay in a lot of countries. Too many customers wish to possess this handset, and Apple simply cannot satisfy the growing demand which outstrips device’s supply. Luckily, the Cupertino-based company is lately doing its best to improve the availability of its newest smartphone, and still you should not expect to get it at once as right now iPhone 5 shipping delay is updated to one week.


Check Out Concept of iOS 7 Notification Center

It is not a time for iOS 7 release date but there are many iUsers waiting for something more from future Apple OS. Today the most exiting news about future OS is concept of Notification center. As look at iOS 7 features you can see that there is now news about Notification center until now.

After many negative reviews about iOS 6 release we can hope that iOS 7 is likely to be very different in appearance. The resignation of Scott Forstalla, responsible for iOS, portends great changes in the future operating system for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 notification center

Today’s guru in industrial design Jonathan Ive is responsible for design of all the Apple products Apple. The other man, the other view. As expected, he implements a more abstract and logical software design for all mobile devices of Apple. And one of the most talking about features in iOS 7 – Notification Center.

This option has become a key innovation of iOS 5, as implemented, announcements no longer require user intervention and does not distract from what you were doing before. They displays notifications on the screen in a compressed format which allows them to not take up much space. However, implementing a system of iOS 5 banners, Apple has upheld Reminders.

Even in iOS 6 they look rather archaic. One web explorer Sentry suggested bringing pop windows to the overall style of the Apple mobile platform combining them with the notification system.

Sentry decided to implement notification center in iOS with quick response. On the banners of SMS-application you can see a small icon to write a response. Any program for the messaging will open a window with Reply and Close buttons by clicking on it. This allows you to quickly respond to SMS or messages from Facebook or Twitter without going into the application.

It really would be cool. iOS 7 Notification Center must bring better, I would say, supplemented functionality. Stay tuned with us for more news about iOS 7 and its options.