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iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Jailbreak Status [Evasi0n7 Exploits Killed]

While it was possible to jailbreak iOS 7.1 beta with Evasi0n7 program, Apple still found a way to kill exploits used in this tool in the latest beta 5 release. Developers are now testing this version of “fruit” mobile system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Hackers say the holes are patched.

What is the future of iOS 7.1 jailbreak? Will there be a way on how to jailbreak it or will we see the same situation as with firmware 6? We’ll remind you that the situation was sad a year ago. While iOS 6 could be jailbroken with Evasi0n, the release of iOS 6.1.3 patched exploits used by the Evad3rs team of hackers.
No one could jailbreak versions 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 till the end of 2013. It took hackers much time to find the new exploits and release jailbreaking solution for untethered result. They worked day and night but only with the presentation of iOS 7 they came up with new software.
This year the situation looks to be similar with one big exception. According to iH8sn0w, he found a new iBoot exploit that can’t be patched by Apple. This hacker doesn’t want to release this exploit for public use, but he might change this decision and introduce the exploit as the part of the next untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 devices.
While Evasi0n7 seems to be useless for iOS 7.1 jailbreak, hackers still have time to change it and update. The new beta is available for all devs, so hackers might be testing it as well and looking up its code to find a new hole.
What do you think about the future of iOS 7.1 jailbreaking? Do you think hackers have enough time to find new exploits? We’ll let you know about any changes and news on iOS 7 untether jailbreak solutions, so stay tuned.

iOS 7.1 Facts and Predictions Based on Betas and iOS 7.0.5

It seems that we will soon get iOS 7.1 official update. Most users and experts hoped to see it instead of iOS 7.0.5 release that was presented last week for the two smartphone models iPhone 5S and 5c for consumers from Europe, Asia Pacific and China. Still it didn’t happen as it was expected so now most people believe that Apple will roll out its 7.1 firmware next for all iPad and iPhone owners.

What will it bring and how can it change the situation with jailbreak?


Several iOS 7.1 betas have been tested by developers. Users from the U.S. can’t download version 7.0.5 as it doesn’t support any of the American mobile operator, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and others. If you have a U.S. handset and experience problems with version 7 you should wait a bit to have them fixed in the next big upgrade offered by Apple to millions of its customers.

Since previous launch skipped U.S. users, experts have become sure the next release would be devoted to the new firmware version which is 7.1. How will it be different from the system we got used by now?

New Features

Judging by the betas we have already heard of the next iOS 7.1 update we’ve get fixes to the bugs discovered in previous firmware. For instance, Apple should solve the problems and show design update.

We will see round buttons in iPhone app, new music control buttons, get an updated look for the Power Off display, get an ability to disable parallax effect with ease and see keyboard look upgrade.

iOS 7.1

Other changes should come as well. We might get an opportunity to easily add contacts and add the existing ones. The functionality should become better.

iOS 7.1 Release

It’s hard to say the exact launch date for this operating system. It might happen in March, according to different reports. For now this is the target presentation date. The latest beta launched is beta 4. We’ll most likely see beta 5 in the future [maybe even this week] and maybe beta 6 before the firmware becomes final and official.
Jailbreak iOS 7.1

Evasi0n7 jailbreak might not work for 7.1 firmware. Hackers have noted that the exploit used in this program has been patched in beta 4. If hackers find another exploit they might release an update to their untethered jailbreak. If not, we might get into the same situation as with iOS 6.1.4 and see the next jailbreaking solution for iOS 8.


Factory Unlock for iPhone T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone [Pros and Cons]

Having SIM restrictions is always a big problem for the smartphone owner since it limits your freedom and doesn’t let switch carriers in your home country or while travelling abroad. A lot of users have to use AT&T iPhone, T-Mobile iPhone and fruit devices locked to other mobile operating companies across the world.

You can change this and have your iPhone factory unlocked from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, O2 and other carriers.
The service is official and safe to use. It removes any SIM restrictions your iOS model has allowing you selecting the carrier and data plan yourself. Once you unlock your Apple handset you will be able to decide yourself when and what mobile operator to use easily changing SIM cards any moment and anywhere you are.
The unlock gives you a lot of benefits, but there are different ways how to factory unlock iPhone from different carriers. Firstly, most mobile companies offer free unlock to customers who are out of contract with them. Secondly, the service can be used even by iPhone 5S and 5c users through companies that offer paid yet factory and permanent unlock.
You should firstly contact your carrier and find out who is eligible for free unlock service. Secondly, you need to run iPhone network status checker and IMEI checker to figure out whether you are out of contract or not and see the date you will be out of contract. Thirdly, if you are not out of contract yet and wish to unlock now you should find a legit company that offers factory IMEIunlock and place your order after reading all the Terms & Conditions.
Factory iPhone Unlock Pros
  • adding your IMEI code to real Apple database officially
  • permanent and safe result
  • fast unlock
  • ability to use any SIM card
  • distant service
  • saved warranty
  • IMEI unlock supports all iOS, baseband versions and iPhone models
  • easy-to-finish service through iTunes
  • big number of companies and carriers that provide unlocking service
iPhone Factory Unlock Cons
  • paid method
  • big number of scammers
  • it takes your time to search the real company that will offer fast iPhone unlock
  • no refund if you provide incorrect information for the unlock
Using you will get fast and reliable unlock by IMEI number for any iPhone model of yours. Most unlocks are possible for clean IMEI codes only, but we can unlock some blacklisted IMEIs as well so feel free to contact us and learn more about the service.

Unlock iPhone 5S / 5C: Permanent Result Guaranteed for Most Carriers

It is so much better to have a permanently unlocked iPhone 5S, 5C. The service is available to millions of people from all over the world who wish to switch between networks anytime anywhere. Staying unlocked is fun. It gives you a lot of new opportunities and benefits.

It doesn’t matter which iPhone model you have. iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 4 users who are locked to Verizon, T-Mobile, O2, AT&T, Vodafone and other networks can’t get too much as they are forced to use particular data plans and pay, pay, pay…

permanent iphone 5S unlock

Official service offers reliable and fast unlock iPhone 5, 5S, 4S, 4 and other models from most mobile companies across the world. This service is distant. They work officially and provide only legit solutions to their customers. You will get quick permanent result that is good for all iOS versions and iPhone basebands.

The order can be place online. There are a couple of things you must know before ordering iPhone unlock. Your smartphone must have clean IMEI code [blacklisted / barred / blocked iPhones can’t be unlocked] and it should be activated with the carrier network it is locked to.

Look Up IMEI Code

  • If you meet the requirements above, you need to find your IMEI number to place your order.
  • Open Settings and go to General section. IMEI code is located under About menu.
  • There is an easier way. Dial *#06# to have your 15-digit IMEI displayed on the screen.

Place Order

This is simple. Go to the official site, select network, fill out the form and provide your name, email, IMEI code, iPhone model, carrier name and wait till we return your status as “Unlocked” permanently. Follow the instructions emailed to you to complete the procedure through iTunes.


Will iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Work for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch After iOS 7.1 Release?

Apple will soon present its next iOS 7.1 update. Right now developers are testing its third beta released recently. According to hackers, their Evasi0n7 jailbreak is capable of jailbreaking this beta as the Cupertino-based company hasn’t patched the exploits used for the tool.

Will the situation change once the official v.7.1 comes? This question surely worries a lot of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users who are using a jailbroken iOS 7 device and want to stay jailbroken after installing version 7.1.

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Status and Predictions for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch

Apple likes to kill the holes in its programming code. If the company finds a way to close them hackers will have to search for new workable exploits. If this happens we will all have to wait till the Evad3rs or other teams create a new tool which might not even be presented till iOS 8 presentation.
We all remember iOS 6 jailbreak situation. Hackers found exploits that worked till iOS 6.1.3 update. The jailbreak for this version was released not so long ago. It took professionals nearly a year to present the utility!
The unofficial Evasi0n7 can jailbreak 7.1 beta 3 but this procedure is not advised to users who are not developers. It is risky and might not be successful but it gives many great benefits. Thanks to Cydia developers who create unapproved applications and games millions of iDevice owners can install different tweaks / mods / useful programs to improve their experience with Apple gadgets.
There is a huge selection of applications for jailbroken devices. Cydia store and various repos [Modmyi, BigBoss etc.] are available for public. The party goes on and users with firmware versions from iOS 6 to iOS 7.0.3 can jailbreak and download tons of programs.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that iOS 7.1 launch will still make Evasi0n7 working. This will make millions of people so happy!

QuickStore 2 iOS 7 Cydia Tweak for Fast App Store Links Launch

iPhone and iPad users who are constantly searching for the new iOS 7 apps and games get frustrated when they are directed away from the website to the application of their choice. This happens when you are browsing different news on Apple programs. There is one Cydia tweak for jailbroken iDevices that can solve this unpleasant quirk.

The tweak’s name is QuickStore 2. It is available on Cydia, but you have to pay $0.99 to download it. Here is some information that can influence your decision to purchase the little program that can take away your headache.

iOS 7 Tweak QuickStore 2 for Pop-up App Store Links

The iOS tweak simply makes your App Store link pop-up and not route you away from the application you are learning more about. This is handy since you don’t lose the site you were searching through and can learn more about the app you are interested it. This is way more convenient and comfortable as you can find many other applications and games to download.
You’ll stay on the site you were visiting and have your App Store link popped-up. iPhone and iPad customers who have jailbroken their smartphone or tablet will surely find it much better.
 The program supports the 64-bit processors thus iPhone 5S owners can get it for their jailbroken device. In case you haven’t jailbroken the iOS 7 firmware yet you can use Evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak which is free and supports 7 firmwares up to version 7.0.5.
You will not have to switch between games and applications while you are browsing through them. Isn’t it a nice solution? Maybe it’s not worth $0.99 but you should agree that the tweak takes the frustration away.
You can configure QuickStore 2 iOS 7 tweak. It adds options to your Settings program. It’s up to you to choose which games / applications the tweak shouldn’t support and whether this tweak should be on or off. 
You can also use the option that makes it possible to download programs you buy at App Store via Spotlight.

iOS Autocorrect Errors to Be Fixed [New Apple Patent]

Millions of users who use iOS autocorrect options feel embarrassing after sending a text message. This becomes ridiculous as we are always in a hurry and often misspell words to make them sound hurting or crazy. I am sure many of you would love their iPhone to understand each thought and make only correct autocorrects avoiding funny and hurting errors.

Of course, you can always reread what you have typed before hitting the “Send” option. But we often remember about this too late to discover the comments have become embarrassing. Apple wants to save this problem. The iPhone maker files a new patent that should save customers from autocorrect errors.

The new document suggests that iPhone users will be able to correct their text messages after they are being “sent” via the smartphone. The gadget will get an instruction to send however it will be possible to add changes to the message before its transmittal has happened.

Apple calls its patent really interesting. It sounds as “Transient Panel Enabling Message Correction Capabilities Prior to Data Submission.” The patent offers particular modifications which will add an opportunity to add corrections to the SMS you have created while the handset is sending it to the recipient. 
The feature will be available mostly to the words that were autocorrected by your iPhone. It’s unclear how the company is going to program its devices so that autocorrect options could be corrected by users during the sending process but it will be nice if something like this is offered to consumers.
Will this feature appear on the iPhone 6? The rumors say nothing about it yet but since the patent was filed back in 2012 everything is possible. Maybe the next-generation smartphone could offer a new option that minimizes the amount of autocorrect errors offered by the iOS gadget. Any thoughts on this issue you wish to share?

How to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 with Evasi0n Program

Can you update to iOS 7.0.5 if your iPhone model is supported by this firmware release? Let’s listen what hackers advise users. If it happened that you already installed the latest operating system, don’t worry. You can later downgrade and jailbreak your gadget once again or wait till iOS 7.1 jailbreak launch.

According to MuscleNerd, it’s best to stay away from the latest Apple release and avoid upgrading to iOS v.7.0.5. Similar advise was shared by the Evad3rs team of hackers who have created the jailbreak solution for firmware 7 that is fast and untethered.

iOS 7.0.5 Jailbreak Guide: How to Use Evasi0n7 for iPhone 5S / 5C

Some people already report that it’s possible to jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 with Evasi0n7 program. At the same time, the procedure is risky since this utility hasn’t been officially updated to support the changes brought by Apple to its mobile firmware.

The best thing you can do for now is not install this firmware and stay on previous 7.0.4 version which can be easily jailbroken and unlocked [in case you wish to switch your iPhone carriers in any country across the world]. There plenty of methods to unlock, but the fastest is via IMEI factory unlock services that work for all firmwares, smartphone models and basebands.

The process for jailbreaking is a bit different. One hacker has even explained how it works. As Stefan Esser noted, you can use Evasi0n but before you jailbreak you should apply some changes. For example, you need to change 11B511 into 11B601 in your binary. This can make the tool work on the newest operating system.

It is yet pretty difficult to make such changes. Even Esser reported that he wasn’t able to upload the new binary since it could violate a copyright. How can ordinary users add such an innovation? Do you have any ideas?

You can surely search the web and find the modified versions of Evasi0n for v.7.0.5 jailbreak but it takes time and once again it is risky.


Apple Released iOS 7.0.5 Update for iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S

The Cupertino giant presented the new official update for its iOS 7 firmware. The version iOS 7.0.5 is designed for iPhone 5c and 5S models only. Besides, it supports devices sold in Europe and Asia and it is meant to fix some problems with network experienced by users from these countries.

iOS 7.0.5-download

All the devices are compatible with networks from China. The update doesn’t support iPod touch and iPad. Nor does it support earlier iPhone models and iPhone 5S / 5c from the U.S. Here is the list of all supports models of the popular fruit smartphone:

  • iPhone 5S A1530 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5S A1457 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5S A1528 [China]
  • iPhone 5c A1529 [Asia Pacific]
  • iPhone 5c A1507 [Europe and UK]
  • iPhone 5c A1526 [China]

If you own of these versions of the Apple handset you can download the update and install it on your iDevice to solve the possible bugs you might have. If you don’t own such a model don’t bother yourself learning more about iOS 7.0.5.

By the way, the upgrade is mostly safe for users who don’t like to stay jailbroken. Fans of jailbreaking iPhones are better to wait for comments from hackers. We will soon inform you about the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 7.0.5 update with Evasi0n7 tool. If the program works, you can safely update. If it doesn’t work, you should better stay on your iOS 7.0.4 as this version of mobile operating system can be easily untethered jailbroken.

iOS 7.0.5 Download Links

Right now Apple is known to work on its next iOS 7.1 firmware. The beta versions of this system are being tested by iOS developers and some users who managed to manually install the latest OS. The official v.7.1 update is expected to unveil later this winter. Stay tuned, we’ll provide all the news as soon as we get them.