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Use Multiple Passcodes on iOS 7.1 iPhone with Multipass Cydia Tweak

Cydia store has a lot of jailbreak apps for iOS 7 devices that offer additional features to iPhone and iPad users. One of the latest additions to the store is MultiPass Cydia tweak which turns on multiple passcodes on your tablet / smartphone. The tweak is available at no-cost. It supports the iPhone 5S and other models of Apple handset.

The free iOS 7 Cydia tweaks are the reason why people decide to jailbreak their gadgets. iOS 7.1 can’t be publicly jailbroken yet, so users are staying on iOS 7.0.6 and previous versions of this firmware to preserve their jailbreaking status and download jailbreak applications with extra options.
Download the program and install it if you need to use more than one passcode on the iDevice. You will see a new pane in your Settings. It lets you configure the Cydia app. You can add up to 5 passcodes to get better security for the gadget. For example, you can lock your apps you wish to be private so no one accesses them.
The program comes with some extra features. It allows adding vibration feedback. It also makes it possible to delay your lock. The iPhone 5S gets even more options with this free Cydia app for iOS 7 platform. Here come the BioLockdown and BioProtect options that work with your Touch ID.

iOS 7.1 Find My iPhone Bug Allows Thieves Disabling It

Hackers and thieves are able to turn off your Find My iPhone app on iOS 7.1 without knowing your password. Users and hackers find more iOS 7.1 bugs. Just like it was in previous releases of this mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, the latest update makes it possible to turn off Find My iPhone application without having to enter your password.
The problem with the code allows thieves to also delete iCloud and restore the handset or tablet gadget without passing the Lock Screen option which requires entering Apple ID and password. The news has been reported by 9to5mac source. The problem has been faced by a user with the iPhone 4S. He managed to disable iOS 7.1 Find My iPhone app using Settings – iCloud preferences by clicking on the toggle and Delete Account option. This trick allowed deleted iCloud and restoring with ease.
The device didn’t ask for Apple ID which is a big problem if it is discovered by bad guys. Is there a way to protect yourself? It looks like you should turn on your Passcode lock or enable Touch ID option because this way third-party users will not be able to enter your Settings and do everything else. Do not leave your iPhone unlocked so that no one can play with it and get hold of your personal information or steal your smartphone forever.

How to Turn Off iPhone 4 / 5 / 4S with Broken Power Button

Turn Off iPhone With a Broken Power Button [Tricks]

No devices are perfect. Sometimes they break and you start to experience problems till you fix the gadget. iPhone broken power button is something that can bring you headache since it stops working.

If your power button breaks you are not able to easily turn off your display and power off the smartphone. Thus you can’t save the battery life for long as your iPhone doesn’t even sleep when you wish it to.

iPhone broken power button


iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Genius to Speak at JailbreakCon Soon

The well-known hacker iH8sn0w is planning to attend JailbreakCon event this April. He will speak at this conference, and this news is already confirmed by this iOS jailbreak genius. By the way, Steven De Franco [aka iH8sn0w] managed to jailbreak iOS 7.1 iPhone 4S.

JailbreakCon is a popular event among hackers and fans of Apple device jailbreak. This year it will take place in San Francisco on April 12-13. The conference will be attended by a lot of famous people.
The jailbreak convention is not free to attend if you are interested to hear about iOS 7.1 jailbreak and other things related to hacking. According to expectations, iH8sn0w might demonstrate his jailbroken ideas for iPhone 4S model with the most recent firmware version. This is the founder of the event Craig Fox hopes for.
JailbreakCon 2014 will also be attended by the Evad3rs team members and Cydia creator @saurik. Such an event is a good chance for people to meet hackers, devs and jailbreakers who will discuss different tweaks, exploits etc.
It is known that some Apple employees visited this event in the past to help improve iOS firmware. Such information is shared by Craig Fox. It costs $10 to attend if you are under 18 and $30 if you are older 18. This price includes lunches for two days.
Tickets can be purchased at