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Flappy Bird iPhone Download to Be Available in the App Store This Summer

Dong Nguyen who deleted his application Flappy Bird from the App Store because it was very popular and highly addictive assures that the app will make a return in August. iPhone and iPad users who missed seeing Flappy Bird in the App Store will be glad to hear this news.

Just like hackers predicted once hearing the news about the game being deleted from the store, the dev who created it made the app even more popular and decided to bring it back. Flappy Bird return is planned for the end of the summer. It should be refreshed, according to Nguyen. The developer wants to bring multiplayer mode to his game and make it “less addictive.”

flappy bird return


How to Jailbreak iOS 7.1 iPhone 4 with Geeksn0w

Geeksn0w iPhone 4 jailbreak that also supports some models of iPod touch and iPad offers semi tethered solution for users with iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1. This is the free tool which you can easily download it here.

We’ll share an instruction on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 using Geeksn0w. Before we proceed, let’s see what semi tethered status means.
Geeksn0w iPhone 4 Jailbreak Walkthrough for iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1
You know that tethered jailbreaks require users to reboot their handset or tablet device in order to keep the jailbreak using the initial jailbreak program. This is not very comfortable. Untethered jailbreak are the best ones as there is no need to reboot or do anything else. You are jailbroken until you update to a newer firmware version. Semi tethered jailbreak allows your rebooting your smartphone yourself however to preserve its jailbroken features you still need to connect to your computer and boot with the initial tool.
Geeksn0w Jailbreak 7.1 / 7.1.1 Guide
Step 1.Before you use Geeksn0w jailbreak 7.1 download link you need to backup your iPhone 4 through iTunes.
Step 2. You are also advised to turn off your pass code lock feature.
Step 3. You can now download the most recent version of Geeksn0w for Mac or Windows.
Step 4. Install JDK [Java Development Kit] on your computer. Make sure to use the latest release.
Step 5.Launch Geeksn0w program you have downloaded in Step 3 as an administrator [right click on the .exe file and select this option].
Step 6. Use USB cable to connect your smartphone to Mac or Windows PC.
Step 7. Press on Jailbreak in Geeksn0w [you need to choose your model from CDMA, GSM Revision A and GSM].
Step 8. Put the Apple smartphone into DFU state.
Step 9. The program will do everything on its own.
Step 10.You should now see Cydia on your iOS 7.1 iPhone 4 screen [it is believed to be a not official version of Cydia].
If You Need to Make Tethered Jailbreak Semi Tethered for iOS 7.1
Users who downloaded earlier versions of Geeksn0w and tethered jailbroke their iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1 can easily convert this status into semi tethered using Geeksn0w version 2.9. To do this, you need to simply upgrade to the newer program.
Step 1.Launch Cydia on your jailbroken smartphone.
Step 2. Go to Manage – Packages – Edit – Add.
Step 3. You need to add this repository to your files.
Step 4. You are now able to download Geeeksn0w 2.9 from the repo above.

New iOS 7.1 Security Flaw Can Expose Your Contacts

iOS 7.1 just like the newer iOS 7.1.1 show new security problems users might come across. The latest iOS 7.1 security flaw discovered can potentially allow anyone see your contacts without unlocking the iPhone. This can be another iOS 7.1 problem especially if you don’t want anyone to access your contact list on Apple smartphone.

The problem was reported by Sherif Hashim who is a security researcher from Egypt. The issue, according to Hashim, is with Siri Voice assistant. It can help third-party users to bypass your lock screen on iOS 7.1 handset and see all your contacts.


iOS 7.1 Siri problems might not harm  you too much but this is still unpleasant if someone can find your contact list. As the expert notes, Siri can be asked to look into your contacts while the iPhone has a locked screen. Just type a “Call a” phrase and the program will show the contacts list to you.

The iOS 7.1 security issues mentioned above were found on iPhone 5S. Some people tried to repeat this method with iPhone 5c running iOS 7.1.1 firmware but failed to get the full list of contacts. Maybe the issue is faced on the iPhone 5S models only, who knows…

There are not comments from Apple regarding this security risk. Siri will not help you if you instruct it to show “Contacts” as it will ask you to unlock your iPhone first. Users who are afraid of the problem can turn off Siri in their lockscreen and be safe or simply install iOS 7.1.1 update as it closes a lot of holes in previous firmware version. The issue won’t allow anyone accessing your iPhone contacts distantly. People need to have it physically in their hands to bypass lockscreen option this way. It looks like your model and operating system version matter.


Geeksn0w Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1: Fake or Not?

iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 cannot be jailbroken with Evasi0n7 at the moment, but there is another program that states it can semi tethered jailbreak your iOS 7.1 device. This is Geeksn0wjailbreak for iOS 7.1 Apple smartphone that supports only ONE cell phone, iPhone 4, some iPod touch models and iPads. In other works, if you have iPhone 5S, 5c, 5 and 4S you cannot use Geeksn0w jailbreak on them.

You can follow this guide on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 using GeekSn0w, recent tool from hackers. 

The program has been developed by Andrea Bentivegnaknown as @Blackgeektuto. He is not associated with the famous teams in the jailbreaking community, yet his tool is free to download and use. Don’t expect Geeksn0w iPhone 4 iOS 7.1 jailbreak development to work as other tools. You need to install JDK on your Mac or Windows PC before jailbreaking. The status you will get is semi tethered. There is no untethered solution for the two latest versions of iOS7 released yet. Most hackers are believed to be working on the next iOS8 jailbreak development and they have no time to release programs for current firmware versions.
There is not many iOS 7.1 jailbreak news at the moment. Still a lot of users wonder if Geeksn0w jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 is real or not. We’ll assure you this is a real solution. As always, if you choose to jailbreak you will do this at your own risk since any jailbreaking voids Apple warranty.
At the moment this tool is updated to version 2.9. It is believed to be stable enough to be used by users. Once again, iOS 7.1 Geeksn0w jailbreak is available for iPhone 4 only [it also works for iPod touch and iPad devices]. Users who have used this tool in the past and got tethered status can download Geeksn0w 2.9 and transfer their tethered jailbreak to semi tethered.
The jailbreak is not a fake so you have nothing to worry about.

Quick iPhone Warranty Check Instruction [Works on Mac and All iDevices]

Users who have Apple products might sometimes need to check their warranty status on iPhone or other device, including iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The company usually gives its consumers 1year warranty that works against hardware problems and defects connected with manufacturing the device.

Some people prefer extending this warranty time paying additional fee for their AppleCare program. It actually doesn’t mean that much what your warranty is as we are talking about how to check warranty on Apple gadgets in this post. Use this guide to learn more about your iDevice regarding its coverage.

iphone warranty check

How to Check Warranty on iPhone

The instruction supports all current iDevices and Macs. You can do it yourself or order the service from one of the companies [there are many services that offer this deal today].

Step 1. iPhone warranty check should be started from knowing your serial number.

Step 2. Users who don’t know where to look for their serial number can go here [this is the support page designed by Apple]. The number can be looked up through iTunes, on the smartphone’s surface or within its software.

Step 3. Open Safari browser and visit this page [this is the official source created by Apple].

Step 4. You should enter your serial number [it is possible to use IMEI code as well which you can find by dialing *#06#].

Step 5. Click to Continue.

Step 6. There will be the page with the warranty status of your iPhone, Mac or whatever device you tried to check.

This is simple, isn’t it? You can always buy a new coverage online if you wish to extend your warranty with AppleCare. If your warranty is still active you can contact the company’s support to find out whether you can repair your iDevice using your warranty. We hope this post has helped you.


Evad3rs Mention iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Development

There were no reports from Evad3rs on iOS 7.1 jailbreak until recently. Hackers have finally spoke about this program and its development state. We can’t say that it will be released tomorrow. No, this jailbreak is not ready and no one can tell the exact date when untethered iOS 7.1 jailbreak is released for public.

Hacker later said there would be no jailbreak for iOS 7.1 as they concentrate on the next big update for iOS 8. At the same time, Pod2g hacker who earlier mentionedthat hackers would work on program development only if they had enough energy now say that everything is not that bad.

The community is searching everywhere for the tool to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1, especially users who didn’t mean to update but somehow have installed one of these versions of Apple mobile firmware. Since the iPhone maker stopped signing older operating systems it is now impossible for these users to downgrade back to iOS 7 and iOS 6.
A lot of sites promise to give you a solution, but don’t believe them. They will not untether your iPhone 5S, 5c, 5 and 4S running 7.1 or 7.1.1 versions. It is currently impossible. Even Evad3rs asked people to not update to this software and stay on iOS 7.0.6, 7.0.4, 7 and earlier versions which can be easily jailbroken.
iOS 7.1 Evad3rs jailbreak might be released at once if it is found in the next month, but if it takes hackers a few months to develop it they will wait for the major Apple firmware upgrade and present the solution later this year.

Hacker Pod2g Speaks about iOS 7.1.1 / 7.1 Jailbreak Untethered

The two latest versions of Apple firmware, iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1, are currently non-jailbroken. Let’s see what hackers say about iOS 7.1 jailbreak status and when we can expect to see this program officially released to public. Pod2g is one of hackers who is working on the jailbreak and he has confirmed that the work is in progress.

A lot of users can’t wait to have their iPhone or iPad untethered jailbroken. Many of them haven’t updated to iOS 7.1 and are still using 7.0.6, 7.0.4 and earlier firmware releases in order to preserve jailbreak status and download all the Cydia tweaks, apps and games they can.
iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Status Confirmed by Pod2g
Evasi0n, Evasi0n7 and other tools are capable of jailbreaking earlier iOS versions. However, the exploits they use were patched by Apple starting with iOS 7.1 release. iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak status remains a curious question for most of us. Hackers were silent for a while. Rumors said that they are actually working on jailbreaking iOS 8 instead of two current versions.
Apple is no longer signing version lower than 7.0 meaning it is impossible to downgrade iPhone from 7.1 to 6 or even 7. WWDC is coming next month. Hackers and developers are waiting for this event as the Cupertino-based giant might unveil its next firmware and other products. The Evad3rs team is believed to leave their exploits for this update.
Pod2g who has been in jailbreaking iDevice for several years mentioned jailbreak iOS 7.1 untetehred plans. According to him, this release won’t happen today or any time in the near future. He said that he “started to find some staff” and this “is possible.” He also assured that if hackers found the jailbreak solution in 1 month they would “release it” however if this “happens in 3 months, we might have to wait for iOS 8.”

Disable Cellular on Your iPhone: How To Instruction

iPhone 5, 5S, 5c, 4S, 4 users who often travel abroad might need to disable cellular on their iPhone. Most people have limited data and some just use too much of it and get huge bills every month. You can turn off cellular data on iPhone 5 and other models and not worry about how much data you consume at the moment.

The guide is quick and it will safe you from overage charges. This is great and nice. Parents can use it to prevent their children from going past their data cap. Anyway, a lot of people might find this handy and useful.

disable cellular on iphone

Cellular Data iPhone Off Guide

Proceed through these steps when you use cellular data on iPhone overseas or in your home country for disabling it on your iDevice.

Step 1. It’s time to go to your Settings application as this is where different adjustments are made.

Step 2. Click on Cellular option.

Step 3. Turn off your Cellular Data feature.

The guide also works on cellular-capable iPad models [just select Cellular Data for Step 2].

Isn’t it simple and fast? How much do you like your cellular data being off? By the way, you can disable your Data Roaming in Step 3 if you need it to be off. This option tells your handset or tablet to not use roaming option on different networks other than the carrier of yours.


How to Fix Broken iPhone 5 Charger Port

If you have an iPhone 5 that doesn’t charge because the iPhone 5 charger port is not working, you can fix this problem yourself. Maybe the port’s pin is broken or liquid caused this issue. There is no need to buy a new smartphone when you are able to fix your broken iPhone charger port using this DIY instruction.

It might look difficult how you can replace  and fix your dock connector on iPhone 5S, but this method saves your money so it is worth trying. Users who are worried about their warranty should take the cell phone to Apple retail store to officially repair it. Users who don’t care about Apple warranty can replace their dock connector on iPhone 5 on their own.
iPhone 5 Charger Port Repair Instruction
You need to have the following parts to fix the problem: a new dock connector, a 5-point security screwdriver, a suction cup, a spudger, a razor blade, standard Phillips screwdriver [#000] and iSesamo opening tool.
Step 1. Preparation
When the charger port on iPhone 5 is broken, you should firstly turn off your iDevice.
Step 2. Remove Your Display
This should be done in several steps. Firstly, you need to remove 2 screw in the smartphone’s bottom using the security screwdriver. Be gentle while pulling up the bottom portion of your screen by placing the suction cup above your Home button. 
Secondly, take the 3 screws out that are located in the shield using your #000 screwdriver. Thirdly, use the spudger to separate the display from the 3 cables.
Step 3. Take Out Your Battery
Take the #000 screwdriver and unscrew 2 screws on the shield that covers iPhone 5 battery connector. Pry this connector with the spudger and be gentle now. 
Take the iSesamo opening tool and carefully lift the battery upwards beginning from the top left corner and proceeding in the opening between your battery and iPhone body. Move the tool along the left side and pry battery upwards. Remove it. 
Step 4. Remove Your Dock Connector shield
Take the #000 screwdriver and remove the screw that connects the Lightning dock connector shield. The spudger will help you to pry up that cable and another cable. The screwdriver can help to remove 7 screws to remove the dock. Be gentle with cables [underneath dock] to not tear them apart don’t break your rear casing with headphone jack. 
To slide your loud speaker you can use spudger in between loud speaker and a cable. Remove all the cables and carefully free the dock assembly. 
You should also carefully disconnect the cable that connects your loud speaker to the dock assembly.
Step 5. iPhone 5 Fix for Charging Port
Take the new charger port [dock connector] and place the loud speaker part on it.
Step 6. Assemble Dock Connector Part
Check that all the rubber gaskets and silver rings are back into place. Use the #000 screwdriver to carefully locate the 3 screws on the iPhone 5 Lightning dock. Line it up perfectly before doing this. It is best to secure beginning from left and going to the right side. Replace the screws you took away and carefully position all the cables back into place.
Step 7. Assemble iPhone 5
You should now repeat Step 4, 3, 2 and 1. When you carefully screwed all the screws back in place, located cables and connected them to the dock, you can test your iPhone 5. Turn it on and connect to your wall charger. Connect the smartphone to iTunes to make sure the program recognizes it.

Truth About Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Evasi0n Solution for iPhone and iPad

Hackers from the infamous Evad3rs team who are best known for releasing Evasi0n untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 and iOS 7 iDevices say they get a lot of messages from users who keep asking how to jailbreak iOS 7.1 iPhone and iPad.

All these emails have similar questions from Apple fans, including “Can I jailbreak iOS 7.1 with Evasi0n” and similar messages. Everyone knows that it is impossible to install Cydia if your iPhone or iPad is not jailbroken. Cydia is a jailbroken app store with great jailbreak tweaks and applications that you can use after you successfully jailbreak.

Evad3rs team cannot jailbreak your gadgets now because there is no iOS 7.1 jailbreak tool. Evasi0n does not support iPhone 5S, 5c, 5 and 4S with iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1 so you should be patient and wait till such program is available.

Some sites ask you to pay for such jailbreak but they are all fake, according to the Evad3rs [these hackers know what they are talking about so trust them and do no pay for fake promises].
Right now the four Apple smartphone models mentioned above [iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5c] canbe jailbreak with Evasi0n only if they are running iOS 7 up to iOS 7.0.6. No later version of this mobile firmware can be jailbroken for these cell phones.
The only handset that can be jailbroken is the iPhone 4 which has iOS 7.1 installed on it and this jailbreak known as GeekSn0w supports only Windows PC.
Everyone with the newest iPhones are advised to wait till the confirmed download links for Evasi0n 7 become available and hackers officially announce this jailbreak. Till then you can become only another victim of scam sites that want to get your money but never deliver the actual jailbreak for 7.1 operating system.