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iOS 8 Concept Shows New Icons and Possible Features [Video]

The next big iOS update is expected to be even cleaner and more colorful than iOS 7 was. This iOS 8 concept reveals a clever hardware update with new features and additions to applications Apple users like so much. It’s hard to say when iOS 8 release date is because some experts say it might happen this summer and others believe it will happen in fall 2014.

The operating system should be introduced to developers in June. Tickets to the WWDC 2014 conference are sold out so you can carry your iPhone or iPad everywhere with you and read the news from this event in over a month from now.


The Apple “tree” might offer us new hardware update, the interesting iWatch or other Watch program. The next iOS 8 leaked images hints on the Healthbook application release. We’ve heard a lot about this app but no one has seen it in reality yet.

There are a lot of speculations around this big firmware upgrade. Different people share what they say are iOS 8 leaked photos and screenshots, give different ideas on what we will get in a couple of months.

Watch the video and imagine your new experience with iOS 8 on the iPhone and iPad. Enjoy watching!


iPhone 5 Sleep Wake Button Replacement Initiated by Apple

Some iPhone smartphone users can get the sleep button replacement on iPhone 5 thanks to the new program initiated by Apple. The company is eager to replace the Sleep / Wake button in some handset models saying this button can “work intermittently” or not work at all.

You can find out yourself whether you are eligible for the free iPhone 5 sleep / wake button replacement or not. Visit the support site created by Apple for its consumers and enter your device’s serial number to see if your particular cell phone is affected by the problem or not. The number of affected iPhones 5 is not too big so not all users can replace the button at no cost.



iOS 7.1.1 Improves iPhone Battery Life

Battery problems that surfaced on iOS7 devices can be fixed with iOS 7.1.1 update that brings new features to the iPhone. The firmware update offered different improvements, including Touch ID enhancements, fixes to bug and battery life.

Finally iPhone battery problems are fixed with iOS 7.1.1 release because this version of Apple mobile firmware makes a big impact on smartphones. A lot of users who have updated to this release assure that their battery last much longer than it was on iOS 7.1.
The reports come from different experts and ordinary users who say that the battery performance has improved after they installed the latest software. For example, one user has conducted the following experiment. His iPhone 5 with iOS 6 ran down from 100 percent to 74 percent in about 6 hours. iOS 7.1 changed this to as low as 48 percent. This was the worst performance for the popular handset. iOS 7.1.1 improved the situation. Now the battery gets from 100 to 76 percent down in 6 hours.
You can improve your iPhone battery life by updating to the version released earlier this week via OTA or through the direct links. Keep in mind that there is no jailbreak for this operating system yet.

FaceTime Fix iOS 7.0.4 Solution Found by Apple

FaceTime issues have been noticed by Apple. Users have been complaining about FaceTime problems for a while, especially customers with iOS 6 iPhones and other gadgets with this operating system version. Even iOS 7.0.4 FaceTime fix wasn’t available and the issue with iOS 7 existed and still exist.

Apple presented a document where it details the problem and tells how iOS 6 iPhone and iPad owners can act to fix it. The company believes that this issue occurs because of the expired certificate on your iDevices. Once it renders the FaceTime option as unusable you cannot use it any more. Some previous versions of iOS firmware have faced this problem.


FaceTime Fix for iOS 6

If you are still using iOS 6 on your iPhone 5S / 5c / 4 / 5 / 4S and cannot receive and make calls via FaceTime, you are advised to install iOS 7. Don’t worry. Apple doesn’t say that users with the bug must update to the iOS 7.1 or 7.1.1 to fix it. Updating to iOS 7.0.4 and 7.0.6 allows jailbreaking your iPhone if this is what you want to do.

If your iPod or iPhone is not supported by iOS 7 you need to install iOS 6.1.6, according to Apple. This should help to solve the problem with FaceTime.

iOS 7.0.4 FaceTime Fix

A lot of devices certificates expired on April 16 this year making their owners unable to make FaceTime calls. Update to the newer firmware version and the problem will be gone. The problem does not affect users who have installed iOS 6.1.6, iOS 7.0.4 and newer versions of Apple mobile operating system.


Apple to Prepare No Updates for iPod This Year

Apple is rumored to stop releasing its iPod device eventually for iWatch. Some experts believe it might even happen this year as they haven’t heard anything about the iPod line updates. While there should be iPhone 6 and the new iPads, there is no information, leaked images and predictions on the iPod.

iWatch concept news instead appear everywhere. Some designers have even added it to the next iPhone 6 iOS 8 home screen as an idea of what might cone. One analyst from Susquehanna Financial Group, for example, mentions the iWatch in his report. The Cupertino tech giant is said to be preparing for producing a pair of display sizes for the iWatch in the last quarter of 2014.

It is expected from Apple to produce up to 6 million devices at first with essential replacement of the iPod lineup with the iWatch devices. It will not happen at once, of course. Apple can’t just stop selling and supporting the iPod no matter how low it sales get. Eventually it can still replace the gadget with the iWatch.

There were not major updates in the line of Apple iPods since 2012. Even the company’s CEO Tim Cook called this a “declining business” thus this might be the last of the classic iPod from the fruit giant with further introduction of the iWatch.


Changes in iOS 7.1.1 Labels for In-App Purchases Applications

It has become clearer which iOS apps and games comes with iOS 7.1.1 in-app purchase options and which don’t. Apple introduced its update to the mobile firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and addresses the problem that bothered millions of families across the world.

It will become easier to see which free apps and games might ask you for extra charges after you update to iOS 7.1.1. For example, the Top Free category as well as Grossing charts offer this option now and make your choice clear. If you are not jailbroken and give your iPad or iPhone to kids for gameplay you are highly advised to install iOS 7.1.1 via OTA update or by downloading the IPSW file for your particular device version.

ios 7.1.1 in-app purchase

It took the company a while to introduce these minor changes that have been awaited for many customers. Apple was forced to pay money to users who children spent a lot of money on in-app purchases by mistake.

Once you download iOS 7.1.1 you will see that applications that appear in Top Charts and Features sections of the App Store have a small notification if they contain in-app purchases. This is the new change that follows the disclosure saying “offers in-app purchases” that appears on apps detail page for over a year now.

The warning for in-app purchase will help parents to figure out which applications are safe to download and be played by their children in terms of extra fees. The measure was asked to be implemented for a couple of years and it took the iPhone maker some time and $32 million spent in refunds to users with unauthorized purchases to finally make warnings more visible.

Think about iOS in-app purchase possibility before you install applications and games that will be enjoyed by your little minds and no one will spend your money on in-game extras.


Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod: When to Expect

With the new minor update to iOS 7 users have more questions. When will jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 to be released for public? Will it ever be launched? The firmware upgrade brought some fixes to the bugs and made happy all iDevice users who have already been using the 7.1 version. Thus they installed iOS 7.1.1 and solved most of the problem.

Those who stayed on iOS 7.0.6 and earlier version of Apple operating system for mobile devices also want to install the newest update but they can’t wait till it is possible to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 with Evasi0n upgraded version or other program.
 Users want to jailbreak because of all extra possibilities they get with this state. Cydia store has tons of applications, tweaks and games that will never appear on the App Store. You can download them once you are jailbroken. There are no news from hackers on the development of iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak.
A lot of users wish to know when hackers to release iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak tool for their Apple gadgets. Here are some rumors and news.

The current Evasi0n7 can jailbreak only firmware up to 7.0.6 and cannot hack the most recent Apple’s update. Previous rumors and reports seem to relate to 7.1.1 as well as 7.1. Hackers are waiting for WWDC introduction of the next iOS 8 and will find exploits to jailbreak the future release.

This might mean only one thing. While all professionals focus on iOS 8 jailbreak there will be no programs for jailbreaking 7.1.1 version. Right now the future is not that bright as you hoped. But it will change with the operating system major update.
Should you avoid installing the later version of mobile firmware in order to keep the jailbreak? It’s up to you to decide what to do. You can stay on older software and wait or update to iOS 7.1.1 and start using all the new features and wait for iOS 8 jailbreak in the fall or closer to Christmas 2014.

Apple Testing New iOS 8 with Updated Siri

WWDC 2014 is coming this summer with most tickets being sold by now. Numerous reports say that Apple is now testing its next iOS 8 that might be released in the fall together with the new iPhone 6. Internet contains different leaked images that point to the company’s professionals testing iOS 8 features and improving Siri.

Rumors mention that iOS 8 Siri will be capable of naming you the songs you are listening to. This will help you to purchase the track in iTunes if you like what you hear. There is no such an option in the current operating system versions. You need to launch Shazam while listening to the song in order to get its title. This takes a few moments so you can actually miss the track.


There might not be too many changes in Siri smartness but some options will surely be offered by the Cupertino-based tech company.

iOS 8 release date is still several months to wait for. Users are now looking for iOS 7.1.1 update with fixes to most of the problems they experience with iOS 7.1 devices. It’s hard to say whether Siri gets any improvements in iOS 7.1.1 or users have to wait till the conference to look inside the firmware update.

The full list of iOS 8 features is not available yet. Still rumors suggest that Apple might allow users asking Siri to launch third-party apps, including Google Maps. For now your personal assistant works with Apple-native programs such as Apple Maps and iTunes.

Better Siri is a good thing. There will be surely more enhancements to the popular fruit OS. The iPhone maker likes to introduce inventions to keep customers in need for the new model, new operating system etc.

Reports mention that we might see iOS 8 beta release on June 2. It will be then tested during summer month which could be similar to iOS 7 testing period.


Jailbroken iPhone Users Can Be Affected by New Malware App

Android users get more risks from malware than iPhone users. It’s not because of better iPhone malware protection. Reports say that different parties are eager to take over Android’s popularity and thus create malicious programs that can steal your money and personal information. iPad and iPhone after jailbreak can also get programs that are designed to get your data, but the number of such applications is not very high.

One user on Reddit found a background application on his iDevice that was malicious. The program was searching for Apple IDs. Still not everyone risks to download the same or similar iPhone malware app on his or her smartphone / tablet because there are particular catches. For example, you must be jailbroken in the first place. Besides, you should visit and download apps from risky sources.

iPhone Malware Risks for Jailbroken iDevices Are High

In other words, if you haven’t jailbroken your gadget you can’t download and install the dangerous files. iPhone malware risks are minimized to customers who are against jailbreaking and carefully update to each new iOS release.

If you still happen to somehow download a malicious application for the iPad or iPhone you can always disable it by turning off all Cydia tweaks. The person on Reddit mentions “unflod Baby Panda” malicious title but the dangerous app can be named differently. The application was downloaded from Chinese website.

You can use Cydia and be safe downloading programs from this popular jailbreak app store. This way you can feel protected as no one would listen to your traffic or steal personal information such as ID and password.

Users who suffer from the malicious application can get rid of Unfold.dylib binary to delete this file. It is also advised to change your password to protect yourself. Still no one can tell you for sure whether such apps come with extra malware gifts or not. The best protection is surely update to iOS 7.1 which cannot be jailbroken at the moment.

The question is. Are you eager to lose jailbreak for best iPhone malware protection or not?


iOS 8 Leaked Images Show iPhone 5S Running Newer Operating System

With iPhone 5S being offered for free for U.S. customers for iPhone 4S trade-in, users are looking for iPhone 6 and the next iOS 8. There are some new iOS 8 leaked images that show the sixth-generation smartphone running this future firmware version.

Coming WWDC 2014 will surely give us more information on the next iOS this June. Still curious minds would always be glad to learn more about the upcoming software and the changes Apple will bring to its still popular iDevices.


It is hard to believe that Apple allows its employees installing iOS 8 with the huge conference being just around the corner and a lot of hackers keeping an eye on the new products. Still these are rumors that might be partly true. The glimpse at the iPhone 5S iOS 8 is the base for more conversations, predictions and thoughts on what we should expect in 2014.

The pictures are in low-resolution and they show some new applications that are expected to be present in the firmware update this fall.


These might be fake images. At the same time, they might show some real things because a lot of rumors around Apple turn out to be true. It is impossible to stay fully mysterious these days with so many watchers being around and wishing to reveal your secrets to public.

Rumors mention Preview app, Healthbook tool and different Tips. As for the Watch Utility, this is some new program that surfaces on iOS 8 leaked pictures. iTunes Radio might actually become a standalone application so seeing its icon isn’t surprising.

More information is coming so keep an eye on Apple news and iOS 8 rumors. We will learn more before and during WWDC event.