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Apple Site Goes Down as iPhone 6 Pre-Orders are to Begin

A lot of users noticed Apple site down iPhone 6 issue earlier on September 12 even before the new smartphones went live. U.S. customers have been waiting for the iPhone 6 pre order time which began at 12:01 am PT and 3:01 am ET across the country.

Luckily the problem with Apple online store not working has been solved and you can now make your pre-order for iPhone 6 Apple versions iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The company’s website doesn’t show “We’ll be back” note when you visit it so users who wish to get this smartphone can do so now and have it shipped in one or 3-4 weeks from now.

apple site down iphone 6

How to Pre-Order iPhone 6

Step 1. Visit the official Apple website.

Step 2. Go to iPhone menu and click on iPhone 6 and select Pre-Order Now option.

Step 3. Select the model you want to purchase. Apple sells both a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus that are available from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Step 4. Choose your color, mobile company and storage. If you want to select accessories do so, if not simply Add to Cart your iPhone and proceed to Check Out.

This is it. The company promised to ship most of the gadgets in 3-4 weeks from now though customers who placed their pre-order as soon as the new handset went live will get their gadget the next Friday, September 19.

Where to Buy a iPhone 6 in the USA

Before you choose to pre order iPhone 6 from Apple you can also search for it in the company’s retail stores and carriers. Most stores sell the gadget at $199-$499 if you choose the 2-year contract and at $649-$949 if you want to have it never-locked depending on the version and storage capacity you choose.


Apple to Seed New iOS 8.0.1 Firmware to Partners not Users

While iOS 8 hasn’t become even public yet and developers are still testing its iOS 8 beta, there are reports according to which Apple is going to offer iOS 8.0.1 official upgrade to its partners. This hasn’t happened yet, at least, we haven’t heard about iOS 8.0.1 release yet but rumors promise partners the right to be the first ones to install the latest firmware version.

iOS 8.0.1 download will most likely be present to public after iOS 8 goes live. This should happen in mid-September or even sooner. The official iPhone 6 was introduced on September 9 and this is the day when the company mentioned the final release date for its next iOS 8.

A lot of users surely dream about being Apple partners who often get the first releases of iOS and other Cupertino-based company’s products. Still there is a good news as well. Since Apple seeds iOS 8.0.1, it means that the GM update will also come to end users.

You can’t update to iOS 8.0.1 right now, but this operating system update, according to reports, will get improvements and further enhancements of the iPhone and iPad OS. Only select partners will be able to install this upgrade, and they might have already updated to iOS 8 which hasn’t been launched officially yet.

Await is almost over though. Apple announced its next iOS 8 and new iPhone on September 9 and it should roll out all these updates before the end of the month.


How to Fix iMessage If It Is Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone

One of the greatest characteristic that was produced with iOS 5 is iMessange. It is an instant messenger service developed by Apple. It helps people to chat with other iMessange users. Also the main advantage of its service that it allows you to connect you messaging between any device that is working.

On the one hand everything should work with any troubles. But on the other hand sometimes it happens that iMessages won’t sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These troubles are human mistake. The reason of this damage can be slight technical glitch.

And now let’s find several ways how to fix iMessage…

First Variant of Fixing if iMessage Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone

Anyone can reach you on iMessage via phone number or email addresses. It depends on the device you have. More often, you can be reached at the phone number linked to your iPhone, and also your Apple ID locked email addresses. It is not necessary but can add extra email addresses from where you can send and receive iMessages. Although it doesn’t mean that this iMessage ID is active.

Sometimes it happens that one of the iMessage email addresses in the Messages preferences on my Mac is not activated. That’s why you don’t receive messages sent to this address. Make sure you have activated all email addresses you want to use with iMessage, check out both your Mac and iPhone settings.

On your device click on Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > and look through “you can be reached by iMessage at.” On this stage you should make sure all the email addresses you use for iMessage on your other devices are active on this device as well.

Also you need to do the same things on your Mac. Go Messages > Preferences > Accounts > and there check the boxes for the email addresses and phone number you want to be reached at.

To make sure that everything is going right : all devices receives the same messages check that the identical number and email addresses are active on each device.

Second Variant of Fixing if iMessage not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone

For some reason often iPhone gets not working iMessages on time, with my iMac lagging behind. It is my supposition but I think iMessages are pushed in priority to the device you are currently using or that you have recently used to send or receive a message.

To solve this problem just send a few messages from the device that is not receive messages to show its activity.

It also can help to fix syncing problems.

Third Variant of Fixing if iMessage not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone

If the solutions offered above doesn’t work you should try this one.

On your iPhone click to open Settings > Messages > and toggle off iMessage at the top. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on.

On your Mac, click Messages > Preferences… > Accounts. Make sure iMessage is selected in the left column, then tap Sign Out. Once signed out, wait a few seconds then sign back in.

I Hope that one of these variants will fix your iMessage sync problems.


Watch Apple iPhone 6 Event Online [Direct Live Streaming]

Today is September 9 [09.09.02014]. This is the day when Apple officially introduces its next iPhone 6 and other products we’ll see this fall. The famous iPhone 6 live stream event is something that is must-see and you have this chance to watch it online.

The countdown has already begun! The announcement will be made today in California. The public will finally get a view of the new generation iOS smartphone that had so many rumors and leaks people can’t wait to see it in person.

ios 8 beta 5 update

iPhone 6 live coverage is offered directly by Apple as this company has even created a separate page on its official site where it will stream its special event. Right now it features the countdown timer but in less than 6 hours it will show us everything Apple introduces today to its guests who got invitations for this media event.

The live streaming starts at 1 p.m. EDT and 10 a.m. PDT. You can watch this event from your Mac through Safari browser if you have OS X 10.6.8 or newer version and on iPhone and iPad with iOS 6.0+ firmware versions.

Apple TV users can also watch the Apple iPhone live event online if they have software starting at 5.0.2 version and later.

If you want to watch Apple iPhone event online from Windows and other devices, use this official link:


How to Change iOS 8 Bootlogo for iOS Devices [Cydia]

While iOS 8 is not public yet and there are no official iOS 8 boot logo tweaks, some companies already develop apps that can change and modify your iOS 8 boot logo in case you have already installed this beta operating system and don’t want to wait until Apple makes it public this September.

While your baseband has changed, you got all the new features along with bugs as the firmware is now being tested by iOS developers and some ordinary users who have installed it knowing a little trick with iTunes application, you can get bootlogo for iOS 8 from Cydia source developed by

There will surely be more options soon once the firmware is installed by millions of users and the iOS 8 jailbreak utility is created by hackers.

Right now, as you have guessed, this boot logo iOS 8 is available for users with iOS 7 jailbroken iPhones.

New iOS 8 Boot Logo Released

Here is how you can change your boot logo using a nice glitchy effect.

Step 1. There is no need to add anything to Cydia repository sources with “imeyeless” solution.

Step 2. To change boot logo iOS 8 on your iOS 7 gadget, you need to get some other tweaks, such as Animate and Animate fix for firmware 7.x.x and iFile for iPhone 5, 4S and 4.

Step 3. Allow your smartphone respring and you will see Bootlogo in your Settings app.

Step 4. In order to change your Bootlogo you can select either black or white color.

Black color for iPhone 4 and 4S is available here:


for iPhone 5S and 5 here:


White color can be downloaded for iPhone 4 and 4S from here:


and iPhone 5 and 5S can be obtained from here


Download the one you need using Safari browser and open in iFile.

Step 5. You should use Unarchiver option in iFile. Select it and choose Done to proceed.

Step 6. Now click on Edit and choose your unarchived folder.

Step 7. Click “clipboard” option and copy your link then go to /Library/BootLogos and select Edit option.

Step 8. Pase your link and close iFile.

Step 9. Now launch Settings and select BootLogo menu to find the new themes in Extras.

Step 10. The iPhone needs to reboot and then the cool iOS 8 boot logo will appear on your iOS 7 device.


Users Are Already Lining Up at 5th Avenue Store for Apple iPhone 6

Apple Store U.S. iPhone 6 release is planned for September 19th but this date hasn’t been confirmed by the company yet which holds it annual smartphone event on September 9. Still, as for September 4 customers are already waiting in line in front of the famous 5th Avenue Apple store in New York City wishing to buy iPhone 6 as soon as it appears on the store shelves.

There is still no confirmation on the iPhone 6 specs, release date in 2014 and price though the rumors suggest that this model will cost more than previous versions of the iconic device. The unusual iPhone 6 line up means that these customers are going to spend about 16 days in line in front of the store!

Of course, there are a lot of people who are standing in this line only to get media attention. It might be even Apple’s new campaign to attract as many potential customers as possible to its next major smartphone line upgrade. Still there are some campers who are really waiting in line to purchase the new handset right on its official release date.

iphone 6 line up

Some people might represent a business and others are simply helping someone to purchase the iPhone 6 and earn some money as well as it’s not a secret that some consumers are willing to pay hundreds of bucks to get their hands on the most recent smartphone model as quickly as it lands in stores.

According to CNBC interview with some people from the 5th Avenue store line, some campers are waiting in line beginning from August 31, 2014. Some people will later sell their place in this line for over $1,000…

You can watch the video with the iPhone 6 line up campers to hear more:


iPhone 6 Live Coverage Announced by Apple for September 9 Media Event

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac users can get Apple September 9 event live coverage on Tuesday starting at 10:00 AM Pacific. Such an announcement was made by the famous iOS giant on September 5. Millions of eyes will attend this media event virtually through iPhone 6 live stream organized online.

A lot of carriers, customers and media workers are closely follow all news about the upcoming iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Still the company might also speak about its iWatch project and Mac line update along with the new iPad versions.

apple september 9 event live coverage

Apple event on September 9 live stream will finally unveil all the information about the new gadgets. There were so many rumors, “leaks” and predictions on the next iPhone 6 that it’s hard to say what exactly is to be released by the company.

Customers wish to see both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models launched at the same time so that they get a chance to select the best iPhone for themselves. At the same time it is believed that Apple is going to present the smaller version first and the bigger one later on.

There will be no more myths once iPhone 6 live coverage begins so better keep your iDevice or ATV with you as you’ll go to work on Tuesday. This will be a big day with a lot of news and confirmations made by Apple.

The event takes place at the Flint Center where this is enough room to house a lot of people as the company has a lot to share with public after the whole summer of silence. Just like Apple, we wish we could say more…


Will Evad3rs Release iOS 8 Untethered Jailbreak in September 2014?

When the next iOS 8 untethered jailbreak is to be launched by Evad3rs? We haven’t seen any tools from this team lately, and the iOS 7.1, 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 can’t be jailbroken with Evasi0n program which supports only earlier versions of Apple mobile firmware. You can use Pangu jailbreaking tool for the newer like iOS 1.1.2 version.

Apple is launching is major OS update for mobile devices soon. Its big media event is planned for Tuesday, September 9 and soon after this the official releases will follow. iOS 8 jailbreak release date isn’t set and can’t be set since hackers don’t know themselves how quickly they can find exploits and launch the jailbreak solution.

 iOS 8 Jailbreak Release Date [by Evad3rs Hackers]

The team from China which managed to jailbreak not only iOS 7.1-7.1.2 versions but also iOS 8 beta might be the first ones to present iOS 8 jailbreak untethered download links still users also wish to see the iOS 8 jailbreak from Evad3rs.

As hacker Pod2g notes he is more impressed with iOS 8 than he was with iOS 7. Such “a great move” made by Apple should be jailbroken, users believe even though some people think that the new firmware has bunch of interesting features and might not even need to be jailbroken.

Would you like to jailbreak iOS 8 iPhone and iPad as soon as you update to this new firmware or do you prefer being not jailbroken and using only Apple official apps and games?


iOS 8 Beta Secrets Unveiled And Point On Some iPhone 6 Specs

iOS 8 beta 5 update is the latest firmware upgrade available today. Apple hasn’t released any new versions even though it is expected to present its new iOS 8 and iPhone 6 on September 9 media event that is confirmed officially by the company.

iOS 8 beta 5 features list is not very different from the options discovered in beta 4, 3 and earlier releases. Developers shared a lot of images and described all the changes that are coming in this major update, but there are some interesting things unveiled that hint at the new iPhone 6 resolution leak and give us an idea what might be coming in a couple of weeks from now.

ios 8 beta 5 update

The changes were pointed out by source that says that the latest fifth beta has support for 3x image assets. Such things were not available in iOS 7 and earlier firmware versions at all. This is completely new to iOS 8 platform and this can also point to the new iOS 8 resolution.

iphone 6 resolution leak

The bigger smartphones will have a higher resolution. This is understood, as millions of users from all over the world are looking forward to the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 even though no one knows whether the two versions are to be launched this year or not. If the handset gets the 3x image option it might also get the 1704 x 960 resolution screen. Still experts also mention resolutions of 2208 x 1242, 828 x 1472 and 1334 x 750. You see that there are many choices predicted and which one is the correct one we’ll know on Tuesday 09.09.2014 when Apple finally speaks about its new iPhone to public.


iOS 8 Feature for Time-Saving Fans Who Use Mail App

iOS 8 features are mostly unveiled by now thanks to iOS developers who tested beta versions and reported on the changes brought by Apple. Still the Cupertino-based company has some time to polish its next firmware before it becomes public this September.

iOS 8 preview is long and it includes tones of new options which you will get to know once you update to the official version this fall. We want to pay attention at the new settings in iOS 8 beta that add time-saving options to Mail application. Users like to exchange emails these days. It is impossible to spend a day without internet connection and Mail program so here is some information about iOS 8 features related to this time-saving possibility.

ios 8 features

What Is iOS 8 Like in Terms of Time-Saving

Apple is going to make its Mail much smarter and useful. It should include some great notifications that can improve your life and simplify the process of checking and sending emails to your friends and business partners.

What does iOS 8 look like now? Well, this firmware adds Add to Calendar option right into your Mail application like in iOS 7. This notification will appear at the top bar making it much easier to add events to your Calendar list to not miss them.


A similar option will appear for adding emails to your Contacts list. It will be called Add to Contacts and the notification should appear each time you receive a contact via email.

It will be simple to archive / delete letters as you can achieve this by swiping left and tapping either Archive or Trash. It is even easier to delete emails by swiping all the way to the left.


Apple has improved the switch between draft and emails in Mail app. iOS 8 features allow users composing and getting back to Inbox folder by swiping down to dock.

These are just some of the killer options introduced in the new iOS 8. Let’s wait for it to become public to enjoy this and much more! Are you excited?