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Use Find My iPhone Activation Lock Status Checker Before Buying or Unlocking iPhone

Nowadays iOS 7 is the most advanced OS on the market. At the same time, a number of new features in iOS 7 may result in serious problems for users. And one of them is a technical protection against thieves called Activation Lock. This function blocks using of iPhone after buying stolen or Find My iPhone enabled device.

Find My iPhone sends a command to your gadget. After that your device becomes to be locked and can not be unblocked by any means, except for re-sending a team owner.


iPhone No Service iOS 7: How to Fix Problems

Have you come up with iPhone no service iOS 7 issue? Here are some steps that could be of much help to a lot of iPhone 5 / 4S / 4 users who have upgraded to iOS 7 and wish to solve the problems as soon as possible to enjoy all the new benefits that are included in the latest firmware release from Apple. 

Note that these solutions might not help you if the problem is related to hardware. In such case, you will have to take your iPhone to Apple service to have it repaired or replaced. 
Method 1. 
Some people assure that when you get into the place with no signal you should place your gadget in the empty glass. Don’t laugh. They assure that this way you can avoid iPhone no service issue. Try it and share your impressions whether this method has helped you or just made everyone around you joking about the stranger who places his iDevice into the glass. 
Method 2. 
 The problem could be caused by your SIM card tray. If the SIM’s metal part hasn’t been centered you might experience service drop off issues. You can take the card out and look closely whether its metal touches the tray or not.
Method 3. 
Another thing that could lead to iPhone no service on iOS 7 is the antenna tower. You can contact your carrier to make sure the signal is strong in your area. Remember that you can always unlock the gadget and switch to another network if you are tired of dropped connections with your original carrier. 
Method 4. 
Apple has designed its iPhone 4S / 4 models in such a way that users often get service drop out problems because of the device’s antenna. Use an iPhone case to not touch the antenna with your hand and maintain the signal. 
Method 5. 
Sometimes the strength of the signal depends on the cases you are using. Experiment with different accessories and find the one that doesn’t cause problems. 
Method 6. 
iPhone users can also restart their device when they get iPhone no service problem. Your device might be mistaking believing you are in the dead area while you are no longer are. The signal will be updated after restart.

Wait For iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak Untethered This Year!

Hacker Winocm, previously repeatedly demonstrated the jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4, marked the release dates of public exploit. According to him, the release will take place in the next few months. In late September Winocm said the jailbreak iOS 6 is almost ready for release.

A hacker has asked people to be patient, noting that “the jailbreak will be released before 2014.” While we are waiting for iOS 7 jailbreak the developer has posted video demonstrating jailbroken iPhone 5 on the operating system iOS 6.1.4.

Previously was also published a screenshot of a hacker, who confirmed the existence of an exploit for the iPhone 5. In the past Winocm also talked about the preparation of untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 4. Now, apparently, he is preparing a version for the iPad tablet.

At this point there you can use only Sn0wbreeze or Redsn0w to crack iOS 6.1.3. They are available for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, but this jailbreak is tethered.

This means that each time you restart the device must connect it to the computer

As always, remember that I will be following the development of untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 and will post any fresh news.


How to Improve iPhone Resale Value Detailed Guide for Apple Users

It is hard to spend 4-5 years with one smartphone model, especially if you have an iPhone from Apple. This company is updating its handsets and introducing new features every year but it is often too expensive to purchase a new model if you are not on a contract plan that allows you getting the latest release every 1-2 years.

How is it possible to improve iPhone resale value? This guide is useful for iPhone 4S / 4 / 5 users who wish to trade-iin their older gadget for the 5S / 5c model. Follow these tips to be sure no one will be able to access your personal data [contacts, emails, SMS]. You should wipe it off to protect your privacy since a lot of relesser forget about this security step.

iPhone Resale Value Getting Higher

At first, you should make sure you have an unlocked device. Such gadgets are more expensive than the locked ones. You can order iPhone unlock by IMEI code which works for any iOS version, baseband and iPhone model. It doesn’t matter if you are on a contract or off one, you are still able to perform distant factory unlock which is safe and make your iPhone resale value much higher.
The service is not free but its cost is small comparing to how much you can earn if you sell an unlocked Apple smartphone.
Secondly, you should erase your data before anyone purchases and starts using your iDevice.
Step 1. Start with backing up your iPhone. You’ll need this backup to restore everything you had on the next handset you’ll have. Use iCloud or iTunes for this process.

If you are planning to back up using iCloud, connect to Wi-Fi and go to Settings – iCloud – Storage & Backup. Choose to “Back Up Now” and wait for a few minutes till the process if over.

If you are using iTunes you should plug in the iDevice to Mac / PC and launch iTunes. Choose the smartphone in the left menu and right-click on it to choose “Back Up” option.
Step 2. Users who have installed iOS 7 and wish to sell their handset must turn Activation Lock / Find My iPhone app off. This protection is used to prevent third-party people from accessing your iPhone as they are required to enter your Apple ID / password to erase the gadget to its factory state and turn off Find My iPhone program.
You should launch Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone to turn it off.

Launch and access your account to turn off Activation Lock.

Make sure your iMessage is not on otherwise your gadget might get your iMessages even after you have sold it. Launch Setting – Messages and switch iMessage off.
Step 3. If you have been using Dropbox, Google and other online programs you should sign out and unlink the handset from these services.
Step 4. To delete your personal information you should go to Settings – General – Reset and choose “Erase All Content and Settings.” Wait for a few moments till you data is erased.

Users with a jailbroken device should “Restore” their handset via PC / Mac.

Step 5. Since you wish to get rid of your smartphone you can unregister it with Apple through where you need to log in and choose “Unregister” option in “Edit products” section.
Step 6. Take your SIM card out of a GSM handset or call your mobile operator to deactivate your CDMA iPhone.

Solve Activation Problem in iOS 7 [Detailed Instructions]

iOS 7 activation error is a common problem for some “fruit” consumers who didn’t install the latest Apple firmware in time. It is mostly faced by iPhone and iPad owners who remembered to install the 6 beta of iOS 7 and forgot that it expired on October 6.

Update: After iOS 7 release many users faced with new activation problem caused by enabled Find My iPhone feature. Use Activation lock checker to avoid this issue when you plan to update your device to iOS 7 or purchase used iPhone.

Apple gives expiration dates to all its firmware versions that are going through beta testing. This way the Cupertino-based giant makes sure its “fruit” testers update to the official releases or newer beta introductions. Don’t worry if don’t know how to fix activation problem in iOS 7 as we provide you with this step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to iOS 7.0.2 and solve the issue.

iOS 7 activation problem

iPhone 5 / 4S users are not able to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 since Apple doesn’t sign these versions of its operating system any more. Only iPhone 4 owners can use iFaith to downgrade iOS 7 to iOS 6.1.3. Everyone else has to just follow these steps with instructions.

Step 1. You need to download iTunes version 11.1 in order to fix the problem. Install it on your PC. This program is must-have for iOS 7 users because it supports the latest Apple firmware. There are two ways to update iTunes: by downloading and installing it / by going to iTunes menu and pressing “Check for updates” option.

Step 2. Users who can still access their iPhone should back it up via iCloud or iTunes. Others should skip this procedure.

Step 3. Plug in the “fruit” handset to your PC via a USB cable. iTunes will be launched and find your gadget.

Step 4. Download iOS 7.0.2 system file for your device

Step 5. Select iPhone from the top menu [it is located near iTunes Store]. Windows users should hold down SHIFT / Mac owners should press down Option and choose “Check for Update” option from the Summary menu.

Check for Update iTunes

Step 6. Now you need to browse your .ipsw file obtained in Step 4 and choose this file. You should now get upgraded to iOS v.7.0.2. Wait till updating process is complete.

The activation problem should be fixed. You can also restore iPhone / iPad from backup and sync it with iTunes if you need this.


How to Fix FaceTime and iMessage on iOS 7 Device After Update

A lot of iPhone users like to send messages via iMessage and communicate via FaceTime. These two features are must-have and it is sad that iOS 7 update has harmed them. You can try to fix both problems using this guide.

Most iDevice owners should have updated to the new firmware without problems. Still the bugs might be present and you can solve the issues making FaceTime and iMessage work properly again.


iOS 7 and 7.0.2 Lock Screen Bug and Problems for iPhone Users

The new iOS 7 isn’t perfect, just as it was expected. Three months of testing couldn’t make it ideal and now users start to come up with different problems. iOS 7 lockscreen bug is one of the issues discovered. It is found even in the latest iOS 7.0.2 update.

Is it dangerous? You can lose money if someone accesses your locked iPhone and makes phone calls behind your back. Besides, whoever intrudes your smartphone might get your contacts list and send SMS messages.


iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak is Almost Done!

While some users are waiting for iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.4 jailbreaking others waiting for the same but for iOS 7 and later versions running on all supported iDevices.

Couple of days back, planetbeing from the evad3rs team introduced us what’s promising they most likely have the pieces for that iOS 7 jailbreak. Famous iOS hacker and other member of the evad3rs team, pod2g reminds us to not get excessively positive.

He tweeted that putting together pieces for that iOS 7 jailbreak may require sometime:

Also, he tweeted they can’t provide a release date for iOS 7 jailbreak yet.

Once we had pointed out yesterday, the evad3rs team is making great progress, but there still seems to become a great deal of labor to become done and lots of testing on all of the iOS 7 compatible gadgets for jailbreak could be launched towards the public, therefore we don’t expect so that it is launched soon.