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How to Check Your iPhone Model

Users who are new to Apple products wish to find a fast way to check iPhone model or models of devices other people are using. Is there a way to quickly distinguish between iPhone 3GS and 3G? How can you know where iPhone 4S and where iPhone 4 is as they look so identical? Also youi can find out how to decode IMEI number and see iPhone model, country and many more interesting factsabout your gadget.

iPhone Model Check Guide

I have had this problem before. Just when I got the first iOS smartphone [it was a gift, I didn’t purchase it myself] I had no idea what my model was. I actually didn’t care that much but one day I needed to answer the question, “What is my iPhone model?”

I came across some awesome tips and tricks. I will share them with you so that you have no problems in discovering which model of iPhone you or your friends have.

Check iPhone Model Number

How to Find iPhone Model Number. Method 1

The first method is very easy. Just turn your iPhone on its back and take a look at the numbers of your model under the smartphone’s badge. It is not Serial Number and you can decode it here. Just look for 5 symbols begining with A.

iPhone: Find Model Number

  • A1203 is the original handset model [GSM version]
  • A1241 stands for iPhone 3G [also GSM version]
  • A1324 identifies the Chinese iPhone 3G
  • A1303 is for the GSM version of iPhone 3GS
  • A1325 identifies the Chinese version of iPhone 3GS
  • A1332 is for the GSM version of iPhone 4
  • A1349 is for the CDMA version of iPhone 4
  • A1387 is for GSM & CDMA version of iPhone 4S
  • A1431 identifies the Chinese version of iPhone 4S GSM
  • A1428 is for standard GSM models of iPhone 5 in the U.S.
  • A1429 is for normal CDMA models of iPhone 5 in the U.S.
  • A1442 identifies the Chinese iPhone 5 CDMA model

It is even easier to find out what iPhone version you have:

  • iPhone 3G is version iPhone1,2
  • iPhone 3GS is version iPhone2,1
  • iPhone 4 (GSM) is version iPhone3,1
  • iPhone 4 (CDMA) is version iPhone3,3
  • iPhone 4S is version iPhone4,1
  • iPhone 5 (GSM) is version iPhone5,1
  • iPhone 5 (CDMA) is version iPhone5,2

How to Check iPhone Model Number. Method 2

There is another way on how to find out your iPhone model. You should use iTunes.

Check iPhone Model iTunes

It is necessary to plug the iDevice to your PC or Mac and launch iTunes.

Take a look at the left menu of the program and click on the iPhone. You will get all the information about your model in the summary.


iOS 7 beta 3 Release Date and Downloading Will Come in July

Famous source BGR reported about iOS 7 beta 2  a few hours before the release of firmware. Today, this same source conveyed that the release of the third beta version of iOS 7 will take place on Monday, July 8. Thus, you will be able to download iOS 7 beta 3 in two weeks after the second beta.

On Monday, Apple issued iOS 7 beta 2 firmware. The second beta version of the new OS came two weeks after the launch of iOS 7 beta 1, which, in turn, went into the day of the seventh iOS presentation on June 10.


iFaith Update to v1.5.9 [Download for Windows]

Apple TV as well as iPhone and iPad users can now get iFaith 1.5.9. The program has been updated by iH8Sn0w and it fixes some bugs and dumps the second-gen ATV blobs for users who are using iOS 5.3 built 10B809.

According to program developer, new version of iFaith comes with a lot of changes. We’ll list some of them so that you can get an idea what you are offered once you start using it on your Apple devices.


Access Root on iOS 7 iPhone 4 Guide

Would you like to get to full iOS 7 beta root access on the iPhone 4 without jailbreak? We can tell you how you can do this without jailbreaking your smartphone. I have a lot of friends who like to test new things. They have updated to the first beta of the latest mobile firmware from Apple soon after its release for the WWDC 2013.


Find Out Your iPhone Lock / Unlock Status and the Carrier for Free

iPhone is a popular smartphone but sometimes it is a real pain to have especially for people who like to travel. Most of us prefer purchasing locked devices. They are more affordable than the never-locked handsets. You can use them in your home country without problems as problems appear when you are trying to slip in a SIM card of a different carrier and figure out you cannot use it.

It’s best to check whether your iPhone is unlocked or locked before going to a foreign country and find out you can do little about the issue. Here is what you should do before traveling.

iPhone Lock Status Check

I’ll start with the simplest solution to our little problem. Just take your native SIM card out and insert the SIM that belongs to a different carrier [not the one you are now using]. Make sure you reboot afterwards and take a look at the status bar.

Do you see another network name? If the answer is yes, hooray! Your smartphone is factory unlocked meaning you can use any SIM card of any carrier without problems. If the answer is no, you are an owner of a locked gadget that supports only one mobile operator’s network.

Check if iPhone Is Locked or Unlocked Online

Sometimes there is no a SIM card of a different carrier to insert into your iPhone to see whether it supports different networks. In such a situation you should connect to the Internet and visit site that can show you information about your smartphone along with its lock status, carrier, warranty status, activation status and many other info about the iPhone.

It is easy to get your IMEI number by entering *#06# on handset’s virtual keyboard [or through Settings – General – About browsing]. This code should be typed on the website. After inputting the number for your iPhone you will find out different details about it including if your iPhone is locked or not.

It is necessary to open a free account with the site. Log in, choose “SIMLock and Warranty” and follow all the steps prompted. Then you’ll find out your iPhone lock status.

Users who have a locked smartphone can unlock it using an affordable iPhone factory unlock by IMEI code.


iOS 7 Beta 2 Expiration Date

Now after Apple released another test version of upcomimg firmware and every developer (and not only developer) wonder when will be iOS 7 beta 2 expiration day? If you wish you can install iOS 7 beta 2 without UDID and developer accounton your device to try it out and find out more about this firmware.

We have told you before [and you might have heard about this] that all beta version of Apple mobile firmware have their expiration date. This date is significant to know because iOS developers, different carriers and ordinary iPhone / iPad users who update to testing iOS releases should upgrade to the next version or downgrade to the previous firmware version before beta installed on their iDevice expires.


Fix to iTunes Error 1611 for Apple Devices

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can sometimes get error 1611 on iTunes especially now, when many iUsers updating thier phones to iOS 7 beta. What does it indicate? How can you quickly solve this problem? When does it occur?

I am sure that everyone who saw this error wants to know answers to the questions above. If you are looking to fix 1600 error you can follow the link to get it work. But at this moment there are iPhone users who complain on 1611 error while they trying to update their devices to iOS 7 beta 2.