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Look At iPhone 6 Curved Display Screen Prototype in Pictures and Scheme

Why talk about iPhone 5S, let’s talk about iPhone 6 curved screen, its prototype,design and features. Lately we wrote about iPhone 6 concept and its features and now you can see here iPhone 6 prototype.

In late March, Apple received a patent for a futuristic mobile device consisting of a glass construction and a flexible display. The paper proposed a design option smartphone that has a seamless, continuous surface, consisting entirely of a touch screen and curved display

iphone 6 curved screenToday, were unveiled photos of the device in the network, which is claimed to be the prototype of iPhone 6. Fuzzy photos of the device, but the overall form factor imaginable.

iphone 6 design

The design is significantly different from what Apple has released before. The basis of the gadget is oval, rounded side faces. In such a device eliminated the need for physical buttons. Volume control buttons and a screen lock missing – they must be replaced by gestures. Apparently, you can increase the volume on the phone  by swiping your finger up one of its sides.

Release the next iPhone is expected in the summer. This means that over the next few months will show up on the Internet leak, that will stir up interest in a promising new product. However, in this case, it is likely that the photos of iPhone 6 prototype with curved screen are the result of a Photoshop. Also Apple didn’t confirmed this information.


iOS 7 Release: Rumors and Predictions

We start to believe that iOS 7 release date will appear later than most of us predicted. Apple seems to be behind schedule with this firmware version testers as the company asks its OS X 10.9 devs for help [this might slow OS X development]. Does it mean that the next mobile operating system for iPhone / iPad to be presented after iPhone 5S?

What other plans does the Cupertino-based smartphone maker have? There are whispers and rumors you must hear as they are related to iPhone 5S, new iPad and next iOS.

iOS 7 Release Notes

According to whispers, the version 7 of Apple mobile firmware will be very significant. People say that even iOS engineers will get a special filter on their handset screens which can decrease viewing angles so that none observes your display. This can be great to many of us, still designers who enjoy creating rich-texture applications and games might get upset as well as curious people who like to unveil information about iOS development long before it is officially available to public.

While we can’t say what iOS 7 launch date and time is, we have heard that it might be launched alongside the next iPhone 5S. Experts hope that Apple will release this handset model in the end of the summer. This device might surface in August and a biometric scanner might be one of its new features.

iOS 7 Launch and Other News Review

We all know that Scott Forstall doesn’t work for Apple any more. Thus a lot of users can’t wait to see the next firmware v.7 to see what changes. While it is now running behind schedule and journalists say we might see a lot of changes from firmware v.6, we also heard some news on the next iPad release.

According to Ritchies, the Cupertino-based company might hold an event in April devoted to the 9.7-inch tablet computer.

We will most likely get a glimpse of seventh-version of mobile OS for iPhone / iPad at WDC 2013 that will take place in June.


iMessage App Not Working Problem: DDOS Attack

iOS messages crashing problems are pretty common lately. Apple doesn’t seem to protect its programs well enough. At least some well-known hackers say they were affected by iMessage DDOS attack and as a result their iMessage app is not sending messages the way it is supposed to.

Who has experienced the attacks? What does Apple do to help users who are facing this issue? Let’s take a look at what hackers say.

iMessage DDOS Attack

The messaging service for iPhones is a great program that embeds into iOS Messaging applications on your smartphone and allows you sending and receiving text messages from this app. But what should you do if iMesasge is not working? Only go on reading.

So far among the most famous hackers who were affected by Denial of Service Attack while using iOS application are Chpwn, iH8sn0w and Ryan Petrich. We guess there are other people who suffer from it too, but TheNextWeb has listed these people so far. DDOS attack looks like this. You start getting bunch of messages from the same contact. Surely, your iMessage app crashes as it is unable to receive so many of them at once.

iMessage Crashes: Who Is Behind the Attacks?

According to the news, the attacks are caused by one Twitter account. Whoever hides behind it likes to perform illegal actions. The same account has been involved with selling and hacking iPhone and iPad UDID and using unauthorized Siri proxy servers which is not good at all.

The reports claim that the hack fills up your iOS or Mac program forcing you to constantly keep clearing your messages. If you get too many messages your applications is locked up and you cannot either use it or get annoyed by the huge volume of them.

We hope that our readers don’t have iMessage app not working problem. We will be happy to hear from you as the Cupertino-based iPhone makes doesn’t give comments yet.


pod2g Isn't Working on iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak And Keeps Exploits for iOS 7

Find latest news on how to untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.3. Now it is not a secret that Apple closed the vulnerabilities that hackers use to gain access to the core of the mobile platform in iOS 6.1.3 firmware, released last month.

In other words, Evasi0n jailbreak only supports iOS 6.0 firmware for iOS 6.1.2. The current version of the OS, which generally has a small list of changes, access to the Cydia store is locked. Likely take several months before you will see a new public exploit.


How to Sniff Network Traffic on iPhone Using Pirni Pro Cydia App

Now you can sniff network traffic on iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0.x using Pirni Pro app including ARP spoofer. Pirni Pro is a network security tool created for iOS. It is able to intercepting traffic on a wireless network, catching usernames, passwords, and regular expressions typed in by the user. You can fix iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.1 WiFi dropping problems and use Pirni to control network traffic on your device

In other words you can use this tweak to sniff usernames, passwords and data traffic over WiFi network. Find out the features of this Cydia app.


Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta for Developers [Video]

Today all developers who have Apple account can download iOS 7 beta and try it on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. After iOS 6.1.3 release, I’m sure, many iUsers are waiting for the new iOS 7 release date. Today good news came from Cupertino company that iOS 7 beta was introduced to the developers making many think that the release to the public would be very soon.

The iOS 7 beta update is very important and not only because of new design and features. This update is very important for jailbreak community. Famous hacker p0sixninja promised to jailbreak iOS 7 / 7.1 untethered after its release.

Fortunately here are real iOS 7 download links. However below you can see the video of iOS 7 beta 1 on iPhone. You can see the completely new user interface, updated and amazing new features. Enjoy the video:

As usual there is no confirmation from Apple company about iOS 7 release date.

Note: If to be serious you can check the latest news about iOS 7 beta release for real from the one of iOS hackers.