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Apple Is Going To Introduce iOS 6.1 GM Next Week

There are rumors that Apple company plans to launch iOS 6.1 GM. Very soon the final iOS 6.1 beta firmware version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the status of Golden Master will be available to all officially registered developers.

According to the newspaper IFIN, referring to “reliable sources”, the final beta version of iOS 6.1 will be released “soon.” According to the paper, Apple software engineers tested Golden Master long enough, and if all goes according to plan, the fifth beta iOS 6.1 in the form of GM build will appear next week.


Install vShare Cydia App for iPhone | Direct Link

There are a few alternatives to Installous iPhone app in the market today. One of them is called vShare AKA App VV. It provides users with direct download links to a lot of applications and games for all iPad models, iPod touch devices and iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S. After Hackulous source was closed this is the best wait to test apps for free. It seems that iPhone 5 owners have to search for a different solution to get applications not approved by Apple. As for other customers, they are able to download vShare for iPhone and enjoy this Chinese program on their smartphone.


Apple Is Preparing to Launch iPhone Mini in 2014 to Beat Android

Analysts from the company Strategy Analytics predict hat Apple will release iPhone Mini in order to halt the advance of mobile phone running Android. According to experts, in late 2013, sales of Android smartphones will increase by 35%. Apple supplies will grow by 33%.

Analysts expect Apple market share in 2013 will be 21%, Android will control 33% of the global mobile market. Apple would have to use a factor such as low prices, to make the iPhone attractive to more people and strengthen its position in relation to the gadgets on Android. More affordable iPhone will also be able to press the mobile products Samsung and Nokia, whose phones are especially popular in emerging markets.


T-Mobile IMEI Blocking Stolen iPhone Devices in Action

Just like AT&T, T-Mobile has started IMEI blocking stolen iPhone gadgets to help customers and ordinary smartphone users. The idea to add stolen handset’s IMEI to the blacklist database is pretty good. It may not protect you from your device being stolen, yet it can save your time and nerves as no one can guarantee that your iPhone will always be with you avoiding crime.

The new service is available since fall 2012. Now if your handset has been stolen or is missing, it will be blocked from T-Mobile network. The similar initiative was provided by AT&T a couple of months earlier.

How It Happens

We will describe in details the process of T-Mobile IMEI blocking stolen iPhone. The company simply blacklists the gadget’s IMEI number which is unique to every iOS handset. It is not difficult to do technically, and various countries, including Australia and Japan have been using this method for a while now.

For example, a lot of European carriers do not allow blacklisted iPhones to receive and send text messages and make calls. Some mobile operators allow data for such devices, but nothing more. In most situations when T-Mobile or other carrier blocks IMEI of a stolen iPhone, it will show no carrier name even though signal bars will still be seen.

How to Blacklist Stolen iPhone

Users who need T-Mobile to blog IMEI of stolen iPhone service need to report their handset’s IMEI number as missing or stolen. Everything else will be done by the carrier. It will block the gadget for use on different GSM networks.

Such action will help deter iPhone theft across mobile operators. Right now you can only request IMEI blocking for stolen iPhone gadgets as T-Mobile will deny any other block request. Use this service when needed and submit your device for blocking if you lost it or someone stole it. The carrier will proceed your request within 24 hours. After which you will not be able to unlock T-Mobile iPhone officially.

You better use the IMEI check service from now on when you consider purchasing a used iPhone as you cannot be sure that it has not been reported as missing or stolen and blocked from networks in your country.


Steve Jobs Movie Will Hit Theatres in April

Recently an official statement saying that JOBS movie with Ashton Kutcher in the lead role debut Jan. 27 during the film festival “Sundance”. It is now known that the distribution movies companies Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Film unite to distribute the film. Steve Jobs film release will appear in April.

The movie, in which a lot of attention is paid to the biographical details and views on life of Steve Jobs, has attracted much attention from the media.

Companies Open Road Films and Five Star Feature Film agreed to cooperate in the spread of the “Jobs” movie. The long-awaited picture about Steve Jobs has become one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. As previously reported, it will premiere on the closing night of “Sandeys” ceremonies. Screening of the movie to the mass will begin in April 2013. Such a declaration was made on January 3 by CEOs of companies listed above Tom Ortenberg and Mark Hulme.

The film’s director – Joshua Michael Stern, author of the script – Matthew Whiteley, master of photography, who had won the Oscar – Russell Carpenter, and produced paintings by Mark Hulme. And, as most of you already know, Steve Jobs played a famous actor Ashton Kutcher.

E. Kutcher choice for the lead role was accompanied by a lot of criticism since the announcement. Many people do not believe that Ashton Kutcher, who is best known for his comic roles, could well play those parts where Steve Jobs became CEO of Apple. At the same time, in many publications is written that Ashton Kutcher took very seriously the role.

I think that Jobs movie will be one of the awaited pictures in 2013 and people will talk a lot about this movie after its release. So, let’s wait for film and will enjoy it on April, 2013.


Pod2g: Open iOS 7 is The Best Method To Use Tweaks and Mods Without Jailbreak for iPhone 5

Bad news for those who is waiting for iPhone 5 untethered jailbreak because according to pod2g and Open iOS Twitition there will be no chances to see it. The phrase WeWantAnOpeniOS on Thursday, January 3, was on the top of world trends in Twitter. Apple iOS was the first line of references.

The story began with a discussion of iOS in the pod2g’s Twitter account. Known iOS jailbreaker has expressed the hope that in the absence of jailbreaking the company can open up iOS for tweaks and mods. He mentioned the fact that some of his fellow geeks have moved from iOS to Android because of the Apple OS protection.


iPhone 5S to Get Innolux's Touch Display [Rumors]

The next-gen iPhone device will get an innovative display. Right now we hear rumors about Apple Inc. testing iPhone 5S Innolux touch display technology. Such rumors about the Cupertino-based company partnering with Chimei Innolux are found all over the Chinese Internet. So this is another rumor about iPhone 5S features because as usual Apple didn’t confirmed this info.


Facts about iOS 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak | Update

So many people wonder when we all finally see the iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak status for iPhone and iPad. The jailbreaking community has said a lot about this utility being developed and about Apple protecting its latest firmware from hacking. Still you might like to read a full analysis of iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak update and here it comes.


Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7 On The Testing Stage

There is fresh news that new iPhone 5S and iOS 7 will be released on July and September but what iOS 7 features and iPhone 5S specs they will have is still unknown.

iPhone 5 running iOS 6 is only three months old, but the company is already preparing them a decent shift. According to The Next Web, now Cupertino company tested the hardware and software of the next generation device and OS. The journalists found in the logs of the following devices “iPhone6,1” running on the operating system iOS 7.

There is no information about the new Apple development but this code uniquely identifies the next generation of Apple phones, first introduced to the public in this way. “iPhone5,1” and “iPhone 5,2” is iPhone 5 model with different modems and LTE support different frequencies fourth-generation networks.

They have checked the log files on the server to determine the user agent of iPhone, visited sites with IP-addresses in Cupertino, and found that Apple employees access the Internet using a new smartphone on the operating system iOS 7.

The new version of Apple device informally referred to as the iPhone 5S, which will be a minor update of iPhone 5. And among iPhone 5S features we will see a more powerful processor, additional memory and better camera. Release date of iPhone 5S is expected in September.

The release of iOS 7 can take place in June at the developer conference WWDC. This update is very interesting and is predicted to be quite different from all previous versions. The reason of this change is the new designer of iOS 7 GUI Jonathan Ive. I have already wrote you that Jonathan Ive replaced previous designer who was fired.

It is really interesting what new features iOS 7 on iPhone 5S will have and how it will look like. If you don’t want to miss the information about the new gadget and iOS then stay tuned with us for more updates regarding this.

Also feel free to use comment form below to express your thoughts and predictions about iOS 7 and iPhone 5.