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How to use AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile Network [no-contract]

T-Mobile has finally done away with contracts, offering single-line monthly plans with limitless talk for less than $50 monthly.

The shakeup will work for everybody, but when you need to AT&T iPhone and will be ready to switch service providers, T-Mobile new bargain plans are searching you straight within the eye.

 Different systems operate on different bands. While T-Mobile’s 3rd generation and HSPA  systems presently operate on the AWS 1700 bands, it is moving individuals services towards the 1900 spectrum band (that the current iPhone 5 uses). This T-Mobile site let you know more, but you will need to contact T-Mobile to discover when the network continues to be up-to-date in your town.

A $50 no-contract plan sounds too good to be real, however the company’s formula is straightforward: rather than subsidizing a telephone upfront and shifting the price towards the fee every month, new clients pays the entire or in some instances, slightly reduced cost from the phone and revel in a lesser monthly.

But when you have an AT&T iPhone and also you aren’t locked right into a contract, it is simple to use that phone on T-Mobile network. The operation is simple, but needs a little setup, as well as for some, sacrifice.

Step One: Read the fine print

Before you decide to jump for pleasure, beware that utilizing an AT&T iPhone on T-Mobile is not always an optimistic experience. Yes, both use GSM Sim cards, which makes them a great match, but an issue is based on the network.

Should you discover that the area isn’t supported and also you aren’t in a single of T-Mobile’s new LTE metropolitan areas, you may still make use of your iPhone on T-Mobile to create calls and send messages, however it will run reduced data speeds than you’d find on AT&T. Actually, individuals speeds might be so agonizingly slow which you may be prepared to carry on having to pay AT&T’s premium until T-Mobile’s network transition and LTE rollout gains more steam.

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone

Once you get past the fine print, it’s time to unlock your iPhone. (Without an unlock, an AT&T iPhone will reject a T-Mobile SIM card.)

According to this help article, AT&T will unlock iPhones for eligible customers in good standing. Meaning:

  • You own the phone, or can identify the person who owned it.
  • The phone hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen.
  • You are no longer tied to a contract (either because of expiry, or you’ve paid the early-termination fee to cancel it).
  • Your account is in good standing, and you have no unpaid balances.

Finally, AT&T will grant no more than five unlocks per customer.

If you meet these requirements, you’re eligible to request a phone unlock. Before you do, though, be sure to back up your iPhone in iTunes — your phone will be completely erased during the unlocking process.

When the backup is complete, fill out this form to request the unlock.

Once you’ve been approved by AT&T, you’ll be asked to sit tight during a “wait period” of up to seven days. In many cases, this wait period will be much shorter, but if you’d rather not take the chance, you can instead call AT&T directly and speak to a representative who may grant an unlock immediately.

If you’re still subscribed to AT&T, do not cancel your contract yet, as you’ll lose your phone number. Instead, wait until the very end, when your phone is up an running on T-Mobile (more on that in a bit).

Step 3: Visit T-Mobile and complete the setup

During the wait period, visit T-Mobile (online or in person) to sign up for a monthly, no-contract service plan. At this time, you’ll need to request a SIM card for your iPhone. If you’re still an AT&T subscriber, you’ll also want to ask T-Mobile to transfer your AT&T phone number to the new SIM card.

iPhone 4/4S uses a micro-SIM, and all earlier models use a regular SIM card.

For reference, the iPhone 5 uses a nano-SIM,

If the waiting period is over and you have your T-Mobile SIM card in-hand, you’ll need to complete the unlocking process. Depending on how you approached the unlock (on the phone or through the Web), you’ll be provided with the instructions to complete the process.

Once the unlock is complete, use iTunes to restore your iPhone from backup. At this point, you can cancel your AT&T service plan.

Step 4: Tweak a couple iPhone settings

The one side effect of switching carriers is that a little extra setup is required to get the Web and MMS (picture messaging) functioning again. Follow this help article on T-Mobile’s site to restore these features.
After completing this process, you’re set! Just remember that if you travel to an area where T-Mobile’s iPhone support has not yet been rolled out, you’ll experience slow data connections.

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Tim Cook About Open iOS Project

A lot of iPhone / iPad users and iOS developers would be happy to get an open mobile firmware version from Apple that allows installing third-party programs and software without jailbreaking your iDevice. One famous hacker, mostly known as pod2g, has publicly suggested open iOS and Apple should create such a firmware.

The idea of Pod2g is to create a version of iOS that gives users more freedom. This version should be open up and allow changing settings manually in order to install games, apps and programs you need. Tim Cook has shared Apple’s point of view on this issue.

Since the online petition tagged “WeWantAnOpeniOS” created by Pod2g got over 11 thousand signings, Apple had to respond to this voiceless idea. Tim Cook, Apples’ CEO, assures this plan is actually considered by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The recent D11 conference allowed us to hear Cook’s opinion on the most problematic issues. He told his interviewers that the famous iPhone maker actually supports open iOS project. It plans to make it real for iOS devs. There will be nothing changed that could hurt users or risk their iPhone / iPad experience.

While Cook gives a hint that developers will see Apple opening up its mobile operating system for them, we also wish to hear your opinion. Do you think jailbreaking should be replaced with an open iOS? Would you like to get less control from Apple on what you are doing with your iGadget?

Still opening up more doesn’t mean that Pod2g’s idea will be implemented to the fullest. I think ordinary users will still not be able to add third-party programs and games. Thus jailbreaking will still be alive and doing well helping those customers who don’t like to be tied to Apple’s rules.

Let’s now pay our attention to WWDC 2013 that starts tomorrow. Maybe we’ll learn more about an open iOS system.


Restore iOS 6.1.2 iPhone Without iTunes using SemiRestore

SemiRestore is really a restore solution without iTunes for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It enables you to definitely restore your device to just about stock levels, getting rid of from configurations to jailbreak applications and tweaks, to even App Store applications. It’s most likely as near as possible to restore iPhone without iTunes.

You can read the previous post about SemiRestore earlier version. It was namely since the application forced you to undergo lots of steps to be able to attain the preferred result – a clear iOS device that enables you to definitely keep up with the current firmware and jailbreak.

But SemiRestore has advanced significantly since that early preview. Actually, around the beta 4 version which i examined, it’s a real one-click solution. Yes, literally, all you need to do is connect your iOS device, open the SemiRestore application, and click on the SemiRestore button. Once you launch the application, you will notice the SemiRestore screen, also it should auto recognize the unit you’ve connected.

It is even easier than performing restore with iLEX RAT because of its simplicity of use, however this is most likely about as simple as it will get.

How to Use SemiRestore to restore Jailbroken Device without iTunes

Note: The unit that you employ should be running the needed firmware – iOS 5 – iOS 6.1.2. As you see it is not supported by iOS 6.1.3.

Note 2: One factor that you simply should be aware, is the fact that like other restore solutions, everyone data is going to be erased after starting the restore. There’s not a way to selectively choose what you would like to keep, and just what you shouldn’t keep SemiRestore blasts away all your applications, tweaks, configurations, photos, documents, etc. It’s basically a completely new device, you alone retain a couple of necessities – Cydia, repos, and possibly a couple of packages if considered necessary.

Step 1: Connect device to the computer.

Step 2: Launch SemiRestore.

Step 3: When you are prepared to start the restoring process without iTunes, a single click from the SemiRestore button will initiate the restore.

Step 4: When the restore is started, SemiRestore will immediately make a start copying files, patching files, rebuilding, and carrying out the cleanup. It’s a comparatively quick process, because it only required about a few minutes for that tactic to complete on jailbroken iOS device.

SemiRestore continues to be technically in beta, nevertheless its status shows 85% complete and you will be able to download Semirestore here.


Benefits of iPhone Unlocking with Factory Tool

There is no need to have a magic wand if you wish to unlock iPhone once and forever with possibility to upgrade iOS firmware as many times as you wish and preserving your unlock status. This is one of the main benefits of iPhone unlocking with factory IMEI tool. Still some users thinking it is better to use software unlock and Gevey SIM tool. Let’s see why factory unlock iPhone method is better than the other services.

We hope our post will help you to decide how you wish to perform unlock in order to insert SIM cards of any carrier and have connection in any country worldwide.


What Is Factory Unlocked iPhone?

There is no need to explain why unlock iPhone service is very popular nowadays. Never-locked smartphones cost too much money, while a locked handset can be purchased much cheaper and it can be easily unlocked for free or at an affordable price.

Factory unlocked iPhone is a device that got freedom by IMEI code. Such unlock is distant and permanent meaning you don’t have to give your gadget to anyone because the company that offers IMEI unlock will return your status as “unlocked.”

Once you order this service, you will be able to upgrade your baseband and firmware, and you unlock will stay. There will be no need to unlock each time you update to a newer iOS. You’ll be able to user services from any mobile provider. Your smartphone will work perfectly, and all you are asked to do by the company for iPhone is provide the IMEI code for your device to check it’s locked network.

By the way, if you have an unlocked handset you can resell it for a higher price than the locked one.


IMEI Unlock vs. Hardware / Software Unlock

As we have mentioned above, some customers still think that it is better to unlock their iPhone iOS 6.1.4 using software / hardware unlocking. This was true a couple of years ago, before Apple started to securely protect its iOS from hackers and before IMEI unlock was introduced.

iPhone Unlock with IMEI Tool

The first iOS unlock for AT&T iPhone was launched 6 years ago. It was developed for the original handset model. Later hackers created other programs to update later versions of iOS. This method was popular till iOS 6 release. Apple learned to quickly patch any holes in its firmware making hackers work harder on developing unlock programs for each mobile operating system update. The SAM unlock, for example, was patched by the Cupertino-based company and is no longer available to users.

Some people used to “trick” their iPhone hardware with R-SIM, Gevey SIM and X-SIM methods. These tools helped your smartphone to make phone calls with a different route. Still it was impossible to upgrade to a newer iOS version and continue tricking the hardware because such unlock was lost after update. All these tools voided Apple’s warranty while IMEI unlock keeps it.

Go and order unlocking services for your iPhone to free from locked network and use any newer ioS version as well as any Sim card worldwide.


Pod2G Wants Apple to Make iOS Open for Tweaks

Fans of iOS jailbreaking heard about Pod2g for open iOS 7 news. This hacker wished Apple would open up iOS 7 and allow iPhone / iPad users run unsigned games, applications and tweaks with ease. Now Pod2g shares a new idea. It is similar to the previous voiced fantasy yet it has one big difference.

The hacker doesn’t want the Cupertino-based iPhone maker to simply open iOS for tweaks. Instead, he wants Apple to develop an alternate version of operating system capable of running third-party apps.

ios-7 concept features

Pod2g About Making iOS Open

In case you wish to know why hackers might like Apple to make open here is an explanation. This will kill jailbreaking and let anyone play any game. Maybe not anyone, since Pod2g’s latest ideas is to have an alternate firmware available to devs and advanced iOS users who are able to manually install it on their devices.

Imagine that such firmware is launched and you can install and run it at your own risk. Wouldn’t it be much fun? Users who understand more than ordinary users and beginners would get a chance to use any third-party game that is not available through the App Store.

pod2g open ios 7

Pod2g: Open iOS 7 for Apps

Will it hurt Apple to present such a version of mobile OS without signed code? It doesn’t have to be iOS 7 jailbreak, but it could be a version of this firmware that is open to unsigned applications just like it is now possible with OS X.

This is just an opinion. You can read it on hacker’s Twitter page. It’s best if all iPhone / iPad owners who are interested in installing and playing different programs from different sources [not just the official App Store] on their gadgets share their ideas as well. Maybe Apple will finally thing about opening up its iOS and stop hackers from searching for holes in this firmware in order to jailbreak it.