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Bypass Passcode iOS 6 Bug Found on iOS 6.1.3

Apple presented its latest iOS 6.1.3 to fix bypass passcode iPhone bug, yet a similar problem is found in the new firmware version. Previously there were vulnerabilities that could let attackers get through your lock pin and steal content. This lock screen bypass passcode iOS 6 issue has been discovered and later fixed by Apple.

What does the new problem bring to iPhone users? How dangerous it is? Let’s see what people should be aware of now, once they have updated to operating system v6.1.3.


iPhone 6 Specs: Next Smartphone Running iOS 7 Concept

What will Apple introduce us as the iPhone 6? Will this handset be running the new iOS 7? The latest firmware version released by the Cupertino-based company is iOS 6.1.3. How soon will the next operating system follow?

People like to ask questions about iPhone 6 release date and the A7 chip device features. It’s ok for users to be curious and try to search for all the rumors and specs of the phone that hasn’t been even produced yet. We offer you some looks at the iPhone 6 concept, possible pricing and options it might get.

iPhone 6 Features Based on Rumors

The seventh-generation smartphone might get the A7 processor and the Retina display with either 4.2 or 4.8-inch screen. There are a lot of ideas that show Apple what its customers might like to see as the new iPhones.

One of the latest ideas on iPhone 6 belongs to Bob Freking whose next handset is running iOS 7. This concept is known as Apple iPhone X. It features 4.8-inch Retina display, redesigned buttons, iSight camera [16 megapixel], metal shell and dual LED flash. Its technical specs include a quad core chip and 4GB of RAM. The designer wants to see his smartphone being able to charge wirelessly and NFC. Take a look at this video:

iPhone 6 Pricing Concept

Freking suggests the 128GB iPhone 6 or iPhone X should cost $1,199. This is pretty expensive, as for me. It will be curious to find out what the Cupertino-based giant will offer its consumers. The next handset is just around the corner, and we will surely hear some news at WWDC this year.

How will Apple innovate? What is the exact iPhone 6 release date? We don’t know the answers yet, and we are not sure whether we see iPhone 5S model in summer and 6 version in autumn 2013. We just wanted you to know the most recent rumors and ideas on the popular handset concept running next iOS 7.


Create Custom Firmware to Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 Using Latest Sn0wbreeze

This is very important thing if you wish new iOS 6.1.3 and than downgrade back to 6.1.2/ 6.0 using created custom firmware in Sn0wbreeze and saved SHSH blobs. Also you can use Sn0wbreeze to jailbreak iOS 6.1.3, the new version. This method is worked for me and I will show you how to do it here.

Yesterday I showed how to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 using redsn0w but I didn’t try it myself. And this method is another way to do it but with Sn0wbreeze.

You can create custom IPSW for iOS 6.1.3 downgrade and enjoy evasi0n untethered jailbreak. The process is buggy sometimes but I tried again and again. I was restarting iTunes several times, I was re-entering DFU several times but finally I proceed with success and went back from iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 thanks to SHSH blobs and created earlier custom firmware.


Can You Unlock iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3? – Yes We Can. – So What's The Price?

While it was pretty easy to unlock iOS 6 running on iPhone 4S and other models running earlier version of this firmware, the official release of iOS 6.1.3 brings new questions. Is it possible to unlock iOS 6.1.3 iPhone 4S baseband 3.4.03? What methods can be used to get you to a happy ending? We are about to discuss the most popular solutions.

You should know that unlocking is still illegal unless you have the official permission of your U.S. carrier. If you decide to unlock the newest operating system, you will do it at your own risk.


Downgrading the Latest iOS 6.1.3 Is Possible Only With Saved SHSH Blobs

Now you can downgrade iOS 6.1.3 without problems because it is possible if you have all requirements fulfilled. Here below you will see how to perform downgrading process. Unfortunately SHSH blobs is the thing that is needed. So, before we start let’s take a look at the whole situation is general.

Despite the worldwide popularity of Evasi0n tool allowing to jailbreak iOS 6 and iOS 6.1.2, Apple took a decision to terminate the “season of gifts” for fans of iOS hacking. A day ago, the Cupertino company released iOS 6.1.3 update and you download it now. But if you want to keep jailbreak you need to know that iOS 6.1.3 fixed the vulnerability used by Evasi0n, and thus making the tool useless for the new firmware.


Apple Have Just Launched iOS 6.1.3 for iPad and iPhone [Download Links]

Finally we can download iOS 6.1.3 firmware and enjoy it on iPhone and iPad. Also don’t forget that you can unlock iOS 6.1.3 now and enjoy bugs fixes on your device. Let’s see what the new firmware brought to us.

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3, a new minor update to its mobile operating system. At this moment, the update occurs in stages – some users have already received notification of the new version, the other – not yet.

First of all, iOS 6.1.3 fixes a possibility to bypass passcode on iPhone iOS 6.1. It was fixed a month after the discovery of the problem. In addition, 6.1.3 fixes several bugs related to the Apple maps, faced by residents of Japan. Also the new firmware bring some Passcode fixes.

And now attention to all jailbreakers. If you want to keep current jailbreak (evasi0n or Sn0wbreeze) do not update your device to the latest software because, as I wrote before, Apple closed exploits in iOS 6.1.3 and we shall wait for the hacker’s answer. So coming days will be very interesting and I will notify you when some changes occure regarding this.

You can install iOS 6.1.3 using iTunes and downloaded firmware below, and through the air (over-the-air update). If the device update is not yet available, it is necessary to wait a while. During the next few hours Apple will provide it to all users. But you can use direct links below and get 6.1.3 ipsw on your computer right now.

Download iOS 6.1.3 IPSW Files for iDevices

Now I have only for iPhone but all others will come soon. So, stay tuned with us and I’ll update this post in few minutes with all download links for iOS 6.1.3 software.

Update: now I have just added all links and you can download it now without any ads and other stuff.


How to Access to iPhone Baseband using Minicom and Signal 2 App [All BB Chips Overview]

iPhone baseband is very interesting part of the iDevice. If you need to unlock iPhone, you need to unlock its baseband. All previous unlocks were depended on the version of iPhone modem firmware and every iPhone user was looking to find the solution for his iPhone modem firmware. Each unlock solution based on finding exploit.  In order to find it you need to establish the connection between iPhone BB and your PC. So in this article I’m briefly going to show you how to connect to different iPhone  BB Chipset versions.