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Redeem Gift Card and Promo Code with iTunes on PC [Instruction]

Sometimes you might get a present from your friends that you have no idea how to use. It could be the App Store gift card or iBooks, iTunes gift card or even promo code for iOS applications. Here is how you ca redeem promo code through iTunes or gift cards. The instruction is simple and it works for all these presents.

You need to have a computer in order to redeem gift card with iTunes. Windows PC or Mac is good enough. It takes a couple of moments to redeem codes and gift cards using iTunes.


Step 1. Launch iTunes on your computer.


Step 2. You need to select the iTunes Store menu. You can find it on the top menu bar.


Step 3. You will see the Redeem option right below the Quick Links menu on the store’s page. It is located in the right side of the main page. Press it.


Step 4. The program will now ask you for the password you are using with iTunes purchases. Don’t worry and enter it to continue. Sometimes the program will let you go without this step if you have been using it before this instruction and already entered the password.


Step 5. Select Use Camera option to redeem your code. Just hold the gift card in front of your computer or laptop camera that will capture the code.


Step 6. If you don’t like to play with camera you can always enter your code manually. Just do this in the special field and choose Redeem.

Step 7. There will be a screen that confirms you have redeemed your code and the credit will appear on your balance in iTunes. You can now press Done and get back to the store with iOS apps and games.

You can repeat this guide for all codes you wish to redeem through Redeem Another Code menu.

Isn’t it truly easy to redeem gift cards and promos via iTunes?


Infinity Blade 2 iOS Game Becomes Free in the App Store

Fans of iOS game promotions can now get Infinity Blade 2 and play a game on iPhone and iPad for free. This app is now completely free and you can download it from the App Store or through iTunes on your computer.

Since it is not clear when the promotion is over you might like to grab your version of Infinity Blade 2 for free in the App Store right away. The description to this program says “it is free for a limited time” and fans of free staff should hurry to be able to get it before the price goes up.


Such promotions are held each year. Developers are trying to make their programs more popular allowing users to get the no-cost games and apps during specific time.

This game, for example, can be played on all iDevices, including iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. You should have the operating system version 4.3+. Users who spent money on Infinity Blade 2 assure that this game worth the money meaning you will definitely like it for free now as there is no need to pay.


Infinity Blade 2 free download link is right here. You might be glad to know that the application is using Unreal Engine 3. It is a good development which is proven by 20+ awards won by game creators for this app.

The app features both single-player mode and multiplayer. We hope you will enjoy this news!


iOS News-Reading Program Reeder 2 Updated with Tweaks

iOS Reeder update is offered for iDevice users. This news-reading application is pretty popular among businessmen and users who like to keep a hand on the life’s pulse. The upgrade is healthy and it brings not only the background refresh but also some changes to the interface.

Reeder tweaks allow turning off favicons, add enhancements in app navigation and other things. Reeder 2 for iPhone and iPad now shows the latest news and stories at once and there is no need to search for them when you start this application.

 Developers have added the progress bar for in-application browser. The version 2.2 is also good for users who like to add more websites to their RSS feed and the update takes this in mind. You can add feeds from anywhere. For example, you can add them from catalogs and search engines. This is a handy and really easy-to-use feature. Isn’t it cool to have all your beloved sources in one spot?
You can tie in different accounts and share news stories with Facebook friends, Twitter users, through Buffer, Pocket and other services. You can catch all the most interesting news via Reeder which costs $4.99 on iTunes. Download the application from here or update if you have it already installed on your smartphone or tablet.
The program works with all gadgets that have iOS 6.1 and up. The App Store says that this application is optimized for the iPhone 5, but both 5s and 5c are not mentioned.

WWDC News: Banners Appear at Moscone Center

Even though WWDC 2014 starts on Monday only, the Moscone Center in San Francisco can already boast the first banners. Apple is preparing for this important event and you can take a look at the WWDC banners 2014 inside this post.

The banners are hung in the Moscone West lobby. Developers should prepare as one of the banners states ‘Write the Code. Change the World.’

There will be surely more banners coming up this week since the conference opens on Monday. WWDC news will go wild on June 2 with Apple being expected to present its new iOS 8, operating system for Mac and a lot of other curious facts and information. Devs will learn more about the firmware update and test it with their games and applications.

wwdc banners 2014

The most curious banners with particular details on Apple’s keynotes will be kept in mystery until Monday. Get prepared. The event will go live video streaming at 10.00 AM Pacific Time. You can follow the conference through WWDC iOS application and Safari browser on Mac. Windows users can keep a track of events through QuickTime 7, and, of course, all the iDevice and OS X world sites will cover the most interesting keynotes starting June 2, 2014.


Apple Releases iTunes Update 11.2.2 with Fixes to Problems

Windows and OS X users are welcome to download iTunes 11.2.2 updated by Apple this week. The company offers iTunes fix to older problems. For example, you should no longer experience unforeseen downloads which is nice for customers who had this issue in the previous versions of the program.


The company offers some improvements to its overall stability. Podcasts have also been fixed. Some users might remember how their podcasts episode were downloaded without their will after updating. Now this should not be a problem to you as sudden downloads should not happen in version 11.2.2.


According to the launch notes, iTunes update 11.2.2 is more stable and without download bug. If you wish to upgrade, you can either download iTunes from Apple’s site or launch Mac App Store and grab it from this updates menu. The download is free as always.


WhatsApp Server Down for iDevices

Fans of WhatsApp that is not working should not worry. Just like iMessage issue there is the problem with the app servers and not your iPhone or iPad. WhatsApp servers are down and you are not the only one who experienced problems with the program.

WhatsApp not opening make a lot of users frustrated this weekend. This instant message is highly used by a lot of people from all over the world. The service belongs to Facebook which bought it for nearly $20 million.


It is unclear for how long the popular WhatsApp server is going to be down but the company is surely working on this issue and soon you will be able to use your favorite program if you can’t do this already. This is just a note to say that everything is to be fixed and solved soon.

WhatsApp offline problem is experienced once in a while. But the servers get back to work [this can happen to any project] as soon as possible so the outage doesn’t last long. If the problem continues you can simply use an alternative application and wait till WhatsApp begins to work again.


iMessage Delivery Failure on iOS 7 Has Worsened

The well-known and standing for a long time iMessage deliver failure on iOS 7 and other firmwares is worsened by the server glitch, according to Apple. This company has to deal with the bug but hasn’t found any solution that guarantees the positive result yet.

Customers who want to start using Android or other smartphones instead of their old iPhone experience iMessage delivery issues that gets only worsened. The messages get lost and their recipient never receives them. This becomes truly frustrating when you are not able to get messages from your friends with iPhones.


The messages keep being delivered to the iOS cell phone that is not active once you switch to another device. Your new cell phone doesn’t get them as they are forwarded incorrectly to your previous gadget.

Apple iMessage bug depends on the server because this is an alternative text messaging network created by the iPhone maker. When customers switch to a different device the server can’t identify the gadget and delivery fails. If you wish to keep your old phone number but stop using iPhone you are highly advised to disable iMessage before you deactivate your iDevice. This might help the server to understand that your number is no longer attached to the iPhone allowing the correct messages delivery to your new Android smartphone.

You should also make sure that you change the number of your iMessage devices that you have attached to your iCloud account before you start using the new gadget. Sadly, it is impossible to delete your number from the iMessage server this way so that problem can still appear even if your iMessage is off. The problem can’t be fixed at the moment by Apple because of the server glitch.


iTunes Connect 3 Released [Download Link]

The Cupertino-based iPhone makes has updated its iTunes Connect 3 adding TV management and other options to it. iTunes update comes with new iOS 7 design, new icon, movie, iBooks and music categories. You can download it if you are developing games and apps for iDevices and Macs.

We’ll share the direct iTunes Connect 3 download link so you can go right ahead to install it and test all the updated options. Apple has improved its product making it even more comfortable for media producers and devs. The application can now be used as real one-stop-shop program.



Developers use iTunes Connect with iOS 7 like design to get reviews from their customers, follow the iTunes Store news, App and iBooks stores innovations to improve their work. This program is also used for reviewing new applications and games before they appear in the official App Store.



iTunes connect update is available for download here. This is free of charge.


Apple is to Release iOS 7.1.2 Upgrade for iPhone and iPad

Apple is reportedly about to present its iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad and other iDevices. According to rumors, this firmware version is meant to fix the email encryption bug and the long-existed problems with iMessage forwarding when you switch the iOS gadget to a different brand.

It is hard to say the exact iOS 7.1.2 release date yet, but once the links for download iOS 7.1.2 become available we will let you know. There is just one week until iOS 8 is unveiled to public during the WWDC keynote. Some experts think that a number of Apple’s devices is already using iOS 7.1.2 to visit websites which means the soon public release of this upgrade.


The activity is not too high, but these beginning stages of testing can only mean the soon widespread of the minor update for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. There is a number of problems experienced by users with iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 and Apple is rumored to be working on the fix which should be released in the next firmware version.

Since Apple assures it knows about the problems with email attachments encryption and iMessages, it is trying to fix the bug. One users has even filed a lawsuit against the company for not being able to get messages from friends because they are being forwarded to the old iPhone and not new gadget.

Both issues should be solved once iOS 7.1.2 release becomes available.


iPhone Switch iMessage Issues: Lawsuit Against Apple

iMessage issues that troubled some people who decided to leave their iPhone for another brand looked too frustrating to one person. The former iPhone owner who decided to start using an Android gadget filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the problem related to iMessage app which stops forwarding text messages to the new device.

 The news was reported by BusinessInsider. It states that the former Apple consumer had to file iMessage lawsuit because she ceased receiving text messages from other iPhone users once she started using a non-iOS gadget. This problem exists for years, and the iPhone maker knows about it.
Some users who switch their iPhone for a different brand handset stop getting messages sent from iPhone owners to their new cell phone. iMessages continues forwarding all the messages to the old disabled iPhone preventing the users from getting them. Texts simple disappear and the new active gadget never sees them.
The lawsuit against iPhone switch iMessage bug has been filed in California [San Jose]. It is now seeking class action status, and maybe the fruit giant will finally provide a fix to this long going problem. Otherwise, other users who are not satisfied with the same problem will do the same thing and file their lawsuits against Apple.
If you happen to be about to switch from iPhone to a different brand cell phone you are highly advised to turn off iMessage before you disable your old iOS smartphone. This might help to solve the problem however this fix doesn’t work for everyone.