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iPhone Turns Off by Itself: How to Fix Guide

iphone shut down

If your iPhone shuts off once in a while, don’t stay frustrated. Do something! You can fix it when the iPhone turns off randomly. This issue might not be common but some people do experience it. If you are among these users, just follow the instruction below and resolve your problem with the smartphone.

iPhone shut down problem usually happens where you have some charge left which should be enough but somehow your gadget doesn’t want to stay on. Based on complaints from users, the issue is experienced by some iOS customers. It mostly occurs with users who have the iPhone 5 model.

If your iPhone turns off by itself, you can try these methods to fix the problem.

iphone shuts off

iPhone Shut Off Fix Guide

Firstly, try to reset your smartphone. Actually, you can try resetting each time you have a problem with the device. It might help to fix the issue if it’s not serious. Just hold Power button and Home button at once for about 10 seconds [Home and Sleep/Wake ones]. Once you see Apple logo you can let go off them.

Secondly, you can try to charge your device. Simply connect it to your charger and see if it helps to turn the handset back on. Maybe the problem is with your battery. If this helps out you can be ok unless the same issue occurs again. If the situation repeats just take your iPhone 5 to Apple service center if it is still under warranty to have your battery replaced.

Thirdly, you can install iOS 7.1.2 which is the latest firmware available or wait until Apple officially releases iOS 8. The problem might be fixed with software upgrade.

Fourthly, you might try to restore the gadget if nothing else helps. Maybe this can help to fix everything and your iPhone will stop shutting down randomly.


Is It Legal to Unlock iPhone 5 / 5S / 5c in the U.S. in 2014?

Will phone unlocking bill get U.S. President’s signature? This bill was already approved by House of Representatives and it has all chances to change the future of unlocking iPhones and other smartphones in the United States.

Cell phone unlocking illegal 2013 event made a lot of users unhappy. A huge number of handsets is sold locked in the U.S. and people get linked to one carrier only with its plans, services and prices. Of course, most customers dream about the times when it becomes possible to unlock iPhone in legal way, and these times might be just around the corner.

unlock iphone legal way

Is it legal to unlock iPhone 5 or any other model right now? Yes, it is thought numerous countries help people to become SIM free. This is illegal and there were penalties but it does help a lot of people across the world as being unlocked means you can choose your carrier, change SIM cards, select data plans based on the cheapest price and best quality etc.

The price of the unlocked iPhone is much higher so the resell value also goes up. Having an unlocked model saves your money, nerves and time, especially if you travel abroad and can use local networks with your gadget.

The current cell phone unlock illegal situation might change soon. There is just one step to making this process official and legal. The new unlocking bill is highly supported by users and government.

The President of the USA signed this bill, the bill became law meaning anyone who wishes to unlock iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5c from any carrier can easily do this and not get in trouble.