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Find Out How to Use iTunes 11 Reading The Review

This week Apple released iTunes 11 with a radically changed interface which looks more simple and intuitive and here you can find iTunes 11 review and how to use it. As a result of the appearance of the new program was more like a touch version rather than a desktop version. Albums, movies and other content in your library are presented in the form of large icons. Left sidebar has disappeared and now you can now manage content via a drop down menu in the top bar of the program. To learn how to use iTunes 11 new features for more convenient work with the audio and video content, keep reading.

How to Use iTunes 11

Songs Mode

Categories of the new iTunes are located on the top of the program and the choice of one of these icons of music albums, movies or other content occupy almost the whole screen of the program. For users with a large collection of music this way of viewing is not very convenient. To make it easier to navigate to your library you need to switch to tab songs. Going to the View menu -> Browser columns you will have access to sections of Genres, Artists, Albums, Composers, or groups in order to be able to easily filter the content of the main window.

Return the side panel for easy access to playlists

For those who do not want to put up with the new interface of iTunes 11, there is one of the easiest ways to “return it as it was” to include a sidebar that displays the main sections of the library, store applications, connected devices and playlists. It is very easy, just use the link to fix iTunes 11 sidebar missing and do it quick.

Enable the status bar

The status bar in iTunes lets you know the total number of tracks in the music library, the sound length of the album and take up disk space. This information can be useful, for example if you want to throw a couple of albums or podcasts in iPhone or iPad. You can turn on the status bar on the View -> Show Status menu.

Turn off your own colors for the open album

As you look at iTunes 11 review you see that interface works similar to folders in iOS. When you click on an album the application displays a list of the songs in the folder drop-down on the left and right cover. At the same time the player picks colors folder focusing on the album cover. So, if the cover is made, for example, in the blue-violet tones, the songs and the name will be blue, and purple numbers. Disable background colorful album artwork you can going to the iTunes Menu -> Preferences -> General -> Types -> Use custom colors for open albums, movies, etc.

Include both full screen and Mini Player

Using iTunes 11 in full screen mode on Mac OS X you can access the Mini Player on your desktop. This approach is useful when using the application on a small screen laptop like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It’s enough to put the iTunes window to full screen mode, switch to the main desktop, cause iTunes from the dock and turn on Mini Player in the Window menu.

iTunes 11 has got an extremely useful feature called “Next.” It allows you to manage the songs which are followed by a running. To quickly add tracks to the list, you can press the Alt key on the keyboard and put on any piece of music. To the left of its name “+” will appear so, click on the song that you added to the list.

That’s it. I hope this iTunes 11 review was useful for you and now you know how to use its new features. If you need to download iTunes 11 you can do it using direct links and upload the instal file of the player on your computer without the problems.

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