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Apple Stops Signing iOS 7.1.2: No Dowgrade from iOS 8 Any More

ios 8 downgrade to 7.1.2

Did you want to downgrade your iPhone to iOS 7.1.2? It is no longer possible to use iOS 8 downgrade to 7.1.2 instructions because Apple stopped signing iOS 7.1.2 firmware. Users who have installed iOS 8, 8.0.1, 8.0.2 and now think this was a wrong thing to do because there is no jailbreak solution for firmware 8 yet, have to wait and stay updated because they can’t downgrade from iOS 8.

According to hacker iH8sn0w who has developed a lot of useful programs and jailbreaks for Apple fans, the famous Cupertino-based company doesn’t sign iOS 7.1.2 from Friday, September 26. The window that allowed people to go back to iOS 7 via iTunes is officially closed.

can’t downgrade from ios 8

No one can’t downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 or any other iOS 7 firmware version. You can only downgrade from iOS 8.0.2 to 8.0.1 or 8. That’s it. If you have iPod touch, iPad or iPhone downgrade to 7.1.2 is not available to you.

Users who have installed iOS 8 and up have to stay on this firmware. Evasi0n and Pangu cannot jailbreak iOS 8 right now. Maybe hackers will release a tool with untethered jailbreak in the future. Keep an eye on jailbreaking news if you want to be able to install Cydia apps now as you are running firmware version 8 and up without the ability to get back to iOS 7.


Use Direct Links to Download iOS 8.0.2 Firmware

The Apple company released iOS 8.0.2 Thursday night to the public. It is subsequent removal  of iOS 8.0.1, after widespread reports of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users  when updating to iOS 8.0.1 firmware. They encountered with update kills their cell signals and rendered Touch ID useless.

The update is also available for iPad 2 and newer models, iPhone 4s and newer models, as well as iPod touch 5th generation via an over-the-air update or directly through iTunes. The new release includes all of keyboard fixes and the HealthKit, also the ability to actually make phone calls and connect to a cellular data network, as well as several other bugs.

Only here you can download iOS 8.0.2 firmware using direct links.

The iOS 8.0.2 update also resolve a problem whereby third-party keyboards wouldn’t stick when activated in apps. It means it would default back to Apple’s stock keyboard. Apple released the following statement alongside the update:

iOS 8.0.2 is now available for users, it fixes an issue that affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who downloaded iOS 8.0.1, and includes improvements and bug fixes originally in 8.0.1. We apologize for inconveniencing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who were impacted by the bug in 8.0.1.

It remains unclear what exactly went wrong with iOS 8.0.1’s release on Wednesday. Users proceeded to do an update through iTunes reported no problems. However those who installed it using the over the air update feature ran into the issues immediately. Apple quickly pulled the update. But it was already too late for many users who had already updated. Also they lost cell signal and the ability to use Touch ID. For those who got in to such troubles here is download iOS 8.0.2 firmware using direct links:


iPhone 6 Touch ID Hacked by Security Researcher

iPhone 6 Touch ID hack is possible, at least security researcher from Lookout who proved this a year ago repeats the experiment. Is Touch ID hacked on the most recent iPhone 6? According to Marc Rogers, it is hacked and it can be hacked, but the expert is still assure that Apple customers are safe right now and can use their brand new generation smartphones and not worry about hacks for iPhone 6.

iphone 6 touch id hack

Rogers doesn’t explain how to hack iPhone 6. Though it might look simple and easy, this is actually pretty difficult. Thus, expert believes that users can safely use their handset and depend on Touch ID sensor. Creating iPhone 6 fake fingerpint is very hard. Rogers did this by boiling a copy of a fingerprint that he got from a different surface. And once he got a fake print he used to to trick the Touch ID iPhone 6 sensor and unlock it to the home screen.

It’s not that simple to make a fake fingerprint for tricking iPhone 6 Touch ID as you have to create a print, make a high-resolution copy of it with the help of a specific printer and transfer it to a special film. Making molds is a real science that can’t be achieve by ordinary users.

It costs over $1,000 to make such a print and it takes several hours. The first attempt will never be successful. As Rogers say, this way very difficult and took him unlimited attempts to succeed. Criminals don’t have so many attempts and can’t spend so much time to unlock the gadget.

iPhone 6 users are safe… for now. Watch the video with iPhone 6 Touch ID hack:


Follow The Instruction On How To Downgrade iOS 8.0.1

The iOS 8.0.1 update was filled with bugs that broke Touch ID and cellular data for many iOS users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus features. If you face with such troubles or you just don’t like it, you need to downgrade to iOS 8.0. Here’s the instruction on how to downgrade iOS 8.0.1  to iOS 8.0.

Please follow these steps:

1.    Please don’t forget to backup your iOS device to iCloud or using iTunes. So you will save your information and can recover your data from the backup if anything happened wrong.

2.    Connect the device running iOS 8.0.1  to your computer.

3.    Download the appropriate iOS 8 firmware (.ipsw) file for your device.

4.    Open the device page on iTunes, and hold the Option key (Shift for Windows users) while clicking the Check For Update button. Please note that it is important to hold the Alt/Option key or Shift key when you click on the Check for Update button directly, you will get an error message that iOS 8.0.1 is the current version.

5.    Find the IPSW firmware file that you downloaded in Step 1, select it, and click Open.

6.    iTunes will inform that it will erase and restore your iOS device to iOS 8 and will verify the restore with Apple.

7.    Click the Update button to proceed.

8.    iTunes should now downgrade your iOS device to iOS 8.

9.    Wait until your device updates, and enjoy your iOS 8.0 installation, with working Touch ID and cellular data!

It is really useful method. Because you don’t lose any of your phone’s settings or data. All staff: pictures, music, messages, email, etc. should be ready and waiting for you till you downgrade iOS 8.0.1 to iOS 8.


Leagal iOS 8 iPhone Unlock in U.S. and Worldwide!

Till August 2014 it was illegal to unlock iOS 8 iPhone without your carrier’s permission, but it is now officially allowed to do once President Barack Obama signed the unlocking bill into law. This is wonderful news for anyone who is getting ready to purchase the locked iPhone 6 and order iOS 8 unlock at once.

You will not have to ask your mobile operator whether you are allowed to unlock iPhone 5S on iOS 8 or any other model [5c, 5 or 4S as earlier versions are not supported by this firmware]. The official release of the iOS 8 operating system should happen in September.

Once you order unlock for iPhone 6 iOS 8 or other handset version you will be able to insert different SIM cards and switch your carriers with ease. This makes you ready to use ALL carrier’s SIMs in any country of the world.

How can you unlock iPhone 5 iOS 8 [iPhone 5S, 5c and 4S]?

There are a lot of methods you can choose from now on. There are older R-SIM unlocker or Ultrasn0w, X-SIM and Gevey-SIM tools and newer factory unlock by IMEI. From now on all these methods are legal so it’s up to you which one to choose. Everything will depend on your iPhone model and support for iOS 8 which is not officially released yet.

The only permanent method that exists right now is factory IMEI unlock which guarantees the result, doesn’t install anything on your smartphone and the best part – doesn’t void Apple warranty.

The beta version of iOS 8 which is already available to all registered developers and some users [it is possible to install betas without the UDID number] can be also unlocked if you wish. It was unveiled on June 2, 2014. Developers are working the whole summer testing it and searching for bugs.

Before you select the method to unlock iPhone 4S iOS 8, you should know that this model gets new baseband 5.4.00 after update. The iPhone 5S and 5c models have the same baseband 3.09.01 once you install iOS 8 on them and the iPhone 5 iOS 8 baseband is 7.03.00. Some tools work with particular modem firmwares so it’s better to know how baseband changes after iOS 8 update.

Apple offers a lot of new features for its next firmware. It is also rumored that the next iPhone 6 would cost more than the current iPhone 5S, thus it could be better to stay on version 4S, 5, 5c and 5S with legal unlock instead of purchasing the new device.

It is said that Gevey SIM and R-SIM will definitely support iOS 8 devices once the firmware is available to public. Factory IMEI unlocking method also works on all operating systems, iPhones and basebands so there will be no problem with ordering this method of becoming SIM free.

Don’t worry about your carrier, as it will surely be possible to unlock iOS 8 smartphones for all big mobile companies like unlock AT&T carrier from the U.S. or carriers from Germany, France, Canada, Australia, the UK, Sweden, Italy and other countries. Al you’ll have to do is visit the unlocking company’s site and order iOS 8 iPhone 5S, 5, 5c or 4S unlock which is legal!


You are Not Alone With iOS 8 WiFi Problems

Most of new released software includes its small amount of bugs and detected issues. The same situation with iOS 8. And if you’ve recently got iOS 8 for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you’re not alone if you’ve encountered some iOS 8 WiFi problems. Just like with iOS 8 battery drain fix we all have the common question – why iOS 8 WiFi not working?

In fact, looking through different forums, it’s clear that many new users of iOS 8 have been afflicted by this and a number of other problems connected to WiFi.

iOS 8 wifi problem

Some users complain. That Have iPad Air which was recently updated to iOS 8 and keep dropping WiFi signal since the update. Works fine for a few minutes, then can be slow and unresponsive then drops. During this episode other devices (those that haven’t been updated yet such as my iPhone) still access the Internet perfectly normally and at the usual speed. Eventually WiFi signal times out, disconnects and the user gets error messages. The consumer turns off and on or and it recovers but often takes 2-3 attempts before it comes back.

Also there is another type of  problem. The user updated to iOS 8 iPhone 5S. And the disconnects only occur when tryng to use streaming services like Youtube or Twitch. The Wi-Fi symbol in the upper left corner just changes to LTE and the phone says that mobile data is set “OFF”. After pressing OK, the Wi-Fi symbol is back again but the app or safari still doesn’t want to start the video.

Another issue. The iPad is just about useless now after upgrading.  It will work well for a few minutes then the little wheel will just sit there and spin.  The WiFi connection to the router is there and strong, but the connectivity to the internet fails to move any data.  Running a ping test shows that very few pings get through at all and when they do get through, the latency is huge.

Or one more complain. The iPhone 5s after updating to iOS 8.  The speed tests are at least 20 Mbps, but bad enough that apps (including Safari) periodically complain about a lost network connection despite showing 4 semicircles in the WiFi status. The user have run an app called Ping Analyzer and had it ping the router and see dropped packets periodically. Ran the same test on old 4s and iPad 2 running iOS 7.1.2 and not seeing anywhere near the number of dropped packets as the 5s.

We can make a conclusion that Wi-Fi seems to struggle with basic connectivity. Dropping connections occurring on a wide range of iOS-running products, it’s certainly not a problem specific to just one or two devices which iOS 8 WiFi not working. The  Apple company should  give the necessary fixes by means of a potential software update.


iOS 8 iCloud Activatio Error: How to Fix / Bypass

Just as it happened with iOS 7, hackers will surely find a way how to bypass iOS 8 iCloud activation lock once this firmware becomes public. You do remember that Apple introduce a new feature called Activation Lock with its iOS 7 release in 2013. Well, this option automatically asks you for your Apple ID and password once you turn on Find My iPhone application.

iOS 8 activation error will definitely appear just like it happens to users with iOS 7, and sometimes you simply forget your passcode, especially if you don’t use it often and have different credentials for your account for the activation lock feature. Apple doesn’t reset this information so there is no other way to get through this problem [and there will be no way to fix iOS 8 iCloud activation error] rather than asking professionals for iCloud removing service and getting past the error.

Since you are using your iCloud ID and password to get past activation lock, once your order iCloud removing service you will be able to enjoy successful iOS 8 activation bypass.

How to Bypass iOS 8 iCloud Password

The companies that can help you get past the problem when you can’t remember or don’t know Apple ID and passcode [this happens when you purchase a used iPhone with clean IMEI but no information about the original owner’s credentials], you need to unlink this old iCloud account and link your personal account with your ID and password.

This data is must know as the enabled Find My iPhone and Activation Lock will ask for your ID / passcode each time you wish to disable Find My iPhone, reset, erase, reactivate your smartphone, unlock, jailbreak it etc.

Even if you have updated to iOS 7 or iOS 8 [once this firmware becomes official in 2014] from iOS 6 with Find My iPhone application being enabled, iCloud Activation Lock will be turned on automatically. It is impossible for you to distantly remove or delete it. Only professional companies can help you to solve the error and explain how to bypass iOS 8 activation.

Apple might enhance this feature in the public version of iOS 8 but there should be still a way how to fix the problem in case you come across it. Keep an eye on the major iPhone firmware update and don’t worry about anything. If you happen to not remember or have no Apple ID and passcode, everything can be fixed by professionals.


Catch Here the iOS 8 Battery Drain Fix Tips

A major update to Apple’s mobile operating system is iOS 8. A high percentage of users seem to be having battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 8. It because updating to new software and upgrading to new phones can often have an impact on battery life. it is difficult to find out what exactly is causing a problem. Check out this  iOS 8 battery drain fix tips. Maybe it will help you in fixing the battery life problem on your iDevice:

1. Battery usage

Apple has added the naming feature in iOS 8, which gives you a break down of battery usage by apps. Follow these instructions to identify the app that eats battery energy.

Find battery usage in iOS 8

•    Launch the Settings app
•    Tap on General
•    Tap on Usage
•    Tap on Battery Usage

This will open all the apps and internal services that are applying to battery on your iPhone. The battery usage provides you information about how much battery is consumed by various apps and services on your iDevice. By default it shows the app that eats battery energy in the last 24 hours. You can also check it in the last 7 days.


It is important that an app with a high percentage battery usage is not necessarily the app that eats battery energy. It could be because you were using it a lot, or if it was running in the background to upload or download content.

If you have identified an app that eats battery life on your device do next:

•    If you can live without this app – delete it.
•    Force close apps that you really don’t want to use.
•    If you want to use the app, then you should seriously look at disabling Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) and Background app refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh) features for the app as they can end up consuming battery life.

2. Turn off Location Services, Background App Refresh

You’ll need to stop using some of the features you don’t really need in order to keep using the ones you do. The more you turn off, the longer your battery will last.

•    Turn off Location Services. GPS requires a huge amount of power. If you suspect location services are chewing up your battery when you’re not using them thendo next. Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, and turn off any app and system service you really don’t need tracking or using your location.

•    Turn off Background app and content refresh. Any background download will use battery. If you need power more than you need fresh content, go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh shows you everything you can turn off. Also go to Settings, App Store and turn of automatic app and content downloads.


4. General Tips

Please note that the tips under section are to highlight areas where you could disable things that are not applicable to you so you can maximize battery life.

•    Notification Center Widgets

The Today tab in Notification Center includes features such as Today Summary, Tomorrow Summary, Stocks widget and any other third-party Notification Center widget you may have added. You should review the list and remove the widgets that you don’t want to use.

Swipe down from the top edge of the screen to access Notification Center. Then tap on the Today tab, scroll down and tap on Edit button. Tap on the red – button to remove the widget from the Notification Center.

•    Turn off Dynamic Wallpapers

Dynamic wallpapers brings subtle animations to the home and the lock screen. The animations takes up CPU cycles and consumes more battery. So if dynamic wallpaper is working, and you’re having battery issues, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper.

•    Disable App Store’s automatic updates

App Store automatic installs app updates in the background. but if you don’t want to update all your apps, you can turn this off. Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section and turn off the “Updates” switch. You can also tell iOS here to not use cellular data for automatic downloads and iTunes Match streaming.

Disable App Store’s automatic updates_

•    Disable Motion effects, parallax

There are a number of animations and physics-based effects to the interface in iOS 7 that help users understand the layered elements in the UI. Some of these effects needs battery energy. You can disable these motion effects by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce

Motion and turn on the switch.

•    Turn off Push Notifications

Go to Settings, Notifications, and turn off any app you don’t care to be alerted about.

•    Disable unwanted indexing in Spotlight search

Spotlight searches a lot of types of content like Applications, Contacts, Music, Podcasts, Mails, Events etc.. You might use it only for contacts, applications and music. So uncheck the type of content you don’t want to search. Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search.

•    Turn Off LTE/4G

If you live or work in an area that has poor or no LTE coverage. Then you need to turn off LTE (Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Enable LTE/Enable 4G).

5. Restore iPhone

If you’ve setup your iPhone by restoring from backup then the battery life problems could be due to some issue with the backup. Try to restore your iPhone. Go to iTunes and restore iPhone. And set it up as a new iPhone (not from the backup). Take a backup of your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, or selectively take a backup of your photos and videos using Dropbox or Google+. And now erase all the contents and settings.

Hope these advices will help you with iOS 8 battery drain fix.

6. Troubleshooting

•    Restart/Reset Your iPhone

Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

•    Resetting Network Settings

Reset network settings by tapping Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. This will reset all network settings, including passwords, VPN, and APN settings.

•    Battery Maintenance

The Apple service advices users to go through at least one charge cycle per month. Charge the battery to 100% and then completely running iPhone down. So if you haven’t done it already, maybe you should do it now. Power cycling your device helps in recalibrating the battery indicator more accurately.


iOS 8 Baseband for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5 / 4S and iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Each Apple device has its baseband which is mostly changed after new iOS update. You can find out what iOS 8 baseband you will get after you install this most recent version of mobile operating system on your smartphone.

The new iOS 8 was officially presented to public for download on September 17. This is when the testing of this operating system has begun through devs installing it on their devices and searching for bugs which are reported to Apple. The company is fixing problems in the next beta update. The latest beta version released is beta 4, but there should be a couple of them before the firmware goes public in September.

You can learn what baseband on the iPhone with iOS 8 upgrade you get. This firmware drops support for the iPhone 4 devices. If you have the iPhone 5, 5c, 5S or 4S you can be sure that your device supports iOS 8 on your gadget and this is how your modem firmware will change.

Baseband for iOS 8 iPhone Models

The build version 12A4331d gives the following versions of modem: iPhone 4S users get baseband 5.4.01, iPhone 5S and 5c owners get baseband 3.07.01 and iPhone 5 users get baseband 7.02.03.

  • iPhone 4S – 5.4.00
  • iPhone 5 – 7.03.00
  • iPhone 5C – 3.09.01
  • iPhone 5S – 3.09.01
  • iPhone 6 – 1.00.05
  • iPhone 6 Plus – 1.00.05

Whenever you are updating your firmware version with Apple, your baseband changes unless hackers create a program that allows preserving your old baseband during upgrade. This could play role for jailbreaking. Once you change your baseband version you cannot downgrade it to previous one, so think twice when you decide to install iOS 8.


What Is Better: Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7 or iOS 8 Update?

iOS 8 beta has been widely tested by developers and even some users have risked and updated to the beta 1, 2, 3 or 4 via iTunes and without a registered UDID number. Still there is one big question. iOS 7 jailbreak vs. iOS 8 update. What is better? Is it worth staying on the previous firmware with tons of tweaks and hacks or enjoy the new version that can’t be jailbroken at the moment?

There is a chance that hackers release jailbreak untethered for iOS 8 as soon as this operating system version becomes public which is expected in September 2014. This is a good situation and this way users can easily update and jailbreak their device waiting till all developers update their applications and games.

However, it might take hackers a couple of months or even half a year before they present jailbreak for this update firmware and thus you should decide whether you are going to wait or wish to stay on your previous OS version.

There are several untethered jailbreak tools for iOS 7. The latest news from Evad3rs team or Pangu team from China and p0sixspwn for earlier iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 make it possible to jailbreak this firmware with ease. You have a big choice of programs to use so this is not a problem to perform untethered jailbreak right now.

This gives you a huge selection of jailbreak apps, tweaks, hacks to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to customize and modify it.
At the same time, iOS 8 firmware brings a lot of new features and options not available in the original iOS 6 and 7. Some of these features used to be tweaks and will now become official which is great. For example, Apple has introduced better notifications, fast SMS respond, support for third-party keyboards etc.

ios 7 jailbreak vs ios 8

iOS 7 vs iOS 8

Are you eager to lose your jailbreak because of the upgrade to iOS 8? Have a native firmware with apps is surely better but updating to the newest operating system add innovative features which is also great.

If you decide to install iOS 8 you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Apple warranty isn’t voided
  • A lot of new features and options
  • Support by Apple
  • Security with iOS 8 activation lock
  • Nice usability

The problem with iOS 8 is it supports only several iPhones: iPhone 5S, 5c, 5, and 4S, iPod touch 5G and iPads: mini, Air, and 2, 3 and 4 models. It can’t be jailbroken yet.

If you prefer staying on iOS 7 you have these advantages:

  • A lot of great features
  • Tons of jailbreak tweaks once you jailbreak
  • Support for iPhone 4 which is not supported by iOS 8
  • A lot of games and programs not supported by Apple

It’s up to you to decide which firmware suits your desires when you look at iOS 8 vs. iOS 7 jailbreak.