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How to Restore iOS 5.0-6.1.2 And Keep Untethered Jailbreak

Finally we can restore iOS 6.1.2 jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch using Semi-Restore tool which is ready! I wrote you about semi-restore tool before and now this day had become.

The last iOS 6 versions that is not signed by Apple any more and can be jailbroken with untethered jailbreak tool called Evasi0n is 6.1.2. The next updates are currently protected by the Cupertino company and A5+ gadget users can only dream when the new exploit is developed by hackers.


iOS 7 Beta 2 Update for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch [Download Links]

Now you can get iOS 7 beta 2 without developer account right here. Also there is no need to register UDID to download the second beta. Just use direct links below and enjoy this test version on iPhone as well as on iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV.

Also there is a guide to install iOS 7 beta 2 on iPhone, iPad without any registrations and additional software.

The first beta of the iOS firmware created for Apple mobile devices has been followed by the iOS 7 beta 2 release. Apple has solved different problems and improved its first beta build in this update. While the debut operating system was distributed among WWDC participants mostly [even though ordinary users were also able to manually update their iPhone / iPod touch to iOS 7 beta 1] the upgrade is meant for developers only.


Find Out iOS 7 beta Jailbreaking News and Possibilities

There is one question that bothers millions. The question is about the possibility to jailbreak iOS 7 beta 1 using such tools as Redsn0w tethered or even evasi0n untethered. Here I will try to clarify this issue.

Last time I wrote about iOS 7 jailbreaking status and predictions and there was no information about the release of untethered jailbreak. Here you won’t find the date as well because it is unknown yet and hackers didn’t say anything. The only thing they mentioned was that untethered jailbreak release we would see after official public launch of iOS 7. Also we don’t know if it will be the new tool or updated evasi0n 2.


Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Blew Up The Network

The delayed Ashton Kutcher film about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs gets its first trailer, ahead of a release this August.

Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

The first trailer for “Jobs,” the upcoming biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, has arrived, and it makes things like choosing typefaces, turning on computers, and even looking in the mirror appear as highly dramatic moments.

The 2-minute, 20-second spot provides a brief look at the film, which chronicles Jobs and Apple from 1971 through 2000 and co-stars Josh Gad as company co-founder Steve “The Woz” Wozniak. Originally set for an April release, it’s now due August 16.

The trailer comes some five months after the release of a clip showing Kutcher and Gad heatedly discussing early plans for Apple’s first computer while in a parking garage, something Wozniak said never happened.
“Jobs,” which was originally called “jOBS,” premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where it received mixed reviews. Many critics found fault in the story but not necessarily Kutcher’s performance as the iconic CEO.

Original Post: Behold: The first movie trailer for ‘Jobs’ biopic


Protect iOS Personal Hotspot Password From Hackers

How much do you like your iOS personal hotspot on your iPhone or iPad? Beware that the default password generated by Apple especially for you isn’t secure enough. We have learned that it is possible to hack iOS personal hotspot passwords and hacker need less than a minute to do this.


Why iPhone Users Must Not Install iOS 7 Beta 1

Were you patient enough to not install the latest iOS 7 yet? Don’t pay attention at users who downloaded and updated to this firmware. It comes with a lot of problems. It’s now designed for developers only who will test all the features and help Apple to fix issues discovered during testing process. Besides, there are a lot of reasons why it’s best to wait till the official release.


Guide for iPhone 5 iOS 7 Beta Unlock

iPhone 5 users can easily unlock their smartphone even if they have updated to iOS 7 beta introduced by Apple last week. There is one great solution capable of unlocking every iPhone model, every baseband and every version of iOS firmware. Last time I wrote about any possible (free and paid) method to unlock iOS 7 beta 1. But today we will talk only about one 100% working solution.