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iOS 7 Block / Unblock Contacts and Messages How to Guide

Are there people who contact your iPhone when you don’t want them to do so? Do salespeople bother you too much? Install iOS 7 on your Apple handset and block contacts from sending text messages and calling you.

The firmware’s new option is good for annoying phone numbers who you wish to add to your blocked list. A person who is blocked by you will be sent to voicemail when they try to reach you. By the way, you are still able to SMS and call people from your Blocked list.

Below there is a guide on how to block and unblock phone numbers on the popular iDevices.

Block Calls / Messages on iOS 7 iPhone

Method 1. If the person is in your contacts list you can block unwanted calls from there. You should go to Settings and open Phone – Blocked – Add New. You will be able to choose the person from the list of phone numbers you have in your Contacts. Select the name and it will be added to the list of blocked phone numbers.

Method 2. If you wish to block people from your Contacts from sending you text messages and making FaceTime calls, go to Settings and repeat the guide above.

Method 3. If the person is not in your Contacts and you wish to block the number, go to Phone – Recents and find the number you don’t want to get calls from. You will be “i” in blue color in a circle next to the number. Click on it and go down to the option called “Block This Caller” to stop getting calls [including FaceTime] and SMS from this person.

Unblock Calls / Messages on iOS 7 iPhone

Method 1. It is easy to unblock blocked calls and remove your contact from the blocked list. Go to Phone – Blocked and press “Edit” button. Once the contact is opened you will be able to delete it from this list. You will be now able to get phone calls from this person again.

Method 2. Go to Settings – FaceTime or Settings – Messages to remove a person from the list of blocked contacts. Repeat the guide above to delete them.

Method 3. Go to Phone – Recents and click on the “i” option. Go down till you see the option called “Unblock This Caller” to remove the number from the blocked list.


Touch ID Not Working on iPhone 5S: No Customers Satisfaction

It’s not a secret that a lot of people got the new iPhone 5S because of its exclusive features such as Touch ID fingerprint sensor that can be used instead of entering your passcode. Sadly, happiness didn’t last long for some customers. The highly advertised Touch ID sensor stopped working.

The first days of using iPhone 5S were great, according to some users. However, the Touch ID soon was replaced by passcode entering. Has it also happened to you? Is there anything that can help you to solve this problem or you want to hack Touch iD? We’ve found some methods that might be of help to you as well.

How to Fix Touch ID on iPhone 5S

Method 1. Try to install the latest version of iOS firmware. Updating Apple software can be your fix.

Method 2. If upgrade didn’t help, try to rescan your fingerprints. Be attentive and do it carefully.

Method 3. Try to reset your iPhone settings back to factory ones. A clean install without a backup might solve the problem. Trying using a backup might mess up your iOS performance.

Method 4. You can re-register your fingerprint in a particular way. At first, you need to put the center of your finger to make the first shot. Secondly, you need to made more pictures by rolling the finger up to 45 degrees to the left, to the right, up the front and tipping up the front. This way the sensor will get a clearer picture of your fingerprint. This procedure is a real headache but it has helped some users to fix Touch ID fingerprint scanner not working problem.

Failed Touch ID scans are mostly experience by people with working hands. For them, it looks like Apple presented wine before its time just like it happened with Maps application. It had to be the first company to release a manual on how to use a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner no matter how fussy it works for some customers.

Do you still get too many fails when you are scanning your fingerprint on the iPhone 5S?


Direct Downloading Links for iOS 7.0.3 for Apple iDevices

Apple has updated its new firmware and now all iDevice users can download iOS 7.0.3 IPSW file and upgrade their gadget to this version of mobile operating system. Inside this post, you will find direct download links for v.7.0.3 that brings new features and solves some old problems.


iOS 7.0.3 Jailbreak News From Musclenerd

Apple releases iOS 7.0.3 upgrade for iDevice users with the new iCloud Keychain options, Safari password generator and bug fixes. You can either download iOS 7.0.3 IPSW or wait till hackers present jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 tool which is currently not available.

Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3

There is no information whether you get a chance or not to jailbreak iOS 7.0.3. According to hacker MuscleNerd, users are safe to install iOS 7.0.2 but he said nothing about v.7.0.3 yet. You might feel safer staying on 7.0.2 if you wish to jailbreak in the future or wait till hackers release other information about jailbreaking tool support for the current Apple mobile firmware versions.

Download iOS 7.0.3 Direct Links [Build 11B511]

Note that you have to own a compatible device to be able to update to this version. iOS 7.0.3 update is available below.

iPad Air 

5 generation WiFi + Cellular
5 generation WiFi
iPad 4
CDMA gadget
GSM tablet
WiFi device
iPad 3
Wi-Fi tablet
Wi-Fi + Cellular (ATT version)
Wi-Fi + Cellular (Verizon version)
iPad 2
Wi-Fi (Rev A)
Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)
iPad mini 2
WiFi + Cellular
iPad mini
iPhone 5S
iPhone 5c
CDMA Model
GSM Model
iPhone 5
CDMA Version
GSM Version
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4s
iPhone 4
iPod touch
5th gen
If you didn’t like the zooming transition animation introduced in iOS 7 you can smile as this option is removed in v.7.0.3 thanks to ability to reduce motion effect. Some problems experienced by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users have also been resolved and no longer exist.
iOS 7 has been downloaded to over 200 million Apple gadgets. You might have also installed this firmware and you can now download iOS 7.0.3 through these direct links, via OTA update or by going to Settings – General – Software update.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone 4 tethered using OpenSn0w [Fake or Not]

iPhone 4 users who have updated to iOS 7 can finally jailbreak their smartphone. There is one exploit called OpenSn0w which can access your smartphone and perform jailbreaking. It is designed for OS X 10.8 users only. Here is the detailed guide on how to jailbreak iOS 7 iPhone 4.

We hope that the steps described below will be easy for you to complete. Follow them and enjoy having Cydia on your handset along with tons of third-party applications and games.
You need to have an iPhone 4 with iOS 7, 7.0.1 or 7.0.2 firmware. The procedure should be done on Mac computer with OS X 10.8 installed on it. The exploit gives you only tethered jailbreak. This means it will be necessary to connect the gadget to Mac each time you restart your iPhone to re-jailbreak it.
Step 1. If you haven’t installed iOS 7 oniPhone 4 you can do this now.
Step 2. Download OpenSn0w.

Step 3. Launch Finder and find the OpenSn0w folder called opensn0w_build. Inside look for “bin” and open Terminal. You need to type “cd” and located the “bin” folder to your Terminal window. You will need to confirm this step by clicking on “Enter.”

Step 4. Mac users have to use this command:
./opensn0w_cli -p ../bundles/iPhone3,1_7.0.2_11A501.plist
Step 5. It is required to put the fruit device into DFU state. In case you don’t know how to do this, here is the instruction. Press the lock button for about three seconds and then start pressing the Home button for another 10 seconds without letting go off the lock button. Keep holding the Home button for another thirty seconds while releasing the lock one.

Step 6. Find and launch ssh_rd_rev04b.jar and then connect your handset while it is still in the DFU mode to Mac.

Step 7. When Apple logo appears on the smartphone’s screen, open Terminal and use SSH to connect to your iPhone:
ssh [email protected] -p 2022
Then you need to use this command:
Step 8. Launch another Terminal window and locate the ios7_jb_kits folder. Then use this command:
scp-P 2022 bin / * root @ localhost :/ mnt1/bin /
scp-P 2022 SSH2_bundle.tgz root @ localhost :/ mnt1 /
scp-P 2022 fstab root @ localhost :/ mnt1/etc /
scp-P 2022 Services. plist mnt1/System/Library/Lockdown root @ localhost :/ /
Get back to the Terminal to continue with this command:
cd / mnt1
of xzf SSH2_bundle.tgz

Step 9. Repeat Step 4 to boot your iPhone in tethered mode.

Step 10. Get all the files from SSH2_bundle folder and locate them to the root folder.

Step 11. You need to use SSH connection once again through the command:

ssh [email protected] 22 (look up your IP address in iPhone settings).
Step 12. Once you have connected, you need to use this command in Mac Terminal:
wget -q -O /tmp/ && chmod 755 /tmp/ && /tmp/
You have to wait for about five-six minutes after this.
Step 13. Your handset should reboot now. Repeat Step 4 to tether it.

You can also see the video on You Tube:

Now your iOS 7 iPhone 4 is tethered jailbroken.