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Download P0sixspwn 1.4 File Update Supports iOS 6.1.6 Untethered Jailbreak

It is great to hear that the latest firmware update iOS 6.1.6 can now be jailbroken. Apple unexpectedly presented this upgrade earlier this week to fix the bugs on older smartphones that can’t get iOS 7 work on them. Hackers were fast to present an update to their jailbreaking tools. Both Evasi0n7 and P0sixspwn programs are now updated to support the jailbreak for the newest public firmware versions available. If you are running iOS 6.1.6 you can use p0sixspwn 1.4 to untether jailbreak your iDevice. While SSL security problem has been fixed in Apple’s updates, users can also return to their jailbroken state via iOS 6.1.6 jailbreak.

If you happened to update to iOS 6.1.6 by mistake you can now solve the problem of being non-jailbroken and use p0sixspwn 1.4 jailbreak for iOS 6.1.6 to get untethered result. Thanks to hackers, this is possible really soon after the official public release.
Thanks to Winocm, iH8sn0w and SquiffyPwn hackers you are able to install this update and enjoy being jailbroken no matter what. It helps iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G users to install iOS 6.1.6, jailbreak it with Redsn0w in tethered status and complete the jailbreak with p0sixspwn that changes “tethered” into “untethered” state.
You can download p0sixspwn 1.4 from Cydia store after you jailbreak with Redsn0w or p0sixspwn 1.4This untethered jailbreak tweak makes your device jailbroken even after reboots and restores.
It might be more complicated than jailbreak iOS 7 devices with automatic Evasi0n7 tool that does everything on its own, but it’s still a free way to jailbreak an iOS 6gadget.
There are not too many people running previous firmware. As reports say, about 80% of users have installed iOS 7 operating system versions by now meaning iOS 7 jailbreak is more popular these days.
Still if you are using iOS 6, it’s your chance to install p0sixspwn program for complete untethered results. Note that you are jailbreaking at your own risk.

Fix iOS 7 Message Bug with MessagePopper Jailbreak Tweak

I am tired to being taken to my last conversation on iOS 7 which I viewed when opening my Messages program on the iPhone the last time. This happens each time unless a new message arrives [in this situation you will see your conversation list]. The new Cydia tweak can finally fix this problem. I am talking about MessagePopper which supports iOS 7 and jailbroken smartphones.

I advise you to download this jailbreak tweak if you are tired to being led to the last conversation too often. You can jailbreak iOS 7 with Evasi0n exploit. It’s not hard. It took me a couple of minutes to run this software and become jailbroken. No problems since then.
Tweaks are must-have to jailbroken users. Even famous hackers have them. Install MessagePopper Cydia tweak and solve the problem with Messages once and forever. It won’t matter whether you received a new message or not. Each time you launch this application you will see your conversation list which is very handy. The program is simple with no configurations.
Just install it and run. The tweak is completely free to get. Use BigBoss repo to find it. Enjoy!

Steve Jobs Postage Stamp Becomes a Part of 2015 Collectible Series

Steve Jobs, the former CEO at Apple, is honored with a commemorative postage stamp that should be printed next year. Some people call him iGenius, others believe this man was just a man during his life, but everyone agrees that Apple has become popular and powerful with Steve Jobs being its CEO.




His ideas have changed the world of smartphones and tablets. The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are now known by mostly anyone who using electronic gadgets for work and entertainment. Users who are true iOS fans will surely like to get one the Steve Jobs postage stamps in 2015. This can be a great addition to the collection of commemorative postage stamps.

The Steve Jobs stamp is indeed to be presented as a part of the collectible 2015 series, as the Washington Post reports. The exact release date is currently not specified but it will surely appear at some point in a year from now.

Designers are still working on the commemorative Steve Jobs postage stamp. This is not the first honor for the iPhone creator. Jobs achievements were also honored with a Disney Legends and Grammy Merit Awards along with several movies about the life of iGenius.

John Lennon, Johnny Carson and Michael Jackson will also be honored with postage stamps, according to the WP.


Top Reason for iOS 7 Jailbreak with Evasi0n7 Untethered

Millions of users waiting for months to see untethered iOS 7 jailbreak, and now once it is released Apple seems to kill the main exploits used in Evasi0n7 program making iOS 7.1 jailbreak impossible just like it was with iOS 6.1.3 for a long while. The public iOS 7.1 firmware hasn’t been presented yet, still the latest beta launched for testing showed the exploits were patched.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Final Countdown
It is still not clear whether hackers are able to fix the problem and release untethered jailbreaking tool in time for iOS 7.1 introduction or not. The best advice for anyone who wishes to stay jailbroken after this firmware update surfaces is to not upgrade. Stay on iOS 7.0.4 and download as many Cydia tweaks as you wish.
It is easy to jailbreak. Besides, you can always unlock iPhone [if you have this smartphone] via IMEI number. Factory unlock for AT&T iPhone, Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange and any other carrier is fast and affordable. Enjoy the double benefits with being both unlocked and jailbroken, as it might be soon impossible to get jailbreak.
Why to Jailbreak Right Now
Surely, the jailbreaking community will come up with some solution sooner or later. Still if the situation of 2013 is going to repeat itself [the new firmware versions were non-jailbroken for 6+ months] it’s best to jailbreak now while you are able to do this. As soon as you update to iOS 7.1 you might not get such an opportunity.

iPhone VIVO / Claro / TIM Unlock for Brazilian Carrier Smartphones

Most iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS / 3G purchased in the Brazil come locked to specific carriers. Among the most common devices purchased through eBay, Best Buy and other sites you find contract or out of contract AT&T iPhone, Verizon iPhone and VIVO / TIM / Claro iPhone from Brazil. Maybe the amount of Apple handsets locked to VIVO / TIM / Claro is not as big as the number of AT&T locked smartphones, but such devices exist and thus it can become of high importance to unlock VIVO iPhone Brazil for customers.

unlock iphone vivo brazil

Reasons for TIM iPhone Unlock:

  • Ability to insert and connect via any SIM cards
  • Chances to save money on roaming fees by connecting to local carriers
  • Freedom of communication
  • Higher price of your iPhone in case you wish to resell it in the future

Actually, these are main reasons why people choose to unlock their smartphones. It is expensive to purchase never-locked iPhones. It is way cheaper to buy a locked device and unlock it either for free or at an affordable price.

unlock iphone tim brazilFor example, you can unlock any iPhone model on any iOS using factory IMEI unlocking service. This is the most popular tool used nowadays by millions of people across the world. It is performed distantly. You need to know your IMEI number to apply which can be located through Settings – General – About. Just make sure you are locked to Claro Brazil and activated with this Brazil mobile operator in order to successfully complete unlock. Choose the unlocking package depending on which your iPhone is locked:

You can also contact VIVO or Claro or TIM and ask if this carrier can unlock your iPhone. If you are out of contract, it can be possible. Run iPhone network checker to get the additional information about your carrier, activation and contract end date.

unlock iphone brazil

Jailbroken users can unlock iPhone with free SAM tool if they have Activation tickets saved two years ago. This was a good way for unlock back then. Apple killed it but those who had time to save Activation tickets can now unlock any firmware version with it.

If you don’t have tickets to use SAM, try turbo SIM unlock which costs some money but works for jailbroken devices. It just doesn’t support all iOS version so you have to carefully figure out whether your model and firmware can be unlocked via GEVEY.


iPhone Blacklist Checking Service by IMEI

Factory unlock doesn’t work with blacklisted IMEIs. You are not able to completely unlock your blocked handset to use in the original country where the device was produced for and locked to. But such a gadget can be unlocked for being used in foreign countries. You just need additional information for unlock to go smooth. This info can be received via iPhone blacklist checker.

It might have happened to you or someone you know. The used iPhone bought through internet doesn’t work on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone and any other carrier in your home country. The smartphone is blocked but you still wish to unlock it for making calls, searching web and texting. The situation is upset yet there is a way out of this headache.


How to Turn on a Guest Mode on the iPhone with iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak

You can turn your iPhone into something like a small computer using the jailbreak tweak called GuestMode. This iOS 7 Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones solves the problem with limited-access to your device by other users. The mode, as you might have guessed, works with the Guest Mode making it possible to play with your Settings application which gets a new pane after you download and install the program.

Cydia is offering the iPhone and iPad tweak for $0.99. The GuestMode installs a new pan to your iOS Settings. Here is where you are able to adjust its preferences and configurations. What is the tool designed for?
 It gives you an opportunity to limit access to the programs that have your personal information you don’t want anyone to get without your permission. For example, your kids, their friends and yours like to use your smartphone or tablet once in a while. You can’t control what apps and games they are launching to play. They might enter the Photos applications, read your Messages and Mail, and see Evernote, Dropbox or similar apps.
Just lock them down with the GuestMode app and give the device to your children or relatives. They will be able to access any apps accept the ones you have locked down with a pre-assigned passcode. The mode has several options. It comes with pre-assigned passwords, lock screen icon and Activator gesture. Choose the feature you like the most and safely protect your personal data.
You can view this video to get the idea how GuestMode iOS 7 jailbreak tweak works on the iPad or iPhone:
While Apple hasn’t included such an option to its iDevice firmware yet, you can already have once you jailbreak the fruit gadget with Evasi0n7 program which is the only iOS 7 public untethered jailbreak available today.
The tweak is must-have for people who often give their iDevice to other users.

Flappy Bird Hack Guide for iOS Devices [Cool Game Cheat]

If you like to play Flappy Bird on a jailbroken iOS gadget, you might like to use this Flappy Bird hack advice. These cheats can make your gameplay more interesting. Of course, the challenge won’t be as hard but the result will certainly bring your satisfaction.

Getting unlimited high score and doing other tricks will improve your life. These secrets are no longer mystery to the big fans of the game. It’s time that you also learn how to easily get rid of pesky pipes and see no “Game Over” message.
 The hack supports only jailbroken devices. If your iOS iPhone / iPad is not jailbroken you can’t use these cheats for Flappy Bird. You can easily jailbreak though as there are a few solutions that are free and have been tested by millions of other gamers. Evasi0n7, Evasi0n and p0sixspwn can simplify your experience with Apple gadgets.
Some games are cool even when you have no more obstacles. Maybe this is not fair to appear in the game’s Top Score Leaderboard by using the hack, but it will make your heart melt and jump from happiness when you proceed through levels and get higher score.
Make sure you are connected to Internet before you follow the guide below [you are doing this at your own risk].

Flappy Bird iOS Game Cheap Instruction for Unlimited High Score

Step 1. You need to close your Flappy Bird game. You should activate it still.
Step 2.Open Cydia and find iFile tool. Download and launch it.
Step 3. Select Applications and find folder. Open it and go down till you see atlas.txt file.
Step 4. Open the file with the code. You need to find the section “pipe_down” / “pipe_up” which is located closer to the bottom of the file.
Step 5. You need to replace the numbers in these lines. Enter 5 instead of 270 for “pipe_up” and 5 instead of 250 for “pipe_down.”
Step 6. You should now enjoy having an unlimited high score and other benefits of using Flappy Bird iOS hack.